Were US Judges Boulware & Navarro Tainted Nominations? Part III

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jan 31, 2020

In light of US District Court Judge Richard B. Boulware II’s highly corrupted decision to accept US Attorney Nicholas Trutanich’s plea agreement with hip hop Human/Sex Trafficker Jamal Rashid aka Mally Mall on October 21, 2019, the need to review all of Harry Reid Inc’s corrupt decisions which resulted in nominees he successfully championed for federal appointment here, is obvious.

Cliven Bundy and Jamal Rashid demand this be done!     

How Gloria Navarro got the Bundy case assigned to her, and how Richard Boulware II got the Jamal Rashid case assigned to him, begs a lot of questions regarding well-known and toxic political interference by Electeds in USDOJ matters, and which has been going on for years, not just here, but nationwide!



US District Court Judges Richard B. Boulware II and  Gloria M. Navarro’s recommendation by Harry Reid for nomination by Barack Obama to the US bench here, demands further scrutiny yet again given Boulware’s  inexplicable, career-ruining decision on October 21, 2019, to accept from US Attorney Trutanich, the very worst, piss-poor plea agreement likely in state history on federal charges, and regarding well-known violent and notorious Sex Trafficker celebrity pimp, hip hop’s Jamal Rashid, aka Mally Mall 2014-2020.

This latest travesty from the US bench and US prosecutors here is even worse than the Bundy fiaso of 2014-2018 and finally ended by Judge Navarro declaring a mistrial on December 21, 2017 and dropping all charges against Cliven on January 8, 2018.  Bundy and his sons and friends who gathered at Bunkerville in 2014, were, two years later in 2016, at another anti-government stand-0ff in Oregon, where they were arrested and. jailed without bond for 2014 in Bunkerville though no shots were fired by anyone for their alleged Bunkerville unlawful misconduct.

Jamal Rashid was raided here in 2014 and never spent a moment in custody, even two years after the raid when 3 young people believed to be associated with his prostitution enterprise were murdered here.  Two life sentenced Vegas pimps, one already freed earlier this month, and the other not heard from in ages, were the predictable result of our super-corrupted police Vice officers protecting Mr Rashid’s prostitution rackets for a big cut of the action and complete control over our local high schools’ production of ‘Junior Pimps’ in their teen and 20’s who recruited and rounded up local high school girls and young women with special attention and extra effort given to capture these young female offspring our cops and judges here, being the most prized because of their high value as blackmail bait, trophies, and fetching the highest dollars consistentlythe younger the better too!


The USDOJ Public Relations spin and the Media lied and failed to inform that the majority of those who came to Bunkerville in 2014, were genuinely concerned about the Bundy’s safety and well-being and were there to protect the Bundy’s from an FBI repeat of its unlawful misconduct in 1992 next door in Idaho at Ruby Ridge where their sharpshooter murdered Mrs Weaver & her teen son, tho it was an ATF and US Marshal operation resulting in an 11 day stand-off.

All are USDOJ agencies.  Bunkerville was personally directed by Harry Reid and it took two whole years for the US Attorney in Las Vegastan to put together charges?

In the next piece I’ll tell you what was driving Harry nutz and why DOJ was so sloppy,and Navarro much to slow to declare a mistrial!

Jamal Rashid had also been raided in Encino as recently as last April 4, 2019 with the FBI and DEA leading that effort and looking for human and animal Trafficking evidence according to the LA Media, along with the CA Dept of Fish & Game looking for violations for the exotic animals he keeps.

Both Cliven Bundy and Jamal Rashid were under investigation for their respective alleged misconduct which occurred for both in 2014.


USA Trutanich’s Revolting Prosecutor Play-Acting—January 2020


<—-Las Vegastan’s premier Pimp Poppa, our own US Attorney Nicholas Trutanich, has proven himself a horrific disappointment and a consummate liar just by engaging Pimp Resort owner & Human/Sex Trafficking Enabler, LV Sun publisher Brian Greenspun, to run this USDOJ Propaganda Piece below in the online edition of the paper on 1/15/2020, then run it again 6 days later on the printed edition’s front page on 1/21/2020the very day Vegas Pimp Jamal Rashid was to have been sentenced—for his multi-million dollar, no taxes paid, Cop & DA protected, 140+ million dollar Sex Trafficking Enterprise which authorities say lasted for 12 years here!

However, Jamal Rashid aka Mally Mall was not charged with Sex Trafficking despite plenty of evidence and scores of credible witnesses, and he was plea agreement reduced down to the equivalent of a federal parking ticket.

Mally Mall still had his sentencing postponed under a ‘stipulation’ agreement likely because someone thought the better of our highly corrupted Las Vegastan US Attorney letting a convicted Sex Trafficker get off without asset forfeiture, restitution, nor a referral to the IRS to collect back taxes on 100+ million taken in,  during this January, which is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month nationwide, no less and ending today!

Which makes this fluffy and no new info Sex Trafficking Las Vegas Sun piece below, truly revolting and despicable of the Las Vegas Sun and DOJ to be engaging in considering what they’re ignoring!



President Obama was  in 6th year in office in 2014—6th years are generally bad for even popular presidents as we’re getting tired of their shit and seeing them all the time on TV at that point—Nevada must have been completely exhausted with Obama and his lying bullshit because voters here flipped the whole state to the GOP, giving them full majority status for the first time in more than 80 years, and like their national counterparts under failed Romney  running mate and Speaker Paul Ryan,  NVGOP didn’t have a Nevada agenda, a game plan, nor even a clue about what to do under Toxic RINO Governor Brian Sandoval, himself a former US District Court judge here.

Obama and his political operations had commandeered the #BlackLivesMatter Twitter hashtag after Trayvon Martin and the not guilty verdict in Orlando for George Zimmerman in July of 2013. 

By the time neighborhood terrorist and already career criminal Michael Brown was killed by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, MO on August 9, of 2014, BlackLivesMatter had been adopted by George Soros as  well as the Obama political Legacy Building Team, and was infused with tens of millions of dollars to become the Obama blessed Urban Terrorist Hate Group they still are today in 2020!

Barack Obama’s first Attorney General and the worst AG in American history, Eric Holder announced his unexpected resignation on September 25, 2014. The US Senate would flip to the Republicans in November of 2014, and who also controlled the House since the 2010 Dem Disaster of losing 63 House seats there.  By the time the 2014 dust had settled, Barack Obama and his biased and bigoted racist hatreds, would elect more Republicans than any other Democrat in American history, his having lost over 1,100 elective offices from coast-to-coast under his badly failed Dictatorship Presidency!

<—-During Obama’s entire presidency, there was no credible management, no credible oversight, nor credible supervision of the entire United States Department of Justice and its many organizations here in Las Vegastan, or anywhere else!

They were all about Trans-gendered in the military, in your public restrooms and locker rooms , and in your kid’s school lessons!


The US Attorney and FBI have been a hot goddamned mess in Las Vegastan for decades, this much we’ve all known for a very long time. 

Criminals and corrupted politicians have enjoyed free reign here and feed on and assist one another’s unlawful corruptions and enterprises, and that’s no exaggeration as this Boulware/Trutanich/Rashid super-corruption vortex case has clearly illustrated.

Personally assisted by back-to-back Toxic Progressive Obama Attorneys General Eric Holder then Loretta Lynch, an already deteriorating and dysfunctional USDOJ was reeling internally trying to find the correct operational modeling after 9-11-2001.   Toxic Deep State bureaucrat Robert Mueller as 12 years too long FBI Director, gets much of the blame for the FBI’s intense deterioration as was exposed in the Inspector General’s blistering report on their Trump campaign gross misconducts under Obama, and also psychopath James Comey as Director after Mueller.  Under Bush43, Director Mueller had re-directed tens of millions in FBI funds and hundreds of agents to ‘fight Terrorism’, rather than domestic felony crimes they were once known for doing well!

This decimated the FBI and disrupted their always incorrigible internal culture.  Post 9/11/01, Congress couldn’t print and spend dollars fast enough creating gigantic and ineffective new bureaucracies like the US Dept of Homeland Security which is the agency ‘officially’ handling Human/Sex Trafficking for us!

The USDOJ conviction success rate dropped 11% nationwide and places like Las Vegastan felt it more and harder than bigger cities because we’re smaller and with a never-ending flow of Criminal Careerists from all over the world finding it exceptionally easy to set up shop here and pull their bullshit and conduct whatever criminal enterprise they’re conducting from here, and doing it virtually completely unimpeded by local, state, or federal law enforcement!

I call it Hiding in Plain Sight Criminality because no one makes any attempt at being at all discreet, down low, under the radar…..that would include Cliven Bundy and Jamal Rashid too.

Bundy’s been pulling his bullshit since 1993, that’s 27 years, and Rashid, for at least a dozen years under three sheriffs.  No one thought of placing liens on Bundy’s cattle, homes, vehicles, rather than risking a confrontation Obama and Reid quickly backed away from,  no one thought to arrest Jamal Rashid and haul him in at least for questioning?

How could Gloria Navarro not have many intense questions of Nevada’s US Attorney Bogden at the time given Joe Lombardo, Todd Fasulo, and TJ Jenkins were trotted out under Sheriff Gillespie all barrel-chested and swaggering up in Bunkerville and without their Kevlar—-kind of shit-canning DOJ’s whole premise about how dangerous Bundy and his pals are and were and how scared shitless ‘Vegas Strip’ star and actor cop Sgt Jenkins was up there and crying his eyes out like a little 7 year old bitch, he would tell us on TV!

He would also discharge his weapon while on duty—not an abnormal thing for any cop to do—but in Sgt Jenkins case, he must have still been crying his eyes out from 2014, because he did it on New Year’s Eve here, months after Metro and the FBI may have lost track of their former asset, Stephen Paddock!

TJ suffered no consequence because any sheriff here has only two options:  A two week vacation or termination!  That’s it, nothing else can be done to or for any officer of any rank at the LVMPD.


To read through USDOJ’s major recent spectacular failures in Las Vegastan going back 20 years, you’re struck by how could anyone over at Main Justice ever approve these ridiculous and often hair-brained Lucy Riccado & Ethel Mertz, very expensive investigations, operations, stings, and one of our agents in Las Vegastan having amassed a pool of 15,000 ‘FBI Informants’ at his finger tips.  Spending on travel, accommodations, meals, incidentals, strip clubs, bars, then more bars and more strip clubs too!  Dropping tens and tens of thousands of dollars doesn’t seem to trigger anything more than tens and tens of thousands of more dollars being expended!  FBI Informants don’t ever inform for free, there’s plenty of money and other considerations for their services trying to entrap would-be criminals!

I think we can extrapolate just from this, that there was never any doubt that no one would ever be charged in the Metro Vice Scandal or the Mandalay Bay Massacre!

We knew the FBI Bureau in Las Vegastan has had internal operational and cultural issues which if you were lucky enough to get anyone to offer an opinion there, they simply waved off their problems as being their Los Angeles regional office’s dysfunctions bleeding over to them here.  But that claim is dubious at best given the facts in this case:


…and here’s the wrap up on this  one from just last summer of 2019:


Please, go ahead and reread them again, and then once more to begin to get a feel of the internal corruption and convoluted mindset at the Las Vegastan Bureau of the FBI and US Attorney’s offices here.

<—-Former Assistant US Attorney and current local attorney Paul Padda is no Adam Kutner, that’s for sure, but he is credited with bringing 80’s ‘Big Hair’ to the Indian sub-continent but by using gel instead of ozone depleting CFC sprays! 

We have a mutual good friend and reading about him in the Intercept last summer, made my day better and this piece possible today!!

This case has a number of interesting and different angles which suggests, if not proves, intense corruption at the very top of the food chain at the FBI here including former AUSA and current private attorney Paul Padda, who  is now running a vigorous, well-funded effort to elect a slew of judges in Nevada this coming November and making sure that he’s politically seen everywhere today.

Along with Padda’s alleged involvement in a sort of Dark Vegas law enforcement menage ‘e trois he denied and sued the tale-teller and won a big judgement, there’s also a special guest starring appearance by former LVMPD Detective, now Private Investigator for Padda, Jason Hahn, who was the very corrupt Metro officer who prepped and directed con-man and wicked Sri Lankan hustler of the wealthy women of South AsiaSanje Sedera’s, false Extortion complaint against me, which was thrown out by Judge Sally Loehrer on my very first appearance in court.


Jason Hahn was as dirty a dogshit cop at Metro as they came and I wouldn’t figure out that I was the target of a Metro Hit Job until that morning in Judge Loehrer’s courtroom and all thanks and due props to defense attorney superstar Adrian Lobo!

<—-She’s all of four foot nuthin, even with her five inch spikes! 

This is Las Vegas Defense Attorney Adrian Lobo who proves every day here, that very good things do come in gorgeous, talented, driven, and petite packages!

I was uncharacteristically dismissive and frankly, sexist too, about Ms Lobo’s abilities to handle my false Extortion case until at our appearance before Judge Loehrer at the RJC in Las Vegastan, her final words to me were, ‘Mr Zahara, I beg you to shut up and let me do what I do best!’

I swear not even five minutes later, it was all over, I felt about two inches tall and ashamed of myself, and I apologized profusely to her for my being such an ignorant, big dumb-ass to Ms Lobo, and she forgave me! 

By all means, call Ms Lobo if you find yourself in need a superior defense attorney in Las Vegastan cuz she’s the real deal! She’s an astute and gifted attorney who knows Las Vegastan better than anyone else in town…and I really mean that!




The above case with FBI agents Charles Ro and Dennis Roa— both known as problem agents—also gave more lift and life to rumors of Mandalay Bay Massacre perpetrator Stephen Paddock being a government asset running guns and dope for the USDOJ not in Mexico as first thought by many under Holder’s unlawful Fast and Furious gun running enterprise, but possibly in the Philippines, where both ‘problem agents’ and spent a lot of time and a lot USDOJ money at strip clubs and with prostitutes trying to entrap the man in the story.

This is my favorite quote from the above story:

‘…But Richard Goff, an investigator for the Federal Public Defender’s office, traveled to the Philippines, where witnesses told him that the undercover agents, including Ro, spent money on alcohol and sex at a club called Area 51, which reportedly employed underage prostitutes. The FBI disclosed in records submitted to the court that agents had spent $14,500 in eight days in the Philippines. The expenditures were labeled “entertainment and cocktail (tips included)” and included $3,000 for a single evening at one strip club…’

An investigator for the federal public defender flying off to the Philippines?   Who knew doing work for the federal public defender’s office could be so globe-trotting and glamorous?  Wasn’t now US Judge Richard Boulware II a longtime federal public defender too?  Why yes he was, it’s the longest stint as an attorney he listed for Harry Reid Inc in 2014 before becoming a US judge for us here.

<—-The late ‘Trump of Pahrump’, entrepreneur and brothel owner Dennis Hof!

Judge Boulware also ruled in the Nye County v Dennis Hof case from 2018 about their issues with his brothel in Pahrump.  The judge ruled correctly on that case but Hof would drop dead before the election he was sure to win by probably the biggest margin in the state!  And the reason this is noteworthy is because it is the official position of the LVMPD and its current and two former sheriffs, that its always been the brothels which are what causes violent, brutal, sub-human, pimp-centric Sex Trafficking Slavery prostitution in Las Vegastan and in all 17 Nevada counties!

I kid you not, its true!  The LVMPD will puke out something about the brothels being the very reason people come here to sin and even making them all think about sex outside of the missionary position and while on a mission, about every 18 months on average.


The good Judge Richard Boulware II needing a good looking into himself now for his accepting an invitation to participate for the very first time as the invited guest at Metro’s MLK Headquarters for Rev Jon Ponder’s regular Hope for Prisoners graduation ceremony on Friday January 17, 2020.  Four days later, he was originally scheduled to sentence Egyptian/Brazilian Vegas pimp Jamal Rashid aka Mally Mall on Tuesday January 21, 2020 in Las Vegastan!

But someone called a time out and got a ‘stipulation’ to delay the sentencing when someone over at the US Attorney’s office may have noticed that this entire month has been National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month!

Whew, boy that was a close one huh? That would have been a hella big shit embarrassment  for Judge Boulware to be essentially letting free, a notorious and violent pimp who enjoyed Sex/Human Trafficking here so much, that he did it for 12 years and no one at the DA’s office or Metro’s MLK headquarters noticed anything!

<—-Oh but there’s more!

Hope for Prisoners President of the Board is LVMPD former Assistant Sheriff Todd Fasulo who retired in a flash while Stephen Paddock was still shooting, I think, and he was soon to be followed by his gal pal good friend, this guy below:  That’s FBI’s former agent Patrick Brodsky who I would  learn was also and FBI ‘problem agent’ but in South Florida before his coming to Las Vegastan to join in all the fun here before retiring!

Besides Toddles, HFP also has District Attorney Steve Wolfson as a Director on the Board when hundreds here and elsewhere believe that Fasulo, Brodsky and Wolfson along with many more public employees, should be joining Jamal Rashid in front of Judge Boulware whenever he sentences him because you just can’t have a credible Metro Vice Scandal investigation without targeting a Fasulo, a Charles Hank III, a Steve Wolfson, as well a Patrick Brodsky!

I’ve been a huge fan of Jon Ponder’s from the beginning and he did the right thing inviting Judge Boulware, the Judas in the joint is whomever extended the invitation to the judge before he sentenced Rashid seeing that Board members Wolfson and Fasulo would almost certainly be heading for a few years of hard labor in federal prison if our federal law enforcement effort in Las Vegastan hadn’t put the ‘fun’ in dysfunctional many years ago!

Judge Boulware your Ethics requirements should have had you advised your Chief Judge already and recusing yourself from sentencing Mr Rashid though I don’t believe you knew what Todd was doing to/for you!

Someone was already trying to send Boulware on his Redemption Tour for his buying into Trutanich’s really shitty plea agreement for Rashid and not sending any public sector psychos to prison for what they did to Flemming on the left, and Sharpe on the right!

But remember, US Attorney Nicholas Trutanich just couldn’t find any evidence against anyone else, especially in the public sector!

Bullshit Nicky, just bullshit!


Still more on how the Feds disintegrated here and more bad agents, bad prosecutors, and bad federal judges here coming up!

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