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YES, US Judge Richard Boulware IS BIASED On The Bench? Part II

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jan 13, 2020

Yes, of course US District Court Judge Richard Boulware II is biased on the bench, he’s also an easily hyper-corrupted US District Court Judge now and with his agreement on October 21, 2019 to accept the United States Attorney Nicholas Trutanich penned plea agreement of Pimp Poppa Mally Mall, he’s neck-deep in the Metro Vice Scandal now too!

He had choices in October, Boulware made all the wrong choices.


“In the Silver State, the vast, vast majority of public officials live up to a gold standard of public integrity. That is they represent others rather than their own self-interest,”  Fighting public corruption, “is always a priority.”

That was our then brand new US Attorney for Nevada, Nicholas ‘Tricky Nicky’ Truntanich delivering his very first public lie told in performance of his new duties as our USA here in Las Vegastan on March 22, 2019.

It would take only 7 months for Trutanich to show us his bought and paid for, hyper-corrupted true self by his announcing the plea deal he struck with pimp poppa Jamal Rashid aka Mally Mall announced October 21, 2019.

<—-“Public service is a public trust”, Trutanich told reporters at a press conference eleven days earlier regarding the plea bargain former Nevada State Senator Kelvin Atkinson (left, with full diaper) agreed to accept for his public corruptions here!  

Ricki Barlow also was also recently charged and plea-dealed, and Nicky Trutanich had nothing to say about Morse ‘Moose’ Arberry skating on state instead of federal charges for the same thing in 2011 and as of this past November  of 2019, Moose still has not paid his state restitution according to KNPR:


The State of Nevada under Steve Sisolak is treating that matter as a uncollectable bad debt rather than ordering Parole and Probation send him to the Fish Tank over at High Desert Prison where he belongs for the violation of the plea deal Arberry struck with then NVAG and now degenerate US Senator Catherine Cortez Masto 8 fuqn years ago who in one of her many embarrassing pubic office corruptions, over-charged Moose initially because she was completely unaware that our Carson Critter Electeds had made campaign fund misuse a misdemeanor, when it had previously been a felony here.

<—-The FBI and US Attorney in Las Vegastan saw no reason to investigate Morse Arberry for stealing more than $100,000 from his campaign funds here, despite the Legislature having changed the NRS from felony to misdemeanor regarding such public corruption misconducts the previous decade, and NVAG Cortez Masto wasn’t even aware they had done that either!

Neither the US Attorney or the FBI could run fast enough to prosecute and brag and boast to the Media regarding Barlow and Atkinson though!

Cortez Masto also wasn’t even aware Moose was also packaging an unlawful Brooks Assembly seat, the Urban League chairmanship, UNLV daycare contract deal which forced disgraced former Assemblyman and whack-a-doodle, Steven Brooks, to feign mental illness both here and in Cali, then get expelled as a Carson Critter from the legislature!

No interest at all by the Las Vegastan Bureau of the FBI regarding any of this Arberry-related bullshit, so maybe the FBI isn’t even aware what’s lawful and unlawful here, huh?

That’s maybe also why Gonzaga isn’t called the ‘Harvard of Spokane’, I guess.  Catherine just can’t figure out Citizens United either and therefore is intent on blowing up the First Amendment for all the rest of us too!

Still, and done with straight faces too, US Attorney Trutanich and US District Court Judge Richard Boulware II are convinced that no public corruption could be found in the Metro Vice Scandal, even though both Metro and the District Attorney can and should pick up at anytime 24/7/365, Moose Arberry over at Phung Jefferson’s spot at Canyon Gate Country Club in the West Valley where he was living while claiming to reside in AD 07 as its then Assemblyman for a big chunk of his 25 always corrupted years in public office.

District Attorney Wolfson, anything from you on Moose? Any idea which bus Morse Arberry will be booked on up to High Desert Prison yet Steve?

Sheriff Lombardo, how about you?  You all good with Moose blowing off all of his bullshit?  You plan on picking him up and bringing him down for booking at the CCDC Resort & Spa yourself?  Remember JoeLo, just like your political performance piece in Bunkerville for Harry Reid Inc, there’s no need to wear your Kevlar with Moose when you stop over to pick up him up for booking!

<—Ricki Barlow you should be really pissed off that you got popped and sentenced, although lightly, but still bruh, huh?

Kelvin, though I’m not especially fond of you and your bullshit, I’ve got to point out to you and to everyone else, that you managed to get for yourself the very worst deal of everyone involved here over this past decade, and that was deliberately done to you, you big dumb-ass!

You’d been pulling your bullshit for almost all of your 17 years in office and everyone knew you were a fulla-shit phony living far beyond your means ages ago, but it wasn’t until you were just about to pass every stinkin’ thing on the local Criminal Justice Reform agenda in the 80th Session as SML in Carson City last year, that Metro’s super-corrupted Criminal Intel Unit, the Clark County District Attorney’s own investigators, and both working with our super-corrupted US Attorney’s office and FBI Bureau here, struck against you, and they struck very hard against you too, didn’t they?

Those bastards, huh?

…and who replaced you as SML after your tearful farewell this past March of 2019 Kelvin?  That would be completely green and totally inexperienced and brand new freshman State  Senator Nicole Cannizzaro, herself, a hyper-corrupted Deputy District Attorney in Clark County who also has a very poor record regarding minority men of color in this capacity at her other job here!

Maybe you’ll understand better now Kelvin, why the Nevada Constitution forbids public employees to be legislators here?  Oh wait, you were also a public employee too!


Black-American US District Court Judge Richard Boulware II seems completely oblivious that over less than 8 years, three Black-American Elected men here committed the same crime, two were federally charged and sentenced, and one was state charged, and he blew off everything he was ordered to do by Judge Diane Sullivan,  then he ran for Congress, he  cried poor and destitute from somewhere near the 16th hole, then while driving by in his Benz, extended his middle finger to all of us!

Kind of completely shit-cans Judge Boulware’s sanctimonious ‘other life’ as a Justice Warrior Neo-Zealot critic of the LVMPD and relater of NAACP talking points which also negates all of that nifty Black Lives Matter bullshit Richard Boulware II was playing to show us all how ‘WOKE’ he is leading up to his nomination and confirmation along with  dozens of other Ultra Leftist Grievance Gripes he’s championed prior to his Harry Reid directed appointment to the bench here, and makes his application to become a US Judge, pretty damned laughable too, doesn’t it!


Within that application is a case he losta pattern for him as a so-so federal public defender—of a New York music teacher who ‘trafficked’ a young woman across state lines to New Jersey to have sex with her, ‘cept the under-aged girl was an FBI agent and oh well, that didn’t go so well for the teacher who should have sought employment with our CCSD, where our schools’ staff really enjoys dating our 5th-grade girls and plans on marrying them too!

Clearly, now corrupted Judge Boulware should have recused himself from Jamal Rashid’s case last October and he can actually reverse his own corrupted self in court on January 21st by telling all assembled that he needs more time to consider where the CCBC’s Letter of Sincere Apology along with its hefty settlement check to Mr Rashid is within that poor pimp guy’s very corrupted plea agreement new USA Trutanich scribbled out in crayon for him!

US District Court Judge Richard Boulware II is quite comfortable being a political patsy and tool fool, and he enjoys his judicial and political corruption perqs and privileges more than most of his colleagues do!

Jamal Rashid is not expected to have Judge Boulware throw the book, not even a comic book, at him, if he gets anytime at all, since there is no restitution or asset forfeiture in his plea agreement.  Maybe Boulware will kiss his cheek and hug him tightly after having so publicly kissed his ass as a biased US District Court judge here this past October?

Mr Rashid never spent a minute in custody, jail, or even church these past ten years either!  USA Trutanich couldn’t be more chicken-shitted a USDOJ phony by trying to distance himself from Rashid’s plea agreement if he were standing on the other side of the world doing it!  Passing it all off to AUSA Dickinson for him to take the heat is not what a composed, competent, and confident United States Attorney, would ever do, anywhere they ply their trade!

In a couple of days, Tricky Nicky Trutanich celebrates his very first anniversary as our United States Attorney for Nevada and I’m trying to contain my excitement about that as well as repress my reflexive urge to vomit that we’ve got ourselves our second super-corrupted US Attorney in a row in Nevada:  Bogden and Trutanich!

I was fine with Dayle Eliason!  More on her Temp USA stint here in the next piece!


Inexplicably, US Judge Richard Boulware ruined his own reputation and destroyed his own career by his accepting this piss poor Mally Mall plea October 21, 2019, thereby allowing himself to be publicly pimped like a little bitch, and done personally by the Clark County Sheriff and the District Attorney, who were both ecstatic, high-fiving, fist-pumping, and belly-bumping each other that Harry Reid Inc found for them both, such a willing, pliable, malleable, flunky junky, rusty, musty, dusty new federal judge nominee just for them in 2014!


<—-No specific mention at all in last October’s plea of the LVMPD Sheriff or the Clark County District Attorney and their respective personnel protecting Mr Rashid’s unlawful enterprises, this blurb below is intended to satisfy inquisitive types out there:

“In the course of investigating Mr. Rashid, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in partnership with the FBI did examine and develop information regarding allegations of related wrongdoing that generally have been the subject of media coverage. Following an extensive inquiry we concluded that there was not sufficient evidence to support any additional charges relating to Mr. Rashid, his associates or others, and therefore closed the investigation.”

US District Court Judge Richard Boulware II didn’t even bat an eye, nor ask any questions despite the FBI deliberately whetting our appetites by publicly naming three then officers of rank at Metro Vice.  I mentioned Lt Karen Hughes in Part I, but there was also Detectives Chris Baughman and Al Beas and someone, somehow, had the hots for Justin Bieber which we were told was what initially caught the FBI’s attention of Metro Vice’s vast corruption, in the first place!

Former life sentenced pimp Ocean Flemming walked out of prison a free man just the other day, because of his corrupted conviction, and the US Attorney in Nevada delights us by telling us there ‘was not sufficient evidence’ regarding ‘associates and others’!

‘Others’ of course means Joe Lombardo, Steve Wolfson, Hughes, Baughman, Beas, and DDA Liz Mercer, just to begin a very long list who were never even interviewed by the FBI on the Mally Mall case despite the Media claiming on the FBI’s behalf, that they had interviewed everyone.  We know this because the entire national US Attorney Corp is not fond of issuing blind, unattributed statements like this from within the above quote, ‘Following an extensive inquiry we concluded that there was not sufficient evidence to support any additional charges relating to Mr. Rashid, his associates or others, and therefore closed the investigation.”

Obviously, I will specifically request that the USDOJ’s Office of Professional Responsibility look for these alleged interviews because they would be what a US Attorney would utilize in making a decision to prosecute or not.


Next up:  We’ll take you on a tour of Barack Obama and Eric Holder’s further deliberately ruining and destroying the USDOJ which I said has been in steep decline since 9/11/2001.

We’ll refresh and remind you that both Trutanich and Boulware were Harry Reid Inc super-corrupted nominees from the get-go, and that the Rehabilitation of Barack Obama’s Legacy into something other than stale crumbs, drove all of this.

It also included the very  highest levels of our 17 Intelligence Agencies attempting a bureaucrat-lead and failed coup d’etat attempt on the Trump presidency, which is expected to produce significant indictments before year’s end!

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