Elected, Impeached, Re-Elected, Then Impeached Again!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jan 1, 2020

The Toxic Progressive Democrats will say and do anything including re-electing their supposed arch-nemesis, Donald Trump, who ‘today’ would score both the popular and Electoral College vote toward his re-election in 2020!  I will concur that Toxic Progressive Democratic Party Hate-On for Trump 2020, has even surpassed their legendary irrational Reagan hatreds of 40 years ago!

<—Sister Bertrile played Sybil Trump (right) who also ruined my freshman year of high school playing this silly bitch role, and her favorite psycho Nanny (right) who raised him to be a her, JoAnne Woodwood & Bernstein, married actor Paul Newman and invented salad dressing and together, the happy Hollywood couple ruining salad for hundreds of millions who were right in the middle of their salad days!

I placed the word ‘today’ in parenthesis above because I don’t know which one of President Trump’s many Sybil personalities will conclude this Toxic Progressive Democratic Party ‘False Impeachment Drive’ which the president dared the US House to do to him in September, and they of course, happily obliged.

Speaker Pelosi’s few remaining delusions of going down in our history now for being anything other than the always slurring and DT’s suffering, Born to the Outfit Manor she, and the very first born female appearing US House Speaker, is unlikely!

<—-75 years old and out for all federal offices, appointments, courts and commissions, and I meant it people!

Mrs Pelosi is now reduced to her accepting that she’s California’s statewide Sidewalk Pooper-Grand Champion according to her SFO neighbors and the civilian US House employees who sit nearest to her in the well of the House.


I’ve written previously that I didn’t think she’d go as far as a vote, a now 16 days ago old vote and its still not delivered to the US Senate, so the more correct way to reference what her body did was cast the 2/3s necessary to impeach President Trump,   GOP SML McConnell is more correct in his bold statement that the president remains not impeached under the law because it is Congress which writes our laws, and the US House of Representatives is currently not in compliance with the law, the US Constitution, or its own body’s adopted for this impeachment’s rules.

Aside from there being no laws broken or alleged to have been broken by President Trump, the US House has been less than candid in explaining that no laws need to have been broken or even skirted, in order for the body to deliver an impeachment vote.

In fact, any US House may impeach for any reason it feels is impeachable, no matter how ridiculous, as they did with pulling this bullshit on President Trump right out of their own asses and furthering the intense and well-deserved contempt America feels for the Toxic Progressive Democratic Party of Hate!

Irrespective of any Biden who may have been involved in corrupted Ukraine matters under the Obama Dictatorship, not one scintilla of impropriety or unlawful or unethical, or even unprincipled misconduct occurred between Trump and anyone in Ukraine.  As president, any president is always also our top diplomat at the State Dept and each of those fatted and bloated Careerists at State who provided  perjured and selective facts Creative Arts testimony to House shithead Adam Schiff, should be isolated and forbidden from foreign assignment so they can be purged from government and their security clearness permanently revoked.

However, a major mistake President Trump keeps making with encore after encore are his continued failures to publicly assert his superiority over all matters under his Branch.

Aside from there being nothing at all a matter of even mild concern on his July 25, 2019 phone call via Ukraine Bell—16 full months before the US 2020 election!even worst is the Article claiming Obstruction of Congress when no president has ever been required to participate in his own impeachment including Nixon, who enjoyed more than two full years of impeachment torment before resigning to marry an Ely, Nevada stripper/pole dancer named Pat who was said to be in a Manson Family Way way back then!

I don’t think that SML McConnell should elevate the House’s atrocious misuse of its Constitutional authority on impeachment by dignifying it with any kind of trial, but rather his holding an immediate upon receipt from the House Managers, a roll call vote to instantly acquit the president which is the only option Mitch has to save Congress’s shredded reputation thanks to Nancy Pelosi’s love of liquor and shitting on sidewalks!

There, I said it!  That’s how bad the Toxic Progressive over-reach has been on this impeachment charade!

If SML McConnell is as smart as he is handsome, then he’ll whack Hillary so that Biden can die at the Milwaukee Convention Confab of Democratic Party Hate this summer and then Amy Klobuchar can be selected to be elected our 2nd female president after Bush 41 was some years ago.

I’m not surprised to see her ascent as predicted by me last year right here, because according to the Mammy Kammy badly failed ‘Play that Funky music White Gurl’ campaign of early 2019, Amy is a bitch! 

OMG, that bitch for even saying that! Like that’s a deal-breaker anywhere??? 

I’d assert that no female will ever again be elected president like Bush 41 was without wearing the Bitch Badge with pride just like Michael Dukakis 1988 had done at Pat Nixon’s funeral!

<—-Pat Nixon (left) got her 1970’s First Lady Freak on with one of the Agnew boys who took up stripping (right), and that’s Mamie Eisenhower stuffing crackers in his ass crack behind him!

Though she’s not a very light-skinned Black-American woman yet, Senator Klobuchar is the Dem Fems’ Dream Girl Delight this cycle!  They were previously flirting with Elizabeth Warren’s hundreds of millions of ‘plans’ for every fuqn thing, then they began to notice that Warren is what all Democrats hate most:  Old People! 

Oh Jaysus, that was a close call!  Fearing being accused of having Bad Vag themselves, they’ve collectively caravanned from Central America’s Motel 6, and are all but stampeding to ‘Amy’ now!

<—She fits the chubby White chick Dem Fem vision version of how they see themselves, perfectly!

Senator Klobuchar and her 2020 campaign are fully familiar with the entire line of Massengil douche & dressing products including its newest international sensation: Italian Red Wine Vinegar douche which is said to be threatening to Mr & Mrs Newman’s line of crappy salad dressings!

Creative, big ass, bigger boobs, and child-bearing hips, she’s not afraid of starting Upper Midwest chick fights by telling America at a Communist Cortez Masto 2019 BBQ & Gruel Cook-off Contest, ‘I’m not that fuqn phony bitch Catherine Cortez Masto, but I do think Wacky Jacky’s hair is so cute with her saddlebag hips!’

Bernie and Betty his Bitch for Prez should have begun right after Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt concluded at Yalta, but someone forgot to remember to do that and dropped the ball on what should have been the first Dem Prez and VP ticketed Primary run in 2020, but then again, no one wants those two assholes on anything other than a one-way bus ticket to the Geezerville Honeymoon Hideaway Hell in Ely, Nevada, birthplace of a legendary Vegas stripper named Pat Nixon!


The president was also very incorrect again publicly declaring everything he’d done regarding Ukraine was ‘perfect’.

No Mr President, you and it were not perfect!  Only Jesus and stripper Pat Nixon are perfect and you Mr President, seem hellbent on equaling asshole community college dropout Barack Obama, by killing off all other elective offices on the ballots you’ll all appear on for 2020!

I mean really Donald, Adam Laxalt is now running your 2020 Nevada Ops (into the ground?)???   Your firing Rep Mark Amodei is just RONG and since the W is silent, I no longer see the need to use it anymore in this word.  Mark may not be a picnic in the park, but at least he knows what a park is, though he’s still struggling with ‘picnic’!

Your boy Adam is a Himbo’s himbo and he’s butt buddies with our US Attorney Nicholas ‘Tricky Nicky’ Trantanich and I’m far from done with him, the Las Vegastan Bureau of the FBI, and the Bannano New York Crime Family which owns all federal law enforcement entities in SoNev, in addition to their ownership of the LVMPD and the Clark County District Attorney as they very publicly boasted to us all with their Jamil Rashid very public dick sucking by our local US Attorney & horrific disappointment, ‘Tricky Nicky’ Trantanich this past October!

Mr President, I got it down to a seven minute nationally televised Address to the Nation you should have delivered to America the very minute Adam Schiff nutted all over Jerry Nadler’s FUPA this past September, with you, yes you Mr President, explaining Basic Civics to the anti-intellectual, anti-education Toxic Progressives Terrorist Left.

As dumb-ass as you’ve consistently sounded on any number of matters and issues since you had Merv Griffin whacked in New York City, you are still smarter than any Democratic Party member in the United States…but not by all that much President Cowboy Covfefe!


Where he should be enjoying his having had a fall season of major political victories from the USDOJ IG’s blistering report, to Pelosi pulling the trigger and allowing the vote to impeach him to her own peril, not his, President Trump’s closing the year with the entire year decisively won by him, but he just cant control that fuqn mouth of his!

Sorry kids, I am grading the president on a curve, the Bell Curve, Mrs Trump’s curves, and curve balls and he’s still got way too many negatives in all the wrong places to make me feel as confident and as just douched ‘fresh’ as I should feel about his re-election prospects.  We Republicans are suffering badly in our Purple Places all around the nation and that would include places like Montana and Utah which are normally Purple-ish in presidential years, both states have pulled some stupid-ass shit like Utah defeating Rep Mia Love in the US House, but electing emotional tampon* Mitt Romney to the US Senate.

Oh my God, what is wrong witchu people in Utah?

I’m ordering Metro retired Narcs Detective Bobby Kinch in charge of Utah, retired Metro Sargent Sherry Miller Edwards, in charge of Montana, and SoNev goddamned delight Pat Micali, in charge of Nevada, cuz I just wanna do a project with her, and together, we will get some of these annoying Purple Places back in shape and blood red by voting correctly later this year!

More on this very important 2020 election cycle development coming soon!


*Sidebar:  Special shout out to Regional Treasure George Harris of Las Vegastan who while in political feud with Dan Burdish way back then, was the guy who called Burdish ‘an emotional tampon’, but Dan’s now politically married to Michele Fiore, so despite that crack still crackin’ me up, it isn’t as funny today as when George first uttered it!

I could swear Michele is our RNC Rep in a role she was born to play being able to be a big, huge pain-in-the-ass at the RNC on our behalf and her seeming absence nationally, along with NVGOP Chair McDonald taking on an additional 67 pounds just since Thanksgiving, has me very concerned too!

<—No, its not a Fabulous FUPA, and for the record, nobody wears a Jumbo-sized Maxi-Pad Sanitary Napkin like our NVGOP Chair, Michael McDonald sports with every new and allegedly ‘slimming for the portly’, black or even blacker sports coat he owns or shoplifted from Council Chambers eons ago!

NVGOP Chair McDonald’s Mega Maxis even boast Omni Odor Guard Plus according to its packaging, and that’s to tackle even the toughest and worst of Bad Vag he emits everywhere his delightfulness just breezes by!

Yep, that’s what that smell you’re all smelling is!  Bad Vag!

You see readers, every single dime which was allegedly earmarked for NVGOP GOTV in 2018, seems to have just evaporated.   And here’s more news that folks are ripping the Trump Admin’s Campaign Swag Works off too, here looky, looky ‘dis:


Folks, I wanted you all to know that this kind of bullshit has been common in American politics since Washington started his Delaware PAC after crossing some shitty river there with buddies in search of a good pub, but this 50 million going directly into scam artist pockets so early is another dead canary in the bird cage, if you will and doesn’t portend well for desired results of President Trump and our collective dreams of replacing Darth Vadar Ginsberg and Sonia Sotomayer, both with dates with the Grim Reaper very soon, so you should all have your funeral clothes and funeral Nike flip-flops cleaned and pressed already!

<—-Regional Treasure George Harris, formerly of Mundo fame, bought brand new Nike flip-flops and beach wear for the Ginsburg/Sotomayer double funeral expected very soon!

Several weeks ago, I was guest lurking a new ClarkGOP Facebook friend and witnessed a whack-ass crazy shit, batshit crazy Vegas bitch pitching a HUGE bitch about counterfeit Trump campaign swag having been authorized to be sold at GOP Party events here and much to her dismay!  I don’t recall my ever having been dismayed regarding anything because I’m not sure that I have any idea how to ‘Politically Act’ dismayed!

I know, can you even believe that shit?   

I can doPolitically Outraged’ having 40+ years of  doing that under my former Dem maxi pad belt!

The ClarkGOP crazy shit occurring in broad daylight and being conducted by some crazy broad, also has me concerned this cycle about some guy named ‘Gus’ who’s running for the Clark County Board of Bored Commissioners and a guy named ‘Good Dan’ running for CD03, cuz the president seems oblivious that other Republicans will be on the ballot with him this coming November!

<—-I’m all for removing Elizabeth Warren from our 20 spots too!

I have such high hopes for Dan Schwartz in CD03 to off that crazy bitch Susie Lee & her Chi Chi’s. 


Let’s forever refer to Dan Schwartz as ‘Good Dan, the People’s Man’!


Sidebar:  Full Disclosure—I’ve learned just this morning that Dan Schwartz and I were separated at birth!

I know, can you even believe that shit??

His/our mother was very likely working as a nurse at West Suburban, MacNeal, Loyola, or Westlake Hospital though the people I’ve erroneously called my parents told me that I was stolen from St Anne’s Hospital shortly after my own afterbirth!


But then some stupid bitch got a group of fellow stupid bitches together and they put a couple of bucks in Dan Rodimer’s G-string, so now he’s also running for CD03!

OMG, I just love reading campaign crappola like this from ‘Bad Dan, ‘Kinda, Sorta Can’ Rodimer’:

‘…The overall crime rate in Las Vegas is 30% higher than the national average and that is unacceptable to Dan Rodimer. As our Congressman, Dan Rodimer will fight to bring down the crime rate and give law enforcement the tools they need to protect our families and our communities…’

After reading this bullshit, I also like ‘Short Bus Dan’ for his new nickname!

Rodimer, I know you’re bored son, but how about trying a hobby or something like knitting or crocheting, instead of fuqing up NVCD03 with your ego droppings all over the place down there?


Yes, the GOP has major, substantive 2020 election issues, but the Democrats’ issues are even worse because there has been no braking mechanism on their livid hatreds now in its 5th year and I think that’s because the Dem party power-brokers want a Trump re-election win to keep the hundreds of millions flowing into coffers unimpeded through the election and that they’ll impeach the president again as the first order of business with the new Congress of 2021.

Speaker Pelosi has no obligation, duty, or legal requirement to deliver the House’s impeachment vote to the US Senate…ever!  She can sit on it through the very last day of this the 116th Congress on January 3, 2021, and none of her caucus members may do anything about it if she does do that!  It cannot be carried over into the next Congress is my understanding, so it will need to be redone early next year…if she keeps her majority.

Dems are betting on keeping the House and praying that they can capture the Senate.  The House should remain Dem, but any Republican who votes for Pelosi’s Speakership, should be expelled and banished forever from the GOP.

In case you’d forgotten, members of both parties cast their votes for Speaker!

History and how partisans in each party react is a credible indicator of the future and neither party having any credibility on their nonexistent farm teams is also a major matter in play this year.

I couldn’t honestly tell you what either major party in America is all about today, and that’s the biggest unknown of all heading into November!

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!