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Biden Recovers, DNC Media Assassins Swarm Mammy Kammy!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Nov 29, 2019

Three old White Bitches and one Gay Mayor who hated dating Black Men, created the 2020 DNC ‘Field of Schemes’!

<—-From left:  Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren!

Since Obama, his husband Michelle, and Valerie Jarrett stole the Hate Group Black Lives Matter’s #Hashtag in July of 2013, St Barack of Bullshit could cry fake glycerin tears while telling us how if he had a son, Trayvon Martin would look more like a girl than his oldest daughter currently does with her cute little cookie-duster, ‘transitioning’, pre-Op Trans-Am Tranny mustache!

<—-Yes, its always OK to make fun of the Obama sort of girls, kind of boys as it is also always OK to make fun of the Trump youngster they named Barron!

Its now our national birthright to trash presidential kids since Reagan’s disowned degenerate daughter Patti Davis green-lighted that with all of her hatred for her Pops! 

How it is that the Toxic Progressive Left in the US revived the truly ugly Patti Davis to lecture America that her Dad would never approve of Donald Trump when she never approved of her Dad?

Throw in a side order of Jane Fonda who shared with us the other day that she ‘felt sorry for’ Donald Trump, and just with these two raggetty-ass old bitches of the Toxic Progressive Left, you can see just how desperate they’ve become down at the DNC trying to stop his re-election next year!



To listen to the Toxic Progressives Nazis drone on and on, America is such a roiling, boiling, cauldron of racial hatred and animosity, that Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey and Senator Kamala ‘Mammy Kammy’ Harris of California, Wayne Messam who is mayor of some city somewhere that no one cares about, and Deval Patrick who was a two term governor of Taxxachusetts and butt buddies with Barack & his husband, and then there’s that creepy Latino guy with the tattooed-on female eyebrows, Himbo Julian Castro of Havana Cuba via Texas, and their respective Race-based Hate presidential campaigns for 2020, have failed so badly because Euro-White Americans refused to support Candidates of Color—itself a racist trope—and a newer term refurbished and reintroduced by Toxic Progressive bigots for use by other Toxic Progressives bigots in 2018.

During this current Toxic Progressive era where our nation’s ‘Woke Folk’ are supposed to know about such things, not a word has been said about Mammy Kammy and  Deval ‘da Debil’ Patrick both having atrocious public service performance records regarding criminal justice.  Patrick once held the USDOJ office as Bill Clinton’s Asst AG for Civil Rights in that hyper-corrupted Division even back in 1994-1997 where he protected the FBI agents who should have been prosecuted for Ruby Ridge!

I’ll be surprised if many or any of you readers know that its was Deval Patrick acceptance of the FBI’s unlawful and gross misconducts at Ruby Ridge in 1992 and his being Barack’s best buddy, which stamped FAILED onto the USDOJ’s Bundy Fuq Up ordered by Harry Reid five years ago here in Las Vegastan before it even began!

USDOJ, its US Attorneys here and its FBI personnel involved here in Bundy should  have been ordered arrested in Judge Gloria Navarro’s courtroom as that case imploded here because those people who descended on Bunkerville to protect the Bundys, were legitimately concerned about a Weaver family repeat of 27 years ago at Ruby Ridge.  The similarities to the 27 years apart incidents are truly frightening and DOJ actually filed an appeal to their corrupted Bundy case loss .

Obama befriending such a piece of shit person in Deval Patrick is also a billboard-sized confirmation that President Obama was no ‘constitutional scholar’ as he claimed to us. It was Obama’s personal friendship with Patrick that brought all those people to our state five years ago while he was president!

Our former hyper-corrupted USA, Daniel Bogden, got the Bundy calamity up and running five years ago and our always corrupted US Attorney’s office and Las Vegastan Bureau of the FBI also began their fake-ass and phony Metro Vice Scandal non-investigation five years ago too, and which resulted in their not being able to find any evidence of public corruption despite having been investigating their subordinate pimp-asset Jamal Rashid since 2009!

Mr Patrick, you’re not welcomed here in Las Vegastan and you have no business running for any office ever again!


Still those whack-ass crazy bitches in Massachusetts elected him their governor twice after Ruby Ridge!  But they had also elected Michael Dukakis and he was weekend furloughing convicted and imprisoned murders, then there was that 57 Varieties ketchup-coated billionairess marrier, Senator John Kerry, who as Obama’s second Secretary of State, just stood there together sneering their disapproval at Vladimir Putin when in 2014, he placed 80,000 troops on his border with Ukraine, and he just went right in and took the Crimea back for Russia in honor of his idol, Catherine the Great, one assumes!

Keep that in mind as this Trump impeachment fiasco continues under Rep Jerry Nadler (D-Supa Dupa FUPA, NY).  When you heard perjured after perjured testimony of subordinate to any president State Department personnel tell to us that that piddly little 400 million in anti-tank arms sales were critical and urgent for our ‘strategic partner’ Ukraine—five full years after Russia invaded and stole the Crimea back!

That’s some fierce urgency of now, huh?


<—-Carolyn Booker of Summerlin Nevada in 2013 with her son and Joe Biden who will not choose Booker as his VP or as his chauffeur!

Before that Obama guy crashed his party, Booker was THE Black-American star of Toxic Progressive Democrats!   

Booker is so far to the left of Left today, his national political life is over and his siding and voting with Trump on Criminal Justice Reform nailed and sealed his political coffin shut for good!

Senator Booker is a dirty dog shit Democrat today and he’s personally one of the very reasons your prescription drug prices took off after ObamaCare required absolutely nothing of Big Pharma and just gave to them 800 million, ‘just because’ US taxpayer dollars!

Locally, our 63 Carson Critter Cretans just couldn’t stop gorging their fat faces with Big Pharma money and today, NVCD04’s Asha Jones revived a brain-dead since birth, Rep Steven Horsford with what seems near to hourly Press Releases about this and that our under-performing, underachieving  Congressman Horsford is ‘fighting for’ in the US House!  Of of the ‘this and that’ is prescription drug prices he just can’t seem to criticize failure Prez #44 because his owners at the Congressional Black Caucus of Racists & Bigots won’t allow him know about anything of value to anyone else but the CBC!

Pfffffft!  Asha is in fact the very best COS of any politician in any office in Nevada and she should challenge her bougie boss for the seat bcuz he has no recollection of championing any of the issues and causes she’d given to him!


Cory Bookers’s mother and Mammy Kammy’s father made much better impressions with Democratic-base voters than either of their two evil offspring have and the other three are time-wasting stalking horse candidates, likely for Hillary.  All five 2020 Dem racist bigoted Prez candidates have failed to connect with voters in their own party because they’ve all played the Race Card, and they played it very badly and everyone in every one of their toxic Identity Groupings, has moved far, far away from the Democratic Party Politics of Hate of today and of yesteryear they long to revive!

The overwhelming majority of the Democratic party’s base are still Moderate left-leaning Centrists.  It is these voters who don’t wish to empower the Toxic Progressive Haters  with their Primary votes because you just can’t give these Toxic Progressive muthafuckas so much as an inch as we’ve seen these past nearing five years!

<—-We call her ‘Mammy Kammy’ today because it’s very offensive without using the word n*gger to punch the point that this Pig of a Political Parasite started out her 2020 presidential race by speaking to 20,000 homeless in Oakland and by lecturing all of us that she’s not Black-American but rather a ‘Woman of Color’!

That was a HUGE, major error as well as a soft insult spoken from Mammy Kammy’s own mouth and given to her by her precious, darling, anti-Sista Maya Harris who has never ‘Identified’ as a Black-American female either.

<—–Said one Cali friend of intellect to me, ‘That woman you call Mammy Kammy offends so much more than she’s ever inspired. Bitch is in America and we all identify her as Black-American.  Plus, she’s fine with further diluting Black-American women by importing them into her crazy bitch view of the world.   

To dispose of ‘Black’ in favor of grouping us all in a prepositional phrase ‘of color’, she ain’t Woke, Michael, she’s Rip Van Winkle!’ 

A very important core constituency of the entirety of the DNC:  Black-American woman of a certain age and level of life, work, and professional experiences—Think of those Black-American women specifically in their  60’s 70’s and 80’s who came up under ‘Black is Beautiful’ and my gal pal Dr Angela Davis’s bad ass Afro!

Its not a major sin of Mammy and Maya, but these vintage Black-American women of another era, and which the current era’s females are just sick and tired of hearing about these tired, nasty old Boomer Bitches bcuz they’re so much prettier and ‘Woke’ today, do share some rather special qualities, the most important being that they all vote in astonishingly high numbers everywhere in the country and they don’t drop off or drop back during midterms either!

They’re also saying to him to pick someone else who does for HIM what HE DID for Barack being the more intellectually honest and viable way to go.  It is these very vintage women who will deliver the win for Joe Biden in South Carolina after Harry Reid Inc steals the Nevada Caucus the week before!

They showed their big guns and big stuff in Alabama delivering their open US Senate seat to Democrat Doug Jones in ruby-red Alabama by over 20,000 votes with initially too much credit being given to anti-Trump voter remorse until exit polling showed a statewide special ‘Thank you vote’ for Senator Jones for his incredible work indicting and convicting two of the infamous 1963 16th Street Baptist Church’s bombing by the Democratic Party’s Enforcement Wing, the Ku Klux Klan, and which took 39 years to deliver justice to the four little girls killed in Birmingham that day!

Regardless of my registration, I’d have cast my vote for him too and suspect he will do a better than expected effort trying to remain in the seat in 2020 and may keep it even in ruby-red Alabama!


What’s occurred just since Halloween is substantial and proves that the Establishment on the Democratic Party side of things, is very fearful that they are moments away from losing control of their presidential candidates. First, Joe Biden has recovered from his being shot at by opponents for most of the year since he announced in April off 2019, but he’s now a wounded and limping OG!

<—- This Bellagio bus boy seen here playing with his old dude dick, is former Senator Harry Reid (D-Ewww, Nevada)!

Geriatric old dude dick is what Dina Titus is into these days and this cycle!

He’ll have the money and staff to get through the first four next year:  Iowa, then New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina!  Harry Reid Inc has already stolen the Nevada Caucus for Biden and his new political bitch and political comfort whore, Rep Dina Titus, was gotten by Reid for just the change in his pocket which he threw into an overflowing urinal jam-packed with wet cigarette butts and which someone had also just taken a good, healthy shit in too, for her to fish out by her not-gloved hand just the other day!

Dina Titus so publicly sucking and slobbering all over Harry Reid’s teeny-tiny, nasty, stinky, stanky, shriveled, dirty old dude dick, at least made the local and national news though its significance was downplayed as a ‘nothing to see here’ matter.  It’s an already dead story in the Toxic Progressive Media, but our local toxic progressives are fuming that their Dixiecrat Faux Progressive 97 year old female representing the most ‘diverse’ congressional District in the entire Southwest region of the US  in NVCD01. went ahead and endorsed Biden 35 months before the 2/22/2020 Nevada Already Stolen Caucus for him!

So in reality, there’s really quite a bit to see here in her getting out and ahead for Biden even before the turkey was dressed for the oven.  First, Dina’s still seething about Wacky Jacky becoming our Junior Senator and Dina failing to even become Thomasville’s Junior Miss 75 years ago, despite her lying to Sam Shad about how much she really wanted to Chair the House Ed/Workforce’s sub-committee on sub-committees, or something!

Then second, this Biden endorsement by Titus didn’t sound like Harry’s typical marching orders to his whores to anyone’s ears in Nevada, but more likely Dina looking for love in all the wrong places again and trying to attempt a preemptive strike against Catheterize Cortez Masto and Wacky Jacky Rosen upstaging her again like they did with the Lawrence Van Dyke nomination to the 9th Circuit and then their teaming up to endorse the same candidate for president together just like girlfriends are supposed to do in politics!

Just as long as that same candidate they’ll endorse is Joe Biden under Harry Reid Inc’s brutal Apartheid Nevada, where women remain even lower than the whale shit at the bottom of Lake Las Vegastan today despite female majorities where they’re supposed to matter!

Those two bitches, huh Dina?  Maybe if you hadn’t been playing your hero Senator Herman Talmadge in an even lumpier suit than he once wore, you’d be relevant to someone about something, someday I’m sure!


The bigger surprise than the Corrupted Candidates of Color all crashing their campaign planes into each other this week and ending their racist and bigoted 2020 efforts, was how the Toxic Media is handling this which they are also party to seeing it all through to conclusion.  With a late Thanksgiving this year, the holiday will extend through New Year’s Day and with an abbreviated schedule the next 31 days, campaign assassins at the New York Times, New York Post,  Washington Post, and Washington Examiner, and CNN, all struck together at once just in time for the long 4 day holiday weekend when their readers are more likely to catch up on their Media consumption.

Target:  Senator Kamala Harris

Success:  90%,  the Bismarck is taking on water Fuehrer Harry Reid

Likely campaign espionage of Biden Inc  cuz they don’t want her viable for South Carolina and have volunteered to be pall-bearers if she’s gone before Iowa 2/3/2020.  She loves old dude dick and there’s plenty in South Carolina and Rep Jim Clyburn earlier this year dropping her name as Biden’s running mate and stupid-shit Cory Booker agreeing what a great idea that was, should have had his mother ordering up one of those new post-birth abortions the kids are so crazy about!

Clyburn long on my shit list since Gabby Gifford and never to redeem with me, holds something called a Fish Fry which may explain why Black-American men die a little bit more with each bite cuz the lard content is so high!

61% of the SC electorate is Black-American and Biden gets stronger with each fish killed for a cause—his!

Biden is too obvious a choice as Mammy’s assassin and he’s missing a few marbles, but he really he hates Harris as the Establishment requires of all this cycle, so my money’s on Klobuchar who volunteered to kill Mammy Kammy by running her over with a combine and having her made into a hay bale!  Amy doesn’t want Iowa to keep giving visas for Mammy’s travel there and she’s also engineered the super-steep decline in Elizabeth Warren’s polling numbers which were the biggest news of the past week!

That polling drop news drop on the holiday weekend was no accident either and Politico plans to leave it up on their site until the year 2525!

Although Iowa has only about a 50% accuracy rate in choosing who the eventual nominee will be, nobody wants Warren to win Iowa cuz she’s pissed people off and they believe that Warren and Sanders will both die trying to win New Hampshire the following week!

Elizabeth Warren is going to be longer and harder to kill off for the DNC but Amy Klobuchar is suspected of being the candidate who is reminding everyone that Warren committed the greatest and never forgivable sin to Democrats:  She is a former Republican! 

I know, can you even believe that shit?

Medicare for All should end anyone who is supportive of it today but the Establishment doesn’t want to risk being killed by Hillary should Warren start to look viable, electable, or Oklahoma pretty when the barkeep announces last call!

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