USDOJ’s Gigantic Sex Trafficking Enterprise In Las Vegastan

Posted by Michael Zahara on Nov 16, 2019

It’s enormous in Las Vegastan and decades old too, and the United States Department of Justice owns and operates it all!

A very large cohort of our nearing 50 million visitors per year here, have expectations and demands of this place we call home and they’re not shy about it either.

<—-The most truly evil of now former Metro corrupted personnel, Vice Lt Karen Hughes, who was rumored to have jetted off to—-or perhaps she was harpooned and was force boarded onto a whaling ship, to Brazil—-the country, not the Donna—-apparently to avoid extradition, she anticipating herself being deservedly multi-count indicted along with her former lover, USDOJ Pimp Jamal Rashid!

Brazil and the US have had an extradition treaty since 1961 fellow Hughes Haters out there, so our only hope then if the Brazil trip rumor was true, were the piranha of the Amazon—-the river and not the on-line guys—-devouring her, but their Spokesfish told me that no piranha were interested, they fearing the bad aftertaste of all that dirty dick she’d done sleeping her way to the bottom at Metro!


<—-A nympho from way back who bedded everyone from sheriffs to shitheads at Metro, she was fuqn USDOJ Pimp Jamal Rashid before she was fuqn his Mally Mall alter-ego and she not even aware they were the same guy—-cuz she’s about as bright as a birthday candle—-and then she started fuqn now Mrs Baughman’s now former Pimp Cop husband, as his Commander in Metro’s Vice Capades, as I’ve called them since way back!

From the day I met her in 2005 at Metro’s old IAB location just west of Rainbow on west Charleston, I thought she was a man or tranny cuz she damned near broke my hand shaking it when Lt Williams introduced us there!

She was a red head and had much shorter hair back then and she had a very dark aura surrounding her beefy frame.

Despite prostitution being illegal in Clark and Washoe counties, neither county does anything of value to inform their Prostitution/Adult Services visitors who are are super-majority male seeking these Adult Services of the younger the better and who are the most costly of women, but there’s a rapidly growing sub-sect of female visitors seeking other women.  The same-sex oriented gay & lesbian tourism market has brought to life and out of the closet, that Identity Group’s consumer participation in Sex Trafficking here!

So local SoNev pimps like Jamal Rashid, US Attorney ‘Pimp Poppa’ Nicholas Trutanich, FBI SAIC ‘Ho Momma’ Aaron Rouse, DA ‘lil Pimp’ Steve Wolfson  & Sheriff  ‘lil Pimp’ Joe Lombardo demand that their street Ops recruiters/enforcers—-largely done by ‘Lady Crips’ in Las Vegastan—-bring back to their street pimps, only the youngest and the prettiest at this base and lowest level of our USDOJ owned and operated Sex Trafficking Industrial Complex here.

We as a community can’t, so we don’t, talk about prostitution in any constructive way or which would even acknowledge that it exists here.  Our local Media is an atrocious affront to their stated missions of Informing the Public, and all having completely failed us, and we can’t do anything that I know of about the Print Media, but we can vigorously challenge the Broadcast Media here and their continued federal licensing because they are also complicit by their collective silence, so we’ll now call them our ‘Pimp Media’ Enterprise which their stockholders and ownership should appreciate their finally being officially designated by their horseshit efforts each produce not to inform us, but to sell another block of advertising to extract profit from their viewers and readers.


Names none of us had heard as these past five years concluded, are pimps Zane Campo, Raymond Sharpe, Anthony Galassi, Tyree Wright, and Shane Valentine.  Sharpe was the other convicted pimp seeking his case be reopened with Ocean Fleming’s but was represented by ace defense attorney Jonathan MacArthur who is a friend and who represented me on a traffic matter in North Las Vegas long ago and the case called before mine, I was able to witness with my own eyes and ears former three-term Catastrophe on the Bench, Muni court Judge Warren VanLandshoot engage in the most blatantly unconstitutional misconduct I’d ever seen done by an Officer of the Court anywhere in the United States!

VanLandschoot was a former NLV Police Department detective prior to his being elected to their muni bench and if you can even believe it, was the last judge in Nevada that I know of, who didn’t graduate law school or pass the Bar exam because those credentials were not required to be a judge here in that court!

J-Mac as I call him, would introduce me to Catherine ‘Kat’ Ramsey who was elected to VanLandschoot’s seat and she subsequently suffered the most outrageous political misconduct against a duly elected judge—-and one who had gone to law school and passed the Bar too—-I’d ever witnessed—-until LVJC Judge Melanie Andress Tobiasson and her efforts to keep her daughter from the clutches of the Pimp Class of USDOJ owned and operated local pimps in 2016, directly intersected with their phony Metro Vice Scandal sprung to life by the USDOJ’s PR efforts two years prior in their 2014 raids on Mally Mall’s USDOJ’s blessed and fully condoned operations in Las Vegastan!

What Judge Tobiasson’s efforts had done was inadvertently prove that 2 years after the 2014 FBI raids, USDOJ and Metro didn’t do a damned thing despite what Sheriff Lombardo had told to us in various Media appearances over those two long years!

<—-It took a very lazy, unmotivated FBI and USA effort in Las Vegastan, an incredible four years to deliver the first indictment in the Metro Vice Scandal for Sunrise Hospital—-where our celebrities go to die!—-former nurse there named Julie Blevin in June of 2018! 

No word yet on her fate.  Julie, me and Doug Poppa are looking for you, call us!

Kat Ramsey left NLV and keeps in touch with me and is doing very well today!


<—-That’s young Officer Charles Hank IV (2nd from left) being congratulated by Sheriff Lombardo after graduating from his Academy on 11/5/2019 and becoming an LVMPD officer!

Officer Hank IV, my sincerest congratulations to you son!  You have a very big fan in Maria Hank who I spoke with just after your graduation and I don’t know how you address her place in your life, so I’ll just call her your ‘Spare Moms’, and like yourself and your brothers of other mothers, you have all been very high on my radar for almost a decade now, and I couldn’t be any happier than I am now for the three of you because now I can actually meet Maria Hank in person and we’ll do that very soon too!

I wish for you to be your very safest at all times young sir, and to become a good, honest at all times, professional cop here too, and that’s no wish, that’s an order sir, am I being clear to you young man?

In our jurisdiction ‘young Officer 4th’, which is your new nickname from me, we may be the most difficult in America to become and remain a good cop, just ask the two guys to the right who somehow wandered into this pic, (I’ll have a word with Joe about that so they don’t end up in other rookie cop pix!) and who both started out all idealistic and all earnest and all that—-you all start out that way—-

—–and then well, umm, mmm, then something happens, and today, not a soul here in Las Vegastan would trust either hobo cop with the change in your pocket, the collection plate at church, that little girl’s Lemonade Stand earnings, don’t even think about her Girl Scout cookie sales money, the change cup in their cars, or the collection kettles the Salvation Army uses this time of year either! 

They’ve both earned that all by themselves and you’re beginning with a clean slate and no one there even knows those other two guys, so you’re on your own to make your own way in the world and within the LVMPD, and I don’t expect to ever write about you again because you’re going to follow my orders to you this morning. 

Is that clear to you son?  Am I being absolutely clear to you young man? 

Good, then Godspeed and good luck to you son, now go out there and make a difference in our community!


(Shhhhhh, loyal readers, that’s Charles Hank III next to new ‘Officer 4th’ and who has no business being Assistant Sheriff anywhere in the known universe, but he’s retiring early next year and I should throw a big party for that, shouldn’t I?  That’s uncle Lt Carlos Hank next to #3 and whose at IAB now proving what I’ve written that all US Dept’s IAB’s have a good mix of boyscout and shitstain officers the thought being like FDR told the Press after naming Joseph Kennedy to head the Securities and Exchange Commission way back then, ‘You hire a crook to catch crooks!’ 

….The youngster doesn’t need to know what he doesn’t need to know about those two assholes as he begins his new career on our behalf, so Shhhhhhh, don’t say a word about it!)


The FBI especially, can play games and fuq with officers heads and when they do it, it tends to stick in those officers heads for the remainder of their careers.  When we learned the FBI raid of Mally Mall, they deliberately included three officers of rank, then Detective Al Beas who’s now demoted to Patrol Officer, Metro’s lowest rank, former fuq up and Pimp, Detective Chris Baughman, and former Vice Commander Karen Hughes all three they never intended to investigate or charge because they already knew every stinkin’ detail that there was to know about all three shitstain officers.

<—-A dirty dog shit cop for most of his 30 years at Metro, he’s retiring out in January having stolen enough he believes, to live the life he deserves and is entitled to despite his being a top target for USDOJ assassination for his top role in Metro’s Vice Capades, though the FBI did not mention his name 5 years ago, but did include his dogshit partner in crime, Lt Karen Hughes, and no credible investigation of Vice here would ever exclude either dirty dog shit officer, which is how we all know it was a phony effort all along, to set them both up to be killed by the very people they protected here as the far cheaper than trial option for the USDOJ!

What the FBI here was doing with that readers, is very publicly painting big HUGE targets in neon onto their backs for Street Justice & Karma to come calling upon them when the blood begins to spill in the streets because no dirty cop, sheriff, or District Attorney or their criminally complicit subordinates, were charged by them.  That’s far cheaper and much more economically efficient an option for them and given the expense of trials, and on the off chance none of them took the plea agreements the US Attorney always dangles, an also easy way to convict on the very cheap when they’ve got slam dunks cases.

Because the FBI and USA here are all so badly corrupted in this criminal misconduct here, the first-tier targets for USDOJ Condoned/Ordered Assassinations include Steve Wolfson and daughter Becca Wolfson, Joe Lombardo and  his daughter Al Beas, Liz Mercer, Karen Hughes, Todd Fasulo, and Charles Hank III. 

<—-Good cop or dirty dog shit cop? 

He lies with a disturbing ease, so you make the call!

Metro and the DA’s corrupted personnel who normally deal with Homicide cases and revealed themselves to be companion corrupted enterprises would include those persons too, but I just don’t know enough about them to name names at this point but they’re all very corrupt detectives and supervisors.  Chris Lalli and Robert Daskas at the CCDA are as good as already dead today of course, and Wolfson’s moved some of his corrupted staff into different positions thinking that may save their lives, or his or his daughter’s life.

It wont!

On the phony Metro Vice Scandal, the USDOJ has many slam dunk cases they could still pursue depending on how wide and far back they wish to go, and which could see as many as 200 officers of simple Patrol rank over any 90 day focus period the FBI could choose and who had no part in any of this bullshit, but who used their Department phone or email to converse with any of the corrupted officers about any matter, for instance.  Right there, the Feds have their interstate commerce being engaged and the Wire & Mail Fraud everyone convicted of public corruption goes down on everywhere.

It would be a really dog shitty thing to do to officers who were not involved at all, but as we witnessed in the Bundy Debacle, the USDOJ and its subordinate agencies are not above doing dog shitty things to defendants when they’re acting on orders from politicians in Congress as Harry Reid did on that case, and who fund them.

All of the top-tiered USDOJ targets for retaliation assassination for exposing the local USA and FBI companion corruptions, are very easy to locate in for-profit public data bases.  Some of the detectives where more difficult to find but I did, and some DA’s office personnel proved more difficult too, but I found them all and their current addresses and despite Nevada giving them the ability to blind their personal information, almost all of them never bothered to do that.

Oh well, thats too bad, huh?  The big dumb-asses!


<—-Gordon passed this past February at 68 years old!

One of my readers was an officer when the late 40 year veteran LVMPD Detective Gordon Martines was victim to an assassination attempt on him, he was luckily shot only in the leg while riding his motorcycle off-duty and we’ve had the Alamo case, the Lehman case, the Cole case and the Officer Kevin Scott Dailey case which were all Dark Metro ordered and performed hits, but the dynamics in Las Vegastan are very different only a few short years later because we haven’t yet had that we’re aware of, the USDOJ ordering assassination hits locally, nor their working so closely with both the ‘Outfit’ and present day Bloods and Crips type gang-bangers.

The gang-bangers ones we know about in Sydney Land’s murder, were mostly friends in high school here and some of them, their transplant families perhaps Cali real estate newly wealthy, and of a higher than average level of affluence here too.  Scrub shacks in Compton selling for 500K is not unusual to hear there.

So now its a wait and see game of which dirty cop or dirty DDA is gunned down in the streets here first, and then the others will all fall afterward!

That’s the new USDOJ and how they play the game today!  They want everyone involved in the public-sector here to be retaliation murdered as a matter of official Department policy and they’ve spent the last five years ensuring that specific information about who did what to whom, got to its intended recipients!

That’s why there were no pubic-sector indictments on their phony Metro Vice Scandal; they want the trash to take itself out and they laid all the groundwork these past five years to guarantee  it!


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