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Hillary’s Hoof Prints In The IA & NH Snow

Posted by Michael Zahara on Feb 15, 2020

The week of 2/3/2020 through 2/12/2020 was the president’s best week in office to date, but President Trump killed off the Democratic Party on June 16, 2015!

We’re coming up the 5th Anniversary this coming June 16, 2020, of President Trump’s announcement of his GOP bid for the White House.  It also marks the 5th Anniversary of the beginning of the end and complete total destruction of the Democratic Party—America’s Toxic Progressive Party of Hate, Racism, Sexism, Misandry, Misogyny, Bigotry. Bias and Prejudice.

For almost five years now, we’ve witnessed the metastasizing cancer of Toxic Progressivism and all of its Hate-On tentacles in a nonstop attack on President Trump, his executive authority under the Constitution, the Constitution and its Bill of Rights themselves, and with the US House’s Abuse and Molestation of its Constitutional presidential impeachment prerogative regarding Ukraine, we saw what the Deep State is, which is just a sinister way of saying the Unlawful Fourth Branch of Bureaucrats, which are not now, nor have they ever been, another co-equal Branch of our government.

No information, No Education, Ignorant-Ass Democrats’ are what their party members are all about today!


Like the fake-ass Ukraine whistle-blower, President Trump will be remiss in his Constitutional duties in not terminating whomever he feels were insubordinate to his Constitutional authority, powers, and duties especially at the State Department, but also at the USDOJ where we still have not been told if AGs Sessions or Barr were successful in terminating Obama political appointees at Main Justice who converted themselves to careerists there as the Obama Dictatorship was coming to a close.

Both RussiaGate and the False Ukraine Impeachment were the Legislative Branch—both Houses of Congress—engaged in nothing short of sedition and two coup de’ tat attempts against the duly elected president with a vocal, rabid, toxic and caustic assist from Hillary’s 60+ million voters who couldn’t be bothered with running the Iowa Caucus successfully to give their partisans some level of hope that the Democrats can do anything more than just scream and throw tantrums!

But wherever something in the Democratic Party goes awry and smells putrid like Iowa has since February 3, 2020, you must always consider the Hillary Effect! Iowa which she still hates from 2008 and all over Pete Buttigieg’s single delegate win there too, and no one is happier than HRC!

Her hoof prints were all over New Hampshire where Sanders won and he took a one delegate lead, because a disruptive Democratic Primary season benefits HRC the most!

The infamous Iowa Caucus App created by HRC veterans and allies, its owners fueled and funded by a phalanx of Dem Donors from George Soros to SEIU, biased Dem bigot Tom Perez, Hillary’s choice to run the DNC in 2017, took almost a week to declare a winner and that all looks deliberate and prearranged to me too.

<—We’ll never nominate nor elect a gay man with BUTT in his surname cuz these two Hobo Homos just aren’t cute and cuddly at all!

Real gay men never dress like this so we know that they’re faking it for some reason, we just don’t know why yet!

Sanders was expected to win New Hampshire and it would have be a surprise if he did not, but Elizabeth Warren needs to score an early win now, and has disappointed the most Dem partisan voters after two contests with Nevada beginning today.  Warren, with no chance in either Nevada or South Carolina, she jetted off to Virginia instead which votes Super Tuesday 3/3/2020 along with her current home-state of Harvard lead Toxic Progressive hate-state, Taxxachusetts and 14 other contests that day!

<—America may have never come to know the Clintons if this truly icky dude, Senator Paul Tsongas of Taxxachusetts, hadn’t scared the living shit out of America showing us his ‘body shaven goods’ in 1992!

John Kerry, Paul Tsongas, and Michael Dukakis all showed very, very bad pix of themselves and all of America threw up a little bit in our own mouths because they all did that! 

Oh my God, it was so fuqn gross, what is wrong witchu people?

Democratic Party tradition tells us that Elizabeth Warren will now show all of us her full-metal, monster bush Coochie before Super Tuesday!

This unapologetically elitist, horrible little corner of northeast America produced such recent wonderful absolutely Toxic Progressive Democratic Party Pariah failures like 2004 nominee John Kerry, 1988 nominee Michael Dukakis, and 1992 failure Paul Tsongas.

On the look-back, Elizabeth Warren feels so entitled to the presidency, that she never gave a thought to the crashed and burned candidates from Massachusetts who came before her only minutes ago politically, all three she knows personally too!

We’ve had four presidents from MA way way back in the olden days, Warren will join Kerry, Tsongas, & Dukakis in not being President #46 as MA’s #5!


Iowa Caucus-goers did their jobs in flushing Joe Biden to 4th place, and New Hampshire gave him 5th, but he should still win Nevada and South Carolina and which is another reason Cory Booker and Kamala Harris should have never dropped out before a vote or caucus was held.   They let down their supporters by not committing to the first four contests at the least.  Harris’s fortunes would have shot up for South Carolina, and Bookers for Nevada given Biden’s Geriatric Geezer Guy shtick frozen in amber in some little girl’s hair and also named Amber.

Out of 615,000 registered Dems in Iowa, only 176,000 turned out to Caucus February 3, 2020, which is a couple of thousands more than 2016, but nowhere near to the 240,000+ who came out in 2008.

After five years of intense Trump Hate, I expected Iowa to blow away their 2008 turnout high-mark.  The weather statewide was perfect winter weather for turnout but Hillary’s hoof prints were reported all over the place in all Iowa counties being the only thing of note the whole evening, and few noted even those!


<—-Las Vegastan consultant and political guerrilla campaigner, Johnny ‘Bang Bang’ Jackson, not only knows Tulsi Gabbard, but is expected to bed her then wed her if he hasn’t done so already!


The rise of the two Dem billionaires is laughable, as they’re both sycophant longtime Hillary fans and stalking horses for her this time out!  Both of them aiming directly at Super Tuesday on March 3, 2020 when 16 races take place including Tulsi Gabbard’s first win in the American Samoa Caucus as the best looking Samoan in all of human history.

<—-I’ve know Mr Tulsi, aka Johnny Jackson, from about 6 minutes after moving here full-time as his picture fell out of the Christmas card Trish Marsh sent me though she didn’t even know me or meet me until 2004!

I don’t know what either female sees in him really cuz he don’t look like much to me, but fight over him these females do cuz his mother was German, I think!


Michael Bloomberg must have money to burn seeing that Stop and Frisk is his baby he’s trying to pass off onto Rudy Giuliani now, and no level of apology will ever be forgivable for a big chunk of Black-American Democrats but who are also leading the stampede to his nascent, empty campaign!

Unlike Bernie Sanders, midget & dwarf Michael Bloomberg was rejected by Montpelier and their maple-syrup lovers for immigration into Vermont decades ago, and he had to settle for becoming a billionaire titan and future Suicide by Hillary victim some time later this year!

What’s interesting with Nevada Early Voting going on right now, as well as Cali and other Super Tuesday states too, is that Bernie Sanders’ group of Anarchists and Marxist/Leninist Haters hasn’t grown his supporters even if you take those very few out there who are into Betty Warren, he hasn’t moved an inch since 2016 in growing voter confidence in his candidacy because we all expect him to just drop dead sometime this year because he’s already had a heart attack here in Las Vegastan and was treated at Desert Springs Hospital which is where my Cario guy is domiciled, but he didn’t do any work work on Sanders because there’s something in the Indian Constitution—known as the Satay Carta—which prohibits medical specialists from reviving or even assisting Bernie Sanders with anything!

Shhhhh, you didn’t hear that from me though!  I’ve got Bernie Sanders in the office pool passing away right after Super Tuesday for $20!


Regular readers remember back in 2015, I made my Student Nurse Adrianne, Chief of Staff  & CEO of the entire Valley Hospital System:


<–I fired the now former Chief of Staff, Dr India Guy Dude, after he informed me last week that I did not choose the ObamaCare plan which included a Stylist and Salon, so I appointed my Student Nurse, Adrianne (left & very happy about the news!) to lead the entire Valley Heath System as CEO because she’s committed to the concept that no patient should ever have bad hair!



Hillary’s hoof prints are the only story until the snow melts in San Juan Puerto Rico really, because as many candidates as she can keep on life-support before the upcoming disastrous DNC convention in Milwaukee explodes in violent, bloody Sanders supporter-promised rioting this coming July, the better for her to enter the hall as our nation’s Savior Saint to heal and lead Democrats to the Promised Land with her as the 2020 Democratic Party nominee—-and tying original Democratic Party asshole William Jennings Bryant as the Dems’ second three-time loser of the White House on November 3,  2020!

What they’ve all been doing since New Hampshire was so disappointing and wasn’t the blow-out for Bernie in 2020 like it had been in 2016, is splitting the booty up between each of the candidates so that they each have delegates to barter and trade in Milwaukee as they fight among each other up until then to determine who’s gonna be the nominee!

So yes, Amy will win some, Joe will get some wins, Warren will too.  It looks like they’re good with five solid candidates going into Milwaukee today!

The Democratic Party is already on fire burning down to the ground everywhere and the nation’s firefighters are on strike while Antifa stole their equipment and trucks cuz Bernie can’t be their nominee!

This is gonna be so great to watch the final death throws of a once major national political party in the United States as it disintegrates this coming summer!


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