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Is US Judge Richard Boulware Biased on the Bench? Part I

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jan 8, 2020

That’s the question of the hour for all of us in Nevada.

A 2014 Obama appointee to the US District Court bench in Nevada, now Judge Boulware had issues getting out of the Senate Judiciary Committee (11-7) because of his virulent anti-law enforcement/police bigotry and bias regarding Nevada passing Stand Your Ground similar to Florida’s in 2011, and which was also among a very long list of local NAACP Grievance Gripes he circus act performed for our legislature in Carson City. His inflammatory and frankly, hyper-racist conclusions stated at a UNLV Boyd Law School forum about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman showed an appallingly racist personal bent without his bothering to pipe in about other facts in that case to show us an even-keeled manner inherent within him.

<—-Trayvon’s birth female Sybrina Fulton, is seen here playing Oprah Winfrey in ‘The Color Purple’ which is 100x more believable than anything which has ever come out of this horrible woman’s mouth!

That Boulware refused to note at UNLV that the Media and the toxic PR firm which Trayvon’s evil mother Sybrina Fulton hired as her very first task upon hearing of Trayvon’s death, were steadfast in their refusal to call Zimmerman an Hispanic male!

They wanted to create a false Black v White hate narrative over all else in Orlando and which drew no comment or observation from Boulware at UNLV, two years before he replaced Cadish as the judicial nominee here in 2014!

He may not have been confirmed had his racism and bigotry been uncovered or even discovered in 2012 at UNLV.  If senate Republicans knew about his prejudices and biases, they never brought it up at his confirmation and held firm about his lack of experience and depth instead.

<—His pro-defendant bias based on his light resume stood out over everything else he said, except this about the LVMPD, ‘Las Vegas is one of a few major metropolitan areas that doesn’t have a major oversight board for its police. Boulware said he would like to see local and state laws amended so that the Las Vegas community can better address racial profiling.’

Judge Boulware had never done anything to affect the creation of strong and credible LVMPD oversight and Sheriff Lombardo remains the only police chief of a major department in America, who answers to no one about anything…ever!  

His even bringing up Metro at all at UNLV when Trayvon Martin had nothing at all to do with the police in Sanford, FL, showed the now judge to be comfortable inflaming rather than informing!

A clearly racist trope, and Judge Boulware neglected to inform at UNLV that ‘profiling’ was a Bush 43 creation about Muslims in the post-9-11 aftermath and hijacked by Al Sharpton to mean ‘racial profiling’ exclusively still today.

I’ll remind his honor that there’s a big city just west of here which has what’s called a Rampart Division which has been under some form of federal consent decree for most of my entire life!  They also have a hyper-politicized public Police Commission since 1929 which was unable to prevent anything bad from happening in Los Angeles these past 91 years, especially Rampart’s consistent performance issues.

USDOJ invited itself here under the former sheriff  judge, and the deal was cut that SoNev would not be placed under an urgently necessary federal consent decree if Doug Gillespie would retire out rather than seek re-election in 2014, the same year Harry Reid would recruit you Judge Boulware to the federal bench here, as well as the same year the FBI informed us of the Metro Vice Scandal raids here, and finally, it was the same year that Harry Reid Inc engineered the USDOJ indicting Cliven Bundy in 2016 for conduct here in 2014.

Then private citizen Richard Boulware was nowhere to be found during Metro’s very dark years over Gillespie’s two terms 2007-2011.

Maybe you can see what initially gave me and many others, pause of concern of troubling, patterned, political behaviors regarding 2014 actions in Nevada?


The US Senate was Democratic majority in 2014 and now Judge Boulware received only one GOP vote in Committee—that of former Senator and ranking member Orrin Hatch—and he tied for lowest vote total of his entire class of Committee action roll call and/or voice voted to the full US Senate, when those up who enjoyed bipartisan support, sailed through Committee 17-1 or were ‘voice voted’ meaning unanimous out of Committee.

Being voice voted out of Committee and even out of the full senate, is quite a feather in one’s cap as the recipient.  It means you’ve got the chops for the position and that there’s nothing they’re aware of which would give senators pause about you!

He was appearing often as then Vice-President of the Las Vegas Chapter of Nevada’s largest and most infamous racist Hate Group, the NAACP, a position he held from 2008 through 2013.  I was a member there through 2006 and left the organization permanently over the hyper-racist very sharp turn the local and national organization had taken under Bush 43, though I have strong affection and deep respect for then local NAACP President Dean Ishman.


Judge Boulware talks a good game at times on matters like Criminal Justice Reform and disadvantaged and at-risk populations in the legal system but he has no record at all of affecting anything with Electeds on those issues anywhere he’s ever been.  He may enjoy hearing his own voice rather than doing the tough grunt work his profession requires to move any kind of matter to successful conclusion with elected persons.

A Toxic Progressive biased and bigoted hyper-hater Environmental Justice attorney named Glenn Sugameli, tried on behalf of Harry Reid and Barack Obama, to paint the Judiciary Committee’s actions regarding Boulware as racist, but he failed miserably as the vote totals from both panels heard by the Committee and Chaired that day by US Senator and current presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar, clearly showed to the entire world.


All of the racist, biased, and ethnically bigoted and prejudiced rantings by the Toxic Progressive Ultra Liberal Leftist of the Obama-era couldn’t change the facts on the ground about now US District Court Judge Richard Franklin Boulware II.  His law school pedigree was fine, his resume was not and he had little experience in civil federal matters which are a substantial portion of US Judge’s dockets everywhere.  He was an all federal public defender-oriented lawyer here and in New York, and he had no private practice work to speak of save a single year in New York.  He’s never listed any private-sector employment in Nevada that I could find.

Only a member of the Bar since 2003, he was noticeably very light in the depth expected of our US Judges, but he had one thing in his favor:  He is Black-American and remains today the only Black-American serving as US Judge here.  Judge Johnnie Rawlinson was the first and only Black-American and woman to serve as US Judge here and was nominated by Bill Clinton, but she advanced to appointment, also by Clinton, to the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in SFO.

<—Judge Rawlinson was ‘voice voted’ by the US Senate onto the US Court of Appeals in 2000, and again, meaning unanimous consent!   Judge Rawlinson was and is a rock star on the federal bench!

Now six years in, there’s not much to cheer about you Judge Boulware!

Judge Richard Boulware was confirmed 58-35 in 2014 by roll call vote in the senate.  There would be no voice vote for Boulware though he was the racially chosen to please Obama as a replacement nominee and he was eager to please Harry Reid, for now Nevada Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Cadish, whose nomination to the US bench collapsed under her strident, Toxic Progressive and anti-Bill of Rights public pronouncement regarding the Second Amendment, and Harry Reid Inc allowed her to twist in the wind for almost one year before she finally withdrew her nomination.

But there’s much more regarding Judge Boulware you need to know about and why I’m increasingly concerned about him.  I was fully supportive of now Justice Cadish’s initial US Court nomination and I fried Harry Reid for how badly he treated and abandoned her in 2012-2013 even though she is married to the most obnoxious, detestable POS man in Nevada that everyone hates!

I took no position in 2014 on Richard Boulware’s subsequent nomination for the bench he now occupies, until this past October of 2019 when the alarms, bells, and sirens began blaring loudly about him with me.

More on that in a second, but this below first!


You see, I have a history with the Judiciary Committee and its often peculiar ways of doing the people’s business insofar as approving or not, persons nominated to federal positions and requiring US Senate approval under the US Constitution, for any president.  

I was the person who blew up the racist, bigoted and biased logjam which finally got Nevada United States Marshal nominee Christopher Hoye, moving again after Senator Harry Reid had recommended to Obama, Hoye for the position here in 2008.  I described afterward for my readers and anyone else who was listening to me then, that we were effectively ‘lynching’ now retired USM Hoye with an inexplicable second full FBI investigation into his suitability to serve as Nevada USM!

It was atrocious, reprehensible, and unforgivable gross misconduct by the political powers that be in Las Vegastan what Hoye was going through at the time and I just about shit when I learned of the circumstances and everyone who was involved…and why who were conducting this atrocity and deliberately being done to this very good local man!

I was able to verify what I had heard was happening to then LVMPD Lt Hoye that very morning and set to work on calling Senator Reid in Washington to express my outrage to him personally.  I thought about what I wanted to say to him and to his COS and my tone and tenor was not my normal calm composed, full of facts self and I was quite disrespectful to the former senator and I subsequently did apologize to him for being so vocally angry with him.

Within one hour of my contact with him and his Washington office, the Judiciary Committee’s website was updated and then soon-to-be Nevada USM Chris Hoye was moving again towards his confirmation, and quickly too!

I was livid this happened at all because two persons at Metro threw the sand into the gears of Hoye’s nomination after Harry Reid Inc was already on board with his nomination.  One was former Assistant Sheriff Ray Flynn who over his entire career had never mentioned he’d like to have the USM slot, and that he claimed to be a Democrat too, was never verified by me either.  The other officer was now retired LVMPD Vice Commander, Lt Karen Hughes who was once married to Chris Hoye at another time in their lives and careers at Metro!

<—-Both Hughes and Hoye were peer equals within our superior Lieutenant Class at the LVMPD when they retired out at different times. 

He’s a great cop, she was not…..and she should be heading to federal prison under her plea deal, but USA Nicky Truntanich just couldn’t find any evidence!

What Karen Hughes did to her ex-husband Chris Hoye’s USM nomination was pure evil and sociopath and done not because she was jealous or envious of her ex-husband snagging the senator’s recommendation to Obama to become Nevada USM, but because she feared that his going over to federal law enforcement would be the end of her career, her many years long corruption at Metro, and result in a long-term prison sentence for her.

It wasn’t until former Metro Lt Norm Jahn was fired in 2011 that the pieces fell into place for me.  Lt Karen Hughes was the ‘Change Girl’ I recently began referring to her as being for her very long 8 plus years as LVMPD Vice Commander!

You’ll recall that Lt Hughes became part of the now defunct/postponed LVMPD Vice Scandal investigation our brand new, very first appointment as a USA,  US Attorney Nicholas Truntanich, who took a pass on prosecuting Hughes, or anyone else involved in what DOJ said they began as an investigation in 2009—just this past October and after a decade of investigation—with his announcement of a plea deal with the subject of the Vice Scandal, Jamal Rashid aka Mally Mall and no one else!

10 solid years and no one in federal law enforcement was able to find any evidence of any pubic corruption in Las Vegastan regarding LVMPD Vice matters?

<—-That’s our dogshit bigot and racist Nevada Attorney General Aaron Fraud Ford (left) next to Judge Boulware and Cedric Crear to the right and who should always kick Ford’s sorry ass out of photo ops!

Grossly unqualified with zero criminal trial experience, but plenty of X-box & Gameboy playing experience, our bought and paid for hyper-corrupted Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford, is so incompetent and dreadfully unqualified, he has no idea that he can file state charges against Mr Rashid as well as all of the many Clark County Sheriff and District Attorney personnel who financially benefited very lucratively for more than a decade from this enormous bacchanalia of public corruption I would call nothing short of a public-sector feeding frenzy!

Happening concurrently and on exact timelined parallel tracks was USDOJ in Washington rolling out its national anti-Human/Sex Trafficking pubic relations propaganda national effort which included Lt Karen Hughes appearing as a panelist and expert on the issue for attendees of forums and conferences the DOJ hosted to bolster its enormous and expensive national roll-out efforts.  She was all over the local Media many times too preaching about the evils of pimps and prostitution, all the while she was keeping track of all of the money flowing to everyone superior and subordinate to her at Metro, and to the dozens of public persons inuring a handsome, tax-free financial windfall from this corrupted enterprise.

Her professional conduct deteriorated each month over a decade to become psychotic and obsessive to my outside eyes and the criminal conspiracy she was a major player within, was taking its toll on her evil mind and was felt across many sectors of Metro during Gillespie’s Reign of Terror; Sheriff Lombardo yanked her out of Vice to his credit, but he’s been less than candid with us since 2014 about a number of things since the FBI’s 2014 raids!

Yet US Attorney Truntanich was unable to find any evidence at all of local public corruption even though Mr Rashid’s very lucrative and tax-free Police & DA Protected Prostitution Racket never shut down or missed a day of operation after Channel 8’s George Knapp broke the news to us in 2014 that the FBI had raided Mr Rashid’s operations in Las Vegastan and had begun the very first Public Integrity Unit investigation by the USDOJ in Las Vegastan history.

So clean and pure as the driven snow was this Human Sex Slavery Trafficking enterprise here, the entirety of the enormous scope and powers of the mighty United States Department of Justice couldn’t find any public corruption while they were in hyper-overdrive here and nationally just on Sex Trafficking!

As luck would have it, Mr Lucky Rashid is not charged with Sex Trafficking despite there being airline travel evidence, credit card billing, phone and Net records.  Nope, they couldn’t find shit enough to even get any civil assets forfeiture out of him in the plea agreement, nor any restitution either.  His own underlings committed three murders after the 2014 raids here and the LVMPD made sure that the crime scene on two of those murders was so deliberately corrupted by LVMPD Homicide and Crime Scene Investigators, that should anyone ever be charged in those crimes, no evidence gathered at the crime scene could ever be accepted into evidence.

Yet no one in federal law enforcement could find any evidence of pubic corruption and no public-sector participant is to suffer any jeopardy at all for their criminal misconducts under Color of Law or public position.


I keep pointing this fact out because on October 21, 2019, at the Federal Courthouse in Las Vegastan, US District Court Judge Richard Franklin Boulware II accepted AUSA Nicholas Dickinson selling this complete, total bullshit plea deal for Mr Rashid:


I’ve already corresponded with his honor asking that he reject this plea agreement as woefully inadequate and postpone sentencing to scheduled to occur 1/21/2020.  I will also include Judge Boulware in my impending filing with the USDOJ’s Office of Professional Responsibility complaint regarding everyone’s professional misconduct in federal law enforcement on this case in Nevada, and which indicates strongly that rather than enforce the law here, elements of the US Attorney’s office and FBI here, conspired to cover-up their own criminal misconduct which resulted in Mr Rashid’s feather-light tap on the wrist after their 10 years of investigative effort, and no one being held to account for their horrific public corruptions locally!

You’re supposed to be a local from here Judge Boulware and a completely dark statewide Media Embargo was created specifically so that you would be deficient if not completely uninformed about everything else which is associated with this case, and so you wouldn’t ask USA Truntanich  or AUSA Dickinson where the Sheriff, District Attorney, and as many as 200 of their subordinates are with their plea deals from him?

More details for Judge Boulware to consider as well as contact information where you may email his chambers if you agree this plea needs to be rejected by him later this month, up next!


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