Democrats, You ARE the HATE That You Vote For!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Mar 9, 2020

Recovery from Black History Month Continues:


Someone’s bound to be impressed with Joe Biden in the ill-advised 3/3/2020 Super Tuesday first of the Big States Primary score, 9-4-1!  It sure does look like a win and a major political revival for Biden and there’s no harm in saying nice and kind things to and about an OG candidate like Biden who is suffering all the telltale signs of Dementia or drunkenness and other common aging ailments since he announced last April that he’s running for president against Rutherford B Hayes in 2020!

So with this Media and Dem euphoria that the Biden bleeding has stopped and Grandpa’s gonna live!, you have to temper that for when that joy expires in 10 minutes, bcuz the Dem candidate is still gonna be Grandpa and all that that entails!

Biden would have beaten Hillary in 2016 and Trump too, but he decided he enjoyed living and didn’t want to chance her wrath which is why he’s still drawing breath today!

Remember readers, Joe Biden is a twice badly failed candidate for the Dem nomination for president.  He’s got steamer trunk-sized political baggage and doesn’t have a clue about how to respond to DC forced Busing in the 70’s, the 1994 Crime Bill, Anita Hill’s Hate-On for her crush Clarence Thomas for his marrying a White woman, or for Stand Your Ground state laws, all of which couldn’t have passed without substantial Black-American Electeds on board and also voting for them!

Yes, there are many intellectually valid and politically responsible answers for all of this he’s now being brutally eviscerated by the Toxic Progressive Marxist Left for today. and four months before the convention and Biden never being light on his feet and quick with a quip!

I don’t see how he survives this feeding frenzy of the jackals he volunteered for!!

Jesus Christ, who the hell thought that Joe Biden 2020 was a good idea?  Well, that would be Hillary Clinton and her army of Hags from Hell just lying in wait for his self-destruction which is mere moments away!


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Former two-time failed presidential aspirant Biden was and still is the reluctant candidate riding to America’s rescue to save it from President Trump, is the created and constructed campaign aesthetic and the political stagecraft the DNC is performing for us right now because there’s trillions of metric tons of HRC’s awful 2016 campaign burning wreckage still laying around all over the fuqn place, she’s got that HULU 4-part docu-series thing about all of her delightful bullshit which debuted a few nights ago, and she’s still not accepting of her defeat in 2016, that she just can’t help herself still making snide, bitchy little comments like ‘good morning’!

So here it is for you 3 or 4 poor bastard readers with ankle bracelets on House Arrest out there and with no money on your Pornhub account, but still Jonesing for some TV, how about trying some of this Political Pornography instead?

It’s important to all of you to remember when the last presidential race loser rolled out a four part docu-series four years later, and four months before the current cycle’s national convention, and one which was a beautifully filmed and edited Rehabilitation & Reminiscing Public Relations misty water-colored memory of herself and done to assist the 2020 nominee’s current election attempt?

This one’s a tough one bcuz it turns out that it’s never happened before!  I know, can you even believe that shit that the previous cycle’s loser never had the presence of mind to be so kind for the blind to find?


South Carolina Rep Jim Clyburn, delivered a great performance and he has won the 2020 Campaign Oscar for Best Uncle Tomming for Massa on the Democratic Party Plantation & Safe Zone!

It wasn’t a given this time out that Clyburn would perform and deliver this cycle for the Democratic Party Plantation & Safe Zone although no one in Media or politics including me, would even consider that Biden would or could lose South Carolina because although he’s been on my Political Shit List since Gabby Gifford, you acknowledge and congratulate Clyburn’s political prowess which despite his grieving his beloved wife Emily passing away only just this past September, he brought his platinum political ‘A’ game with his endorsement of Biden and fired up his political machine’s Black-American turnout four days later in South Carolina.

Clyburn has built a formidable political machine in South Carolina and they delivered for him, not for Joe Biden.


SoCar partisan Dems came out to Primary out of respect, love, and fondness for Mrs Clyburn as well as for her husband of 58 years.  He’s the longest serving Black-American Democrat in the US House coming into  power with Bill Clinton in 1992 and who is ordinarily a consensus builder and expert level legislative Sausage-Maker who counts and keeps the Speaker’s ducks happy and quacking in neat little rows as he waits for Pelosi and Rep Steny Hoyer to die or step aside.

Speaker Pelosi created his current Dem Leadership position out of thin air to keep him far from ever having thoughts of challenging her.  This is the daily life reality on the Democratic Party’s Plantation and Safe Zone among our Black-American Electeds in federal office from coast-to-coast! 

Give away your independence and thoughtful representation of the urban neighborhoods you represent in Washington, call anyone and everything which challenges your points of view a racist and a bigot according to the script writers you swear allegiance to, and you will know and have power and all of the perqs and privileges which come with it, doled out to you like gruel slop served to prisoners by your benevolent owners and Massas on the Plantation.

We’ve never had a Black-American Speaker of the House and likely never will, though if Pelosi were to get whacked, die, retire, or be indicted with Dems in majority, I think James Clyburn would challenge Steny Hoyer for the Speaker’s gavel and win it, which is why I was so pissed off at him when I was a Dem and still am as a GOPer today because if I were an Elected GOPer in the US House today, I’d be inclined to cast my vote for Speaker for James Clyburn despite this caustic poisonous period were all suffering through today and despite his having dipped his big toe unnecessarily and to his great political peril damage to his reputation, into the fetid and putrid sewer waters of ugly race-based Democratic Party demanded Identity Politics and Race & Poverty Pimping.

<—I believe that after Trump completes his 2nd term, that Nikki Haley (left) is our next president of the United States who already enjoys my strong support and affections and that Tim Scott (right) will be re-elected this year because both politicians like James Clyburn, are also from South Carolina.

She is former two-term GOP Governor of SC and Trump UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, and he is GOP US Senator Tim Scott. 

Senator Scott is carrying a heavy burden of Dem Party hatreds of him for his being a Republican which caused him to decline joining the Congressional Black Caucus of Bigots & Racists, perhaps the most stridently racist and bigoted Hate Group in the United States today.

Given SC’s aging  population,  its very important to Senator Scott that his constituents continue to see him as a ‘nice young man’!

I believe that Congressman & Mrs Clyburn saw him as that nice young man too based on what he did as the King of South Carolina in 2008 for Barack which infuriated both Julius & Ethel Clinton so much, that both had very public and ugly exchanges with Jim Clyburn, and Bill Clinton outright blaming him for Hillary’s 2008 loss by 55% to 27% with Jim Clyburn endorsing very late, Obama in the South Carolina Primary!

Only because James Clyburn would be noticed missing is probably the only reason Hillary didn’t whack him in 2008.  She despises him to this day!

To listen to Black-American Electeds in 2016 actually praising Hillary Clinton after her nauseatingly racist, hateful, hate-filled meltdowns and diatribes during her 2008 failed campaign was and still is shocking to me, a 40+ year veteran political Activist!

2008 went like this:  Obama wins Iowa, HRC’s voice cracks with faked emotion as she tells us ‘she’s found her voice’ and then she wins NH then NVHad she won South Carolina the week after Nevada in 2008, Barack Obama couldn’t have and wouldn’t have caught up to her no matter how close it was.  That’s how important SC was then and still is today to the Democratic Party’s stranglehold on the Black-American vote they can’t win without anymore.

America doesn’t have within either political party anywhere near to a good-sized pool of Black-Americans either party can trot out when a person with a Black face would seem helpful, called for, or required, but then conversely, or when seeing a Black face would be a pleasant and unexpected surprise discussing pineapples in Hawaii or potatoes in Idaho instead of the urban racial stereotypes the Democratic Party desperately nurtures and nourishes in order to remain in power.

192 years of Democratic Party’s legendary hate and divisiveness still makes that unlikely to happen even today in these WOKE times were supposed to be living in now!

It’s why few dared to openly challenge President Trump for very long when he called American ghetto neighborhoods as well as other nations ‘shitholes’, there’s a reason they remain shitholes and Black-American Electeds are that reason we’ll explore this month!


One of the reasons I don’t take down my work and leave it up for all to read and reread on the Archives is so you may know what I was thinking about something at a precise moment in time so you could compare where I am today on perhaps the same or a related issue.  I wrote this nine years ago angry and simply aghast with what Jim Clyburn went public with and then he refused to apologize and walk it back! 

Many loyal readers took the time to point out and remind that this entire piece from nine years ago could have been written about today too…and four full years before Donald Trump announced his 2016 candidacy!


But Clyburn wasn’t done being stupid and was ‘triggered’ into acting like a national embarrassment and a damned fool because in 2019—just last year—he decides he’s going to take President Trump to school on Black-Americans’ exclusive ownership and use of the word ‘lynching’!

Of course, no one ‘owns’ that or any other word, even ‘holocaust’ which Jewish-Americans and Israelis believe is theirs and exclusive for them.  In Clyburn saying anything at all instead of just ignoring it, he with his stature and reputation elevated the president’s rhetoric and shone a bright spotlight instead onto his fellow Black-American members of Congress, especially on those now 55 members in the Congressional Black Caucus of Racists & Bigots which he Chaired almost 20 years ago!

Their collective public comments were far more outrageous and showed to the entire world just how ill-educated and party-owned this hyper-racist US House member organization is in everything that it is that it does today!

We’re going to rip open a brand new asshole on all of the assholes in the CBC this month too!

Rep Bobby Rush from my home-state I have a Carol Moseley-Bruan bonding history with I still haven’t told my own mother about, thought that Jim Clyburn’s Trump commenting stupidity had green-lighted his own and much worse verbal stupidly, and he just went off on President Trump like the political Minstrel Show, not the former Black Panther, but the Pussy Pink Panther Chorus Boy in that Minstrel Show he became after he won his US House seat in 1992 and Carol won her historic US Senate victory 28 years ago too!

Congressman Rush will remain in the history books forever not because of his Black Panther youthful terrorist years, his time on the Chicago City Council where he evolved into a significant and regarded civic leader during their Beirut on the Lake days, and then pivoted his attention to the US House and delivered a defeat and political ass-whuppin’ to one Barack Obama in his only political race loss!

The local Chicago legend says President Obama took the time to point out to Congressman Rush that he is the President of the United States, to which Bobby Rush replied, ‘But only I kicked your fuqn ass Mr President!’

I believe this to be the gospel truth and will until the day I die too because of who I heard that from and bcuz Rush & Obama had a frosty relationship partially disguised by their fake-ass Hollywood/Washington air kisses and hugs!

I spoke with Senator Moseley-Braun at the beginning of the year and it was terrific to hear her voice on my phone after nearing 20 years since I had spoken with her!  She confided her endorsement of Biden was forthcoming and she beat by weeks and months the current crop of Black-American Elected johnny-come-latelys rushing and falling all over themselves to endorse him now!

You readers need to remind yourselves often that all of these people all are politicians first and foremost and that all politicians are all about their own survival above all else, even ones you love like crazy and elevate to deity status in your political points of view.


Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders have all had very public moments of disconnect and discombobulation and I wasn’t kidding when I said that we should be having a national conversation about mandatory retirement once one reaches their 75th birthday running concurrently with our presidential race this year.

Trump, Biden, & Sanders combine their Whiteness, White Privilege, and White Supremacy to become the oldest group of old White farts in American history which are still standing more than 7 months before the national election in November, in what history will also remember as the longest presidential campaign in American history that we’re all suffering today without the candidates, parties, or Media acknowledging this to be fact!

Very ominous, but also entirely predictable, was the HUGE youth (18-24/18-34) Super Tuesday voter drop-off for Bernie Sanders! 

He is desperately begging Muslims in Michigan to vote for him in the Michigan Primary today, its gotten so bad for him!

<—-Rather than celebrating these females for breaking the 28 years long Hillary Hex and Curse which suffocated all other Democratic females who may have wanted to run for president, Toxic Progressivism is blaming sexism and misogyny again and which isn’t true at all!

Of the group, Senator Klobuchar still remains the best shot at being chosen VP by Biden for reasons too many to note here, but the Toxics are shouting for liar and super-bigot Abrams of Georgia and nympho lover of old dude dick, Kamala Harris of Lake Whack-a Doodle, California!

Yes, Joe Biden reversed his shitty candidate performance to take the Big ‘Mo—momentum, away from proud Soviet Politburo apparatchik Bernie Sanders—but taking only a 65 delegate lead which means Senator Soviet Sanders can make up for some lost ground going forward, but he’ll be looking directly at and smelling Joe Biden’s stinky, sweaty Old Dude ass for the rest of the way until Milwaukee!

<—On December 23, 2019  when Kevin Costner slipped Pete Buttegieg the tongue, then the dick, and his doing it right there in front of all that corn in Iowa, everyone thought, ‘Uh oh, Chasten must’ve run off with that guy with all the moles from MSNBC again!’

Both Biden and Sanders are in poor health and are aging very badly, and short of both men guzzling embalming fluid, neither man today presents the portrait of vim and vigor, nor of being lucid and engaged…but neither does President Trump.

<—That’s not a big honkin’ new hairy mole on MSNBC’s resident bigot Rachel Maddow’s cheek, but a microphone!

Still, Chasten Buttegieg who digs moles but won’t date or marry Black men, was smitten with this kitten!

Joe Biden just has never looked serious or sincere this time out.   He’s always looked like he’s waiting for the Community Bus to pick him up and take him over to Bingo to me.  He’s a placeholder to my eyes for Hillary’s triumphant return to relevancy in her convoluted world because everything she’s doing and saying is that she’s ready for her Return to Greatness in Milwaukee this summer!

Everything folks!  Pay attention and ask yourselves why she’s even commenting about anything?


<—-This is a very funny meme about a fuq up of an asshole of a candidate where it took us a while, but America slowly began to really hate him and he responded by acting like a little bitch and joining his Mommy in Marshall’s and demanding she buy for him this horrible sleeveless little cocktail dress to help him feel better for quitting the race like a little bitch!

Bragging on his military-ultra lite record was bad enough, but his never having dated or married a Black man is an underlying and unseen major reason he’s gone forever politically because within America’s Gay World, there’s a HUGE war going on about who’s dating or won’t date another race going on between Black & White gay guys!

You got a little peek into this crazy bullshit they are furiously trying to keep secret when born male Trannies started to complain bitterly on Facebook last year that Hetero dudes refuse to date them because they’re Transphobic, not because they’re Hetero guys and like to play with born females, and not with guys who cut their fuqn dicks off!

This is your Democratic Party of Hate folks!  There is still a sizable number of conservative Black-Americans who are furious with Eric Holder and Barack Obama for unloading the mentally ill Transgendered onto the Civil Rights Act of 1964 without benefit of public input or Congressional participation.

Think about how outrageous this is regarding the final Civil Rights Act which was intended to be the legislation which corrected out more than a century of Democratic Party anti-Black-American hate, now becoming a catch-all for everyone and everything with grievance instead, and done by two Black-American assholes in Holder & Obama!

Trannies new inclusion into CRA-1964 by both assholes and obliterating Title IX protections for born females is what the US Supreme Court must now untangle and that’s made all the more difficult in that Blue States did a corresponding pile-on of bigoted and biased legislation which declares your born male son who now thinks he’s a female, can compete with my born female daughter in athletics, and that this is somehow fair and  just what the born females must endure to worship at the evil alter of Toxic Progressivism.

Black-American Electeds could have stopped this travesty of injustice to born females, but were too comfortable being owned to say a word!


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