Everything About Kamala Harris Was Vulgar

Posted by Michael Zahara on Dec 7, 2019

Pretty as a pig in heat, ain’t she fellas?

This despite her being one of  America’s premier racists and one of our ugliest politicians since David Duke too.  And so light-skinned, she’s even lighter than Obama and look at that European hair and make-up too!  Trying as hard as she’s done for all of her adult life to be a White bitch, all she seemed to have gleaned from that years long effort was the bitch part.  For such an old Black broad to be ‘Identifying’ as an equally old White bitch as Obama had so successfully done, was always risky for Mammy Kammy to even chance it because as even the stupidest Toxic Progressive must know by now that no matter how it is that you ‘Identify’, you don’t even get a vote in the matter because its all in how the rest of us perceive you, not how you believe we all should see you and believe you to be!

I know, can you even believe that shit?   I sure hope I got here in time to relay that because I’ve heard that a lot of young guys just went out and cut their fuqn dicks off wishing to ‘Identify’ as lesbians in high school gym class!


<—-Look at that pouty little childish puss she’s giving to us here! 

Channeling her inner-Greta Thunburg, you just know she’s thinking, ‘How dare you (not vote for me you little bitches!)’

Of course I’m delighted as everyone in America should also be, that Vulgarian Queen, Senator Kamala Harris, assassinated her own campaign and crashed and burned it all by her despicable self too!

Like fellow racist and bigot Stacey Abrams in Georgia who Black-Americans put an end to her insufferable lying bullshit in 2018, Black-American men more rural or smaller town Georgia in residence, made sure of that after Abrams refused to call USDOJ’s infamously corrupt Civil Rights Division to monitor her Georgia Governor’s race in 2018 she claimed Voter Suppression by the GOP caused her loss without one iota of proof and she then waiting until her race was certified and therefore nothing able to be done about it were it true, she then to publicly unload and bitch about it.

So bad was this miscalculation by Abrams, the other US Senate seat from Georgia would have been hers to lose had she had a legitimate complaint and contention which USDOJ could have ordered to be corrected out before 2020.  She did not and never did!

Stacey Abrams played the Race Card in 2018 and she lost the Governor’s mansion for doing so and just like Kamala Harris this year, it was Black-Americans who ended her hateful, hate-filled dreams of continuing the Politics of Race and Poverty Pimping the Democratic Party requires of its Black-American members in good standing who wish to enjoy the spoils of victory in public office.


What a horrific cluster fuqster of a poisoned political pariah Kamala Harris proved herself to everyone to be at her empty vacant core.  She can take comfort in her being the very reason I left the Democratic Party 10/1/2018 after 40 years of Activism and toil—more than 30 of those years fighting off the creeping, insidious Toxic Progressivism which envelops and smothers to death, the party today, and which Kamala Harris happily splish-splashed herself with like the cheap perfume such a cheap political hack of a presidential candidate would choose to use.

‘Use’ is an excellent word to describe Harris who spent her entire adult life ‘using people’ to affect a political end game which thankfully, will never be president or vice-president of the United States.  Given her atrocious professional misconducts and shocking record as District Attorney and Attorney General of California, I don’t think she would ever be confirmed under any president for US Attorney General if nominated.

She had beaten my political friend and ally Rep Loretta Sanchez of California to become the third female elected to the US Senate from that misfit, misanthropic anti-state.  That was strike one against her with me!  The DCCC had dispatched Sanchez to Nevada to assist our sagging fortunes at the ballot box during Rebecca Lambe’s tenure at NVDEMS and we appreciated her coming here.  She and I clicked right away and we talked quite a bit about what she was dealing with in the OC, being in the then minority in the House, and against the Toxic Progressives in Cali.

A fellow Blugdog Dem and also a former Republican, she was never truly accepted by the Dem Establishment there she being pro-business and a fiscal conservative though she had beaten conservative firebrand Rep Bob Doran for her seat from Orange County, and she had the juice to help elect her sister Rep Linda Sanchez to a neighboring District later in her 20 year US House tenure.

Loretta is running next year for a seat on the Orange County Board and she should win it being an Anaheim girl born and raised.

Vacuous and vacant Kamala Harris instead, chose to sleep her way to political prominence, very publicly embracing her role as adulteress with then uber-powerful and super-savvy California Assembly Speaker and very married Willie Brown who had dozens of girlfriends during his political life and Kamala Harris was just another nasty notch on his well-worn bedpost, his spouse apparently accepting of his pre-#MeToo-era marital dating life.

<—She publicly threatened to ‘indict him for jaywalking’ if he stepped out of line and he, like the 86 year old master politico he’s always been, very publicly bitch-slapped the bitch multiple times!

So good were his razor-wire sharp barbs thrown her way, no one in Toxic Progressive California even dared to protest his surgical precision and deadly political accuracy even in this hyper-sensitive age we’re suffering through.

Brown, a never indicted master politician, introduced her to the White Privilege and White Power political establishment in SFO she willingly embraced and shamelessly whored herself to at every opportunity, then she suddenly realizing the error of her ways and that she was supposed to be worshiping Black Lives Matter, kicking those nasty White bitches to the curb attempting to become ‘Obama in a house dress’ I quipped.

She was dead in the water by even entertaining a run for president in 2020 and she only 20 minutes in the US Senate, just like her egotistical twin and inspiration Obama had done to us after winning his US Senate seat in IL based on a terrific keynote speech at the DNC in 2004.

We never vetted Obama and paid a very steep price for our not doing so for he who turned out to become the worst president in American history, which not only invited, but required, our electing Donald Trump to undo the horrific damage to the republic Obama had done to the nation.  Harris however, was well-vetted and a tired and thread bare political commodity and an aging old hag of a bureaucrat in her mid 50’s by the time the nation met her.

She was no Spring Awakening of ‘Women of Color’ running for presidentyet another Kamala Harris failed attempt at co-opting from Toxic Progressivism’s rhetorical handbook of handy drop  lines—she was as bigoted and biased a Toxic Progressive as they come and Democratic Party voters saw that this is her immediately, and she failed to attract even tepid support among Black-American voters, yet Toxic Progressives wasted no time blaming White Privilege, racism, sexism, billionaires and Media for her spectacular failure to impress members of her own party, and her own Toxic Identity Group this cycle!

<—-The ‘Black Girl Magic’ she also tried to co-opt as her own wasn’t being bought by anyone except she and her sister Maya. 

For she and her biased and bigoted presidential campaign to resort to name-calling the hyper-partisans in her own party as racist and sexist, would be truly laughable if it weren’t so politically psychotic and counter-intuitive to whichever unattainable dream office she may covet now that’s she’s blown up her shot at the presidency.

Through Willie Brown’s expert tutelage, she managed to ingratiate herself with the wealthy donor doyennes of Bay Area old money, Silicon Valley new money, Lobbyist money, and Cali Political Class money winning her US Senate seat with over 7 million votes, but then greatly offending her wealthy White donor base referring to all of them as racist, sexist, and white privileged, etc…each and every time she used that caustic, toxic, inflammatory, hateful political rhetoric on the 2020 presidential campaign trail.

Like all Toxic Progressives, she failed to realize that Democratic Party partisans don’t much care to be called racist or sexist or white privileged etc…by racially and ethnically bigoted and biased fellow party members, especially among its national Candidate Class.

After Rep Tulsi Gabbard belted her in her ignorant-ass mouth in the Detroit debate last summer, her donations slowed to a trickle and she’s expected to report about 4 million raised in the 4th quarter this year for a total campaign kitty of about 10 million cash on hand after a great start only 11 months ago on MLK Day launching in Oakland, of all places to launch!

So she was also lying while exiting too, she had more than enough cash to get her through Iowa and New Hampshire, but she had no chance winning either and wouldn’t risk losing  her home state badly on 3/3/2020.  Above the many dozens of negatives from this Bigoted Bitch, Democratic Party voters from all corners of the country were rejecting Kamala Harris’s intense racial and ethnic White-phobic hatreds.

Let’s hope that this is a major trend and also becomes the reason why the other four bigoted and biased racist Democratic Party presidential candidates—Booker, Patrick, Castro  & Messam were universally and resoundingly rejected by voters in their own party too!


Oakland for  her launch was another major mistake right out of the gate as the entire East Bay is emptying out and Oakland which didn’t elect its first Black-American mayor until 1978, leads the entire area in Black-Americans being both priced and forced out by the community cancer of California’s real estate speculation.  They’re not just leaving the bay area, they’re leaving California for good, killed off and chased out by a 32+ year deluge of millions of illegal immigrants encamped just within Cali itself, by Sanctuary Cities which Harris still forcefully supports, and by California having become the nation’s new permanent Mecca for Militant Homeless & Drug Addicted Privileged Squatters under the failed Obama Dictatorship.

<—-Kamala Harris has always detested and rejected her ‘blackness’ and exactly like Obama, she has always ‘Identified’ as White!

Can you even imagine her Bougie-ness Highness ever wearing Jamaican dreads or a Ziggy Marley shirt?

This is the hideous White girl enviro-bigot wannabe Kamala should have channeled this cycle cuz Greta is much more popular than White Bitch Mammy Kammy will ever become!

Mammy Kammy claims to be smart, but she’s not very bright, that’s for sure, because it was only a matter of time before the rest of the nation would have learned that there’s been a sort of Toxic Progressive Civil War going on in Oakland and the East Bay for more than decade pitting the only cohort the Democratic Party truly cares about, Chubby White Toxic Progressive females and their gay White male subgroup, who’ve spent the last decade very busily calling the police for every real and imagined infraction of anyone there doingAnything while Black’, they could possibly bitch and moan about within their newly gentrified/Black-Americans evicted & displaced, East Bay communities.

Its a huge curmudgeon in Toxic Progressive California which has never been particularly welcoming to Black-Americans who make up less than 6% of the state’s population and which is expected to show a mass exodus of their Identity Group in the next census,  Coupled with their ‘Jungle Primary’ Kamala Harris had no opinion about on her climb up the pants legs of those who could help satiate her enormous lying-ass ego, and which  guaranteed that no Black-American will ever be elected statewide in California, ever again because Jungle Primary was the brainchild of Toxic Progressive Latino & Asian American Californians to secure their election to US House seats as White and Black Americans flee the state in droves!

That’s why she prefers being called a ‘Woman of Color’ rather than Black-American which she loathes and believes is loaded with way too many negatives and all those icky Black people she doesn’t relate toplease see her record as a prosecutor and as AG—they being so ‘dark- skinned’ and all and she being such a bougie bitch, and she’d have to continuously overcome the albatross of being Black-American to keep her senate seat which demographics alone will demand eventually defeat and retire her.

This is how all Toxic Progressives process their being rejected by all the groups within their party:  Their blaming racism, sexism, and bigotry and which all three have been the universal hallmark of the Democratic Party since 1972!

They didn’t elect a Black-American to the US House from Cali until 1963, and Kamala Harris became and will remain forever, the only ‘Black-American’ elected statewide in California, first as Attorney General there, and then as their junior US Senator she used as her springboard to the presidency and she fuqd that up really badly too.

<—-Rep Tulsi Gabbard (right) flattened Mammy Kammy for her hypocrisy, duplicity, and her gross stupidity for thinking she was going to get away during Primary season with her atrocious record in California regarding Criminal Justice not being brought up!

Her lying this past summer about the circumstance of her being bused to school in Berkeley growing up, omitted that California never had forced busing, and that her parents were wealthy, Immigrant Privileged Academics and she and her sister never wanted for anything growing up.  Then whipping out those t-shirts she just happened to have with her, and then after her parents divorced, she told us she couldn’t play with the other children when she and her sister visited their father on weekends, but just left it at that in 2020’s most blatantly racist dog whistling to date!

I happened to be alive during that very same time and unbeknownst to me then, I was already WOKE to the fact that Berkeley was insanely to the Marxist Left and Black was Beautiful there and people were required to worship Black-Americans even if they moved next door to you!

This Kamala Harris broad wouldn’t know the truth if it came right up and bit her square in her big fat ass, yet they’re still falsely claiming that racism and sexism were too much to overcome for her campaign and some people are actually buying that bullshit when this woman’s entire life has left an enormous nearing 60 years old debris field littered with the truth and which couldn’t be ‘blackwashed’ by her campaign enablers.

<—-That these two evil man-hating misandrists were arranged by others to meet one another to compare notes and pose for fun pictures together, signaled to intelligent persons out there that their only goals were to destroy two men to affect a hateful, hate-filled political goal 27 years apart from one another!

Senator Kamala ‘Mammy Kammy’ Harris disqualified herself for the presidency every single day she showed up to work as an Alameda County prosecutor, an SFO prosecutor, and as California Attorney General where in all three roles she displayed an almost sadistic anti-Black-American male misandrist bias which had her completely ignoring Criminal Justice and the Constitution when new evidence came to light for instance, she kept scores of Black-American men in prison, not jail, far past their release dates to ensure they would be available to fight forest fires, if you can even believe that shit, and she left for the US Senate as the Grand Champion title-holder of having sent to prison more Black-American men than any other prosecutor in state history.

Black Lives Matter didn’t say a word about it!

But it was racism, sexism, White Privilege, systemic racism, Media bias and anything else she could come up with so that political people wouldn’t analyze what a dog shit candidate for any office Kamala Harris had always been.


<—-Brett Kavanaugh should have sued the living shit out of this phony bitch whose severe mental health issues alone disqualified her as any kind of witness yet Kamala Harris ordered us to Believe Women!

Kamala Harris’s reprehensible, unconscionable gross misconduct on the Senate Judiciary Committee with now Associate Justice Brett Kavannaugh and severely mentally ill hate-filled misanthrope Dr Christine Blasey Ford, was the most despicable conduct I have ever witnessed by a politician and both Harris and Senator Dianne Feinstein should have been expelled from the Committee seeing that the only reason  both women were seated there was how badly this same Committee appeared to the public when Anita Hill lied to those on it 28 years ago that Clarence Thomas had sexually harassed her so badly, she just had to follow him to new employment without ever telling anyone else about it, and also not telling any of us during that performance art she pulled in front of the Committee and all of us, that she has always had a very big Hate-On for White women marrying their Black-American men……in never married Dr Hill’s case, regarding her crush Clarence Thomas, her imaginary man!

But then the hearings were done and the vote to confirm Kavanaugh as an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court was successful setting off another round of national Trump Hate-On from Toxic Progressives with senior Democrats like Dick Durban and Chuck Schumer publicly threatening the SC Justices if they don’t bend to Congress’s will, something no one can threaten and it was  an actual violation of the US Code to threaten members of the court with reprisals if they do not conform to their political will .

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s impending death cannot come fast enough for tens of millions of Americans all thanks to Kamala Harris’s hate-filled area where her heart is supposed to be located.

But even worse after his confirmation came word from the Sacramento Bee breaking the story that  hypocrite and bigot Kamala Harris’s top aid of 14 years had sexually harassed another Kamala Harris employee costing California taxpayers over $400, 000 in settlement dollars in what remains to today the quickest settlement in state history from  Harris’s successor and all done rapidly in the hopes no one would notice:


Other cases mysteriously also came to light  afterward now over 2 million in settlements we’re told now more than a year after her lying and deceit was exposed and told to all of us exactly what she’s all about and always has been all about!

She never copped to it happening under her watch while she was lecturing all of us to Believe Woman like Christine Blasey Ford and herself too about what an awful man Brett Kavanaugh really is when her own undisclosed misconduct proved her to be the very worst US Senator since Eastland, Byrd, and Thalmage, and Kamala Harris much more of a racist and bigot than all three Segregationists and Ku Klux Klan members combined ever were!

She will never be president or vice-president of the United States nor ever serve in any president’s cabinet for her ugly self and more ugly behaviors in her political life which were ended forever this past week all thanks to Black-American voters who refused to accept her bullshit and unworthiness to ever become president by giving her their votes!

Thank you Black-America, you did an outstanding job ridding the nation of political calamity and catastrophe, racist and bigot, Kamala Harris, and we a grateful nation, salute you all!


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



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