‘…and Milwaukee Will Bern’!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Mar 1, 2020

Gosh, he’s a hottie, huh girls?

<—-Geezer Guy is the new ‘new’!

…and America should be so lucky should Bernie’s Anarchist supporters torch Beer Town USA this summer!

Talk about a town that time forgot and you’re talking about Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Black-America’s Racist/Whitephobic Epicenter which the Democratic Party actually chose for their 2020 convention this coming July!  That’s how much they openly shit all over their largest and most dependable constituency:  Chubby White Toxic Progressive females and their gay White male keepers, caretakers, and cage-cleaners—just as long as they’re Peter, Peter, Peter-Eaters and not dating or marrying Black-American ‘mens’!

One couldn’t write comedy or even satire over how badly national Democrats have overplayed their comatose, fake-ass ‘Woke’ political hand these past five years of nonstop Toxic Progressive Hate-On from their Marxist/Leninist Lunatic Lefties.

<—-I gave away 1,297,349 rolls of Hillary Clinton 2-ply toilet paper since 2016 for Trick-or-Treats, Christmas gifts, Birthday presents, Wedding gifts, Baby showers, and  funeral condolences since 2016, and am only now running low on supply but expect to have enough to TP her house in Chappaqua, New York when President Trump is re-elected this fall!

I worked for a firm based in Oak Creek, WI for a very short time long ago, and loved every second that I wasn’t there!  Wisconsin is a beautiful state in many ways, gifted with natural beauty as well as Green Bay being the nation’s number one producer of toilet paper and tampons!

Throw in the Packers, the Brewers, and the Bucks, and one does feel sorry for a sec for Black-American fellas who have to call this state home in order to earn the many millions Bernie Sanders wants to expropriate for his Marxist Fairy Tale World!

But this Greatest State of Hate in America, also produced in 2016 its greatest local hero and most outspoken American superstar former Sheriff, David Clarke, who as then sheriff of Milwaukee County in 2016, had the pleasure of watching his city erupt in riots over a 24 year old Black-American police officer gunning down a 23 year old Black-American career criminal street hood and punk-ass little bitch!

<—Here’s the little punk-assed racist 23 year old bitch boy, Sylville K Smith, who was gunned down and killed by a 24 year old Black-American  police officer in Milwaukee in August of 2016!

His evil but entertaining sister Sherelle Smith, didn’t give a shit about her brother being killed by a cop they all knew from the neighborhood and school, and then live on CNN, she ordered Black-American rioters there to burn ‘the suburbs’ down (meaning White areas in Cheesehead-speak) instead of her neighborhood because, ‘We need our weave!’

I know right? I need MY weave too, dammit!



<—‘We need our weave!’—became my most favorite line from the 2016 presidential campaign!

As horribly racist and hateful as this young woman’s ugly plea to her neighborhood’s Young, Grifted, & Black Thug fire-bugs who were all out on a hot muggy Wisconsin August night and Torchin’ the Town for Jesus, one assumes, her plea was clearly understood by everyone in every racial, religious, and ethnic Identity Group within Wisconsin!

I don’t know that there’s a better place other than Wisconsin USA to gauge the complete, total, abject and utter failure of Toxic Progressivism and its always truly ugly outcomes on the American national body politic and within both major political parties these past now 130 years after hitting America’s shores from Europe around 1890.

People of all ethnicities, races, faiths, families, are as diverse in WI as it comes in America but what’s rather unusual in Wisconsin, is that they’ve all accepted thousands of years ago and its also required by law there if you plan on legally immigrating to anywhere in WI, that their ‘acceptance of you’ doesn’t mean, and will never mean that they have to or want to ‘like you’! 

This fact has always honked Toxic Progressive hater-types the fuq off!

Often called America’s most segregated state, no one from any Toxic Identity Group in Wisconsin has any issue at all with this fact there.   Everyone in every Grouping seems to genetically know that ‘freedom of association’ also means ‘freedom from association’!


Dear Wisconsin Racist Unwoke Folk:

You and your bullshit state suck and so do the Packers! You’re also the most segregated state and you owe everyone Reparations bitches!


Progressive Haters Everywhere!


Reply from Chinese-American  from WI:  Oh yeah bitch, how about I come over there and just kick your fuqn ass?

Reply from Malaysian-American from WI:  Oh yeah bitch?  I let this bat-shit crazy Chinese chick cut in line just to kick your fuqn ass that much sooner bitch!

Reply from Wisconsin-American from WI:  Oh yeah bitch?  We cut out and off all those other shithole Asian countries and just call everybody Chinese now bitch!

A large ethnic-German majority White population, along with a bunch of folks from Scandinavian roots, and then another from Slavic Europe combine to make-up about 81% of the White majority, about 7% Black-American, then another 7% Latino, a small number of ‘Injuns’ then some riff-raff, scrum, and scrubs, and that’s Wisconsin!

Madison, WI is the most insanely and virulent Toxic Progressive area for hundreds and hundreds of miles around and blowing the doors right off of anything else in WI, IL MN, MI, IA, or IN!  They call it ‘Mad City’ because its the state capital and home to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the mother-ship of the 26 UW campuses in the state.


If we were to leave it up to ABC News and CNN in 2016, they and the entire MSM said that Mr Smith’s killing released decades of pent up rage about ‘Inequality, especially ‘Economic Inequality’!

Oh heavens, noooooo, please tell me that it’s not so!!!

OK, I will tell you ‘it’s not so’, cuz it isn’t true!  Toxic Progressive Media shills and haters blew this OIS so far out of the known universe, that they had forgotten to report that the number of businesses which were destroyed during Milwaukee’s 2016 Lite Riot?:  6 small businesses burned, total value: $16.43!    As revoltingly racist as Ms Smith’s plea to her neighbors burning things down in Milwaukee was, it did work and stopped things there almost immediately.

We’ll revisit why that worked and this lovely time to be a Wisconsinite as this month of March continues and after this somewhat-related message from our sponsor:



<—45 years of my half-assed ‘searching’ for this train and it shows up on my Facebook feed the other day and irrespective that I am in FB Prison yet again but really enjoying it this time because its Nudist Facebook Prison!

You see,  I’ve actually seen this train maybe one hundred or so times, and my friend Walter—the Rockaway Twp Yankee who married way above his station and converted that into his becoming a political star in the Charlotte, NC suburbs!-–seems to have found the ‘Circus Train’ 3 years after PETA-psychos closed the Barnum & Bailey Circus in 2017, disgusted that their elephants never had enough eyeliner!

You may think that this commercial break—a first for WatchdogWag Worldwide btw—is to celebrate Walter my finding MY train, well, its not!

If you claim to know me and love me, but don’t know that I hate fuqn clowns and circuses, and was raised in a family which required our annual visit to this ‘Scariest Show on Earth’, then you really can’t say that you ‘know me’ at all, now can you dear readers?

I didn’t become aware that I could have sued my parents until they hit their 80’s and it seems kinda ridiculous to pursue them at that point, so I didn’t sue them!

<—-What pissed off Sherelle Smith off so badly that riot night was not that her own brother was killed, but rather that her Weave Girl useta own this burning gas station’s Deluxe Salon and Snack shop called The Weave & Heave!  


…and after reading Walter’s timely FB news-feed informing that  NCDOT spent $383,000.oo on these old rail cars to get them safely to an abandoned rail spur somewhere near to Spring Hope, NC.

<—This is Bill Clinton’s mother Virginia Kelley who is seen here in 1994 just before her passing away and she wishing that her ‘Billy’ would finally go all the way gay instead of his just blowing Al Gore every Thursday morning!

I don’t know much, but I do know that Epstein didn’t kill Virginia Kelley!

I’d heard of Hope, AR, home of the Virginia Kelley Maybelline Eyeliner Museum, and I am supportive of the emancipated circus elephants if they headed to Arkansas with their new freedom, but I’d not heard of this Spring Hope, NC place.

Despite Walter securing the 2020 GOP Convention in his and Mrs Walter’s own backyard and after the beer trucks arrive, then likely spilling out onto Independence Way this summer—saying ‘Way’ instead of ‘Street’ down there is like saying FU while cursing at Yankees in Southern btw— I’m less impressed with Walter’s political accomplishments in North Carolina after reading this though:

‘…Spring Hope Mayor Buddy Gwaltney said the train has become the talk of the town, though he isn’t sure why it’s there. He first heard about the lonesome train last week.

“We haven’t seen any elephants or giraffes running around … monkeys swinging in the trees yet, but we’ve got our eyes open,” he joked…’

Mr Mayor, I believe that they’re called ‘melephants’ and if you open up one of those stinky, stanky, rail cars your state just hadda buy, since no magic beans are sold there anymore, I’m sure that there’s 146  years of ‘melephant’ droppings all over the fuqn place inside cuz circus people are really just carny folk and out of prison and on parole somewhere for something!

So I did something new and what’s called a MapQuestanother first for WatchdogWag Worldwide as well as for me and other men who find maps annoying and hard to fold back up correctly and taking up way too much valuable 2nd-tier firearm holding space!—and apparently Mrs Walter—who to some in some circles, is known as Lori—left the gate open and Walter somehow got out and ended up 288 miles away from home in Spring Hope, NC!

Thankfully, Mrs Walter knows quite a number of friendly and sympathetic law enforcement officers in North Carolina—and which has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with her driving like Mrs MaGoo escaping New jersey!—and those fellas always bring Walter home safely!


I brought this all up today because those Barnum & Bailey rail cars now being held hostage by those SOB’s in North Carolina which Walter found cuz he’s got a nose for this kind of thing, really belong in a small town called Baraboo, Wisconsin, the former summer home of those creepy carny folk who ran that g*ddamned scary circus bullshit for 146 years!

<—This is my friend and occasional Las Vegastan resident too, Walter (left) with some asshole over at the LVPPA headquarters in 2014 and wearing our Lombardo for Sheriff t-shirts for some reason!

I’ve been to Baraboo, Wisconsin many times and always enjoyed it because none of those scary-ass, creepy circus/carny cons were ever there when we were!  3 hours northwest  of Chicago, my parents honeymooned at the Birch Cliff Lodge which is very nearby at Wisconsin Dells, which is sort of a redneck with a German accent Niagara Falls and though located on the Wisconsin River, there were no ‘Falls’, but there are ‘Rapids’ and a town called Wisconsin Rapids just north of ‘the Dells’.

So confident was I in my affectionate recollection of this area of Wisconsin, I suggested to Mesquite Nevada Council Rep Annie Black, that she and her boys stop and check it out and then go eat at ‘Ishnala’ which is a Supper Club I remembered fondly and which still operates today!  They were all on their way via road trip from here to Washington for President Trump’s Inauguration in 2017 and its the very best and coolest story of the 2016 election and starring three lifelong Nevadans  too!


She’s still my friend and is still speaking to me after taking up my suggestion, so I’d been waiting to read her NYTimes Best Seller book of her recollection of that cross-country trip which she apparently never wrote, but may be saving her book for their triumphant return for Trump-Inaug 2.0 in January of 2021!

From my high school and with a good easterly wind at my back—which never occurs in the Chicago area btw—I could spit and lay a loogie onto the actual cemetery where millions of carny folk and their ‘melephants’ were buried after one of the thousands and thousands of circus catastrophes this now defunct shitty circus company was responsible for!

Before moving here to Nevada full-time, I had always thought Wisconsin was America’s stupidest state because we Illinoisans are required by law to believe this to be true!…and now that Walter has found Baraboo’s missing Circus Train rail cars, we can all rest assured that Wisconsin will once again, not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2020!

It doesn’t matter that Amy ‘the Bitch’ Klobuchar and Pete ‘the Bastard’ Buttigieg dropped out of the race Monday morning to focus on their new ‘Bitch & Bastard Infidels Bed & Breakfast’ in Rep Ilhan Omar’s MN District, because no one has brought to me their wooden stakes dripping with blood and until then, everything is still all about HRC v DJT 2020!

Thank you again Walter and Mrs Walter too, your service to our nation is unparalleled and is greatly appreciated!


Today is March 1st which begins,Recover from Black History Month!’

During this year’s ‘Recover from Black History Month’ festivities, we’re going to begin the HUGE deconstruction and disassembly of the American Democratic Party’s ugly, violent 192 year toxic History of Hate!

Joe Biden’s Primary win yesterday in South Carolina was slightly better than had been expected by me and others, but it’s time for me to publicly admit that Joe Biden is and has always been a hater; but guess what, Bernie Sanders is even worse with no legislative achievements to hang his presidential campaign hat on!

Biden’s win in SC represents the Establishment/Money Wing of the party in what are hopefully their last vestiges of their nauseating Hate, Division, Derision, Disregard, Disdain, and Disrespect which have been the very hallmarks of the Democratic Party for all of my entire life.

I just chose to see what I wanted to see, and I chose to hear what I wanted to hear for over 40 years of my adult life.

Bernie Sanders’ incredible $47 million dollar fundraising haul for this just concluded February period is extraordinary and the entirety of the Dem Establishment Wing is now suffering crippling and divisive paralysis with Sanders’ blockbuster news with five months to go until the convention!  His campaign didn’t waste a second getting that news out to every Media in the universe either!

Like the trained Circus Poodles that they actually are everywhere to the Democratic Party, South Carolina’s Black-American Democratic Party Primary voters embarrassed and brought shame onto themselves, their ancestors, and their legacies in all to predicable owned and operated Democratic Party Plantation staged drama across the state yesterday.  On all counts and on all accounts, it was just the most recent and revolting political exploitation exercise which began this newer toxic, caustic phase in the 1970’s and sunk to its lowest in Columbia yesterday as the pols closed and Joe Biden scored the win!

‘Recover from Black History Month’ will cover all of this so that you may better know how we got to this very ugly place the Democratic Party created and delivered to all 330 million of us because I don’t believe the Democratic Party can or will or even should recover from this 192 year spread of their hate.  Their party is not only mortally fractured and splintering, its also disintegrating before our very eyes and caused by the very policies they’ve nursed and nurtured all of my entire life!

It’s also the reason the entire local, state, and national video and print Media is so Hate Happy by their voluntarily rejecting news and/or journalism, in favor of their documented and detailed Political Propaganda Pursuits which have no checks or restraints at all!

Very strong streams and undercurrents of Toxic Progressive Hate flow freely in both the Democratic Party and within the Republican Party too, and  I’ll tell you all about that too.

We all need to assist their destruction at every opportunity and finally Annihilate and Exterminate their Hate because Joe Biden’s win yesterday in South Carolina lit the fuse and time is of the essence now!


Though I’m in my 14th year of recovery knowing Walter, he’s very creatively kept me from knowing Mrs Walter!

Thanks to you both for finally doing something I could incorporate into my creative writing blog project here!


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



….An Adorable Deplorable!