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Why The 2020 Female Democratic Candidates Failed

Posted by Michael Zahara on Mar 12, 2020

For all of my aware, WOKE, and conscious political life, I’d always thought that our first female president would be a Republican, and I still believe that today because years before I even knew what a Republican or Democrat was, Republican women had made a favorable impression on a very young me.  The female Democrats of the late 60’s and all of the 70’s were always so angry and agitated on TV until cute and catholic actress Marlo Thomas came along, still, I liked Mrs Ford (left) better and she was very public as well as very drunk during that time, so much so that she had to invent Rehab for us so that she could check herself in, dry out, and get better!

Today, Rehab is a status symbol especially among kids working on political campaigns.

Much to my surprise in 2019, the woman I had never heard of, made a favorable first impression on me until I learned that she was Oprah’s guru.  Marrianne Williamson proved to be a bubble-head, but not an entirely unpleasant one, though I could never support any of her bubble-headed Ultra-Marxist ideas about anything!

<—-None of the super-biased and hyper-bigoted Marxist/Leninist 2020 Democratic Party presidential candidates were appealing to the overwhelming majority (70%+) of Democratic Party voters who are consistently moderate and leaning to the Left politically, none of them found any of the 2020 Dem pool of degenerate presidential candidates, worth any of their investment of their time and effort to attempt to elect them as 2020 nominee this year!

That wasn’t sexism misogyny or hatred speaking in their collective female candidate losses, that was male and female voters within their own party outright rejecting their anti-Bill of Rights hatred, and these Toxic Progressive female candidates drowning their entire party and all of its members in their Toxic Progressive Noxious Hatred sludge, while publicly posing their ridiculous candidate ideas as serious policy for the entire republic!


From the very beginning, each of these 2020 Dem Fem candidates and their campaigns were also personally sunk by Hillary Clinton’s congenital narcissism and chronic inability to stop talking about herself and how wronged by sexism, misogyny, and Putin she was in 2016—and a compliant and complicit Media has lapped up every drop of Hillary’s Hate since 2016.  She leads the overt and covert efforts to get rid of the Electoral College, she is vehemently opposed to congressional Term Limits which would free Black-American Democrats from the Brown-shirted, Jack-booted party thugs with those boots on their throats, who in exchange for their exalted positions of impotent power within the DNC’s political structures, render all of them complicit and  fully participating members of this American Political Hate Cult called the Democratic Party.

From hateful and hate-filled DNC Chair Tom Perez to the super-delegate choices already decided, Hillary spent big on 2017 inner-party elections to ensure that all of her people are the first-tiered placements that they are today!

For months and months, hyper-partisan Democrats nationwide were waiting for just one of the female candidates especially, to tell to Hillary Clinton:

‘...Bitch please! It’s time for you to stand down, shut up, and to step aside and let us run free from your baggage!  For 28 years the entire party has held the door open for you bitch, you lost the nomination to Barack and you weren’t especially gracious about it, then in 2016 you achieved the nomination and proved yourself so out of touch and so out of step with the nation which still hates you, Donald Trump is our reality today because of you

You’ve said quite enough as it is every single day since you lost in 2016, and now we need you to sit down and shut up and let us have our turns!…”


This hypothetical 2020 Dem female candidate would have skyrocketed to top in the 2020 polls and likely would have raised $50+ million dollars just for that day of that week she stated this most necessary bitch-slapping down of the bitch!

Bravery and profiles in courage regarding Homicidal Hillary was in very short supply among 2020 Democrats she allegedly likes or tolerates. This bitch ain’t going away folks’ is what she was shouting to each of the female candidates and to all of the men as well.  Though the Media chose to forget to remember who HRC was and never said a word about her bullshit and constant intrusions into the 2020 Democratic presidential campaigns, but Joe & Jane Sixpackhe with the HUGE gut, she with the BIG butt, both with a cold one in hand and cursing at the TV each night—are always plenty aware of HRC’s evil presence!

I’m comfortable stating that the average Dem voter within every Dem Toxic Identity Grouping, wants and expects a HRC v DJT rematch somewhere in the 60 to 70% percentile and which on some level to these voters, would at least bring public conclusion again to that which HRC refuses to accept still today!

28 years of holding Hillary’s hand and holding the presidency open for her to win as a Democrat despite her feather-light credentials and very lite and virtually no work done resume covering her entire adult life, has cast forever, history to remember these hundreds of thousands of consumed by hatred Dem females to, for the very first time in their lives, take direct and personal responsibility for this monster candidate they created in their images and delivered to the people to reject twice!

That no female candidate would even entertain stating the obvious to HRC whose post-2016 loss gross misconducts are extraordinary in its severe and psychopathic political psychosis.  No previous loser of the US presidency has ever done what Hillary Clinton continues doing today in being no less than disruptive and discourteous to the 2020 entire field of candidates, but that none of the females would call her out, ended their own quests for the presidency by showing to all of us that they could not and would not lead within their own party’s nominating processes.

That read in every language on the planet as political weakness and unfit to be president to everyone!


It was pathetic to witness and then listen to their equally pathetic excuses blaming sexism and misogyny which set Democratic women back an entire generation and all of this coming on top of the aftermath of their gigantic #MeToo/Alyssa Milano Fascist failure, the horrific Linda Sansour hijacked Women’s Marches failures, the Planned Parenthood Abortion Mills as victim failures, the pro-Infanticide failures, the post Jerusalem capital intense and hateful anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish, anti-Israeli failures, the Southern border surges failures, the Russia Hoax failure, and the impeachment failure…!

By the time Nancy Pelosi misjudged and grossly overshot and overplayed her hand and held the False Impeachment vote but with no specific charges and without having completed the US House investigation first, but demanding the US Senate pick up where she dropped the ball,  it was American women who began bailing out on the 2020 Democratic Party female candidates for president first last October with Senator Kamala Harris the first to feel their cold shoulders getting colder in fall and then she whining then folding and dropping out in December of 2019.

Mammy Kammy blaming sexism, misogyny, and billionaires  yet she joining Senator Cory Booker in Detroit for Joe Biden last week and both resuming their elected places on the Democratic Party’s Plantation and Safe Zone. One could almost hear both 2020 failed Black-American candidates mouthing ‘Yassir, Yassir Massa’ to Joe Biden as he regaled his Detroit audience with the tender story of the little girl’s hair he just smelled backstage and his throwing a nearing 80 year old boner over that magic campaign moment for his 2020 campaign!

Horrendous and clueless political dog shit candidate Senator Kristen Gillibrand of New York was first to bail out like a little bitch and she going off crying to her super-powerful Mommy about how no one was buying or believing her as she kept on referring to herself during her short-lived atrocity of a presidential campaign, as a ‘young woman’—though well on the other side of 50 years old and with nuthin’ but bitterness and #MeToo misandry and basic man-hating to show for it, and no one was interested in hearing from her about it or anything else either!


Its been a terrible five years for Toxic Progressive females in the Democratic Party because its from their ranks that both genders from across the political spectrum have now processed that these Marxist Agenda Extremist women cannot be trusted with the levers of government after the 2018  GOP loss of 41 House seats which were a clear anti-Trump message sent by suburban women but the US House may actually be back in play for their extremism and barbarism by their tossing Roe v Wade for good in favor of unrestricted, taxpayer paid abortion on demand, with the 2019 New York and Virginia’s legislatures shocking the nation with their craven heinous depravity embracing infanticide, then also demanding that Title IX be inclusive for men who identify as women and abandoning any protections at all for born females and their long established rights.

That there was no Democratic Party member or voter critique or rejection of this Ultra Far Leftist hatred, has now married every single Dem Fem Hate Idea to every single Democratic candidate and voter in America, because of their silence!  This explains better Joe Biden’s revival in November 2019 as Dem voters stampeded to him despite his perv for smelling and touching little girls; voters wanted ‘a someone’ perv that they were familiar with and not some New Age Democratic Party Nazi like President #44 again!

New Democratic Barbaric Elective Abortion on Demand strongly assisted fake-ass, gay snide pride and sanctimonious Pete Buttegieg’s campaign’s fiery crash into the wall at Turn One at Indy when suddenly instant FB & Twitter memes about Hetero women learning the horrors of their pregnancies being of their carrying Gay and Trans fetuses and their now being able to be scientifically determined so that parents could and should immediately abort should that awful outcome of being pregnant with a reviled and undesired gay or trans fetuses occur for them, was brilliant Right-to-Life strategy forcing bigot Buttegieg into silence over his pro-abortion butchery sanctimony, and forced him to bail out of his own bigoted and biased fake campaign before Senator Amy Klobuchar did, but him getting nothing in return for it, and then she turned around and bested him by giving to Biden the MN win all to himself and further carving out the VP slot for her rational if not more likable campaign presentation of all the females this cycle.


But the biggest flame out and biggest failure of the 2020 females goes to Senator Elizabeth Warren who was encouraged to run to be ‘Bernie with a Brain’ for Toxic Progressive voters but who turned off massive amounts of voters just listening to her prattle on and on about how 9 year old Trans kids would be consulted by her for US Dept of Education matters, and her support of puberty blocking drugs given to small children not even in the double-digits in age!

Her infamous lie about her native American roots has been ripped to shreds by President Trump and those she lied to claiming she inured no benefit from claiming such false lineage, this despite her $350,000 per year Harvard salary to teach one single class showed to everyone she is the epitome of Toxic Progressive Elitism and has no business being a US Senator, much less the POTUS.  

She was hated by Obama and his super-corrupted team for being so imperious and such an insufferable bitch to deal with.  Joe Biden has hated her too since they went toe to toe about bankruptcy legislation, her current home-state barely tolerates her, but she’s withholding her 2020 endorsement of Biden or Sanders having convinced herself that that’s worth even a warm smile and a handshake from that guy with no teeth and no hands at that Boston bus stop she still hadn’t won over to vote for her!

Nothing at all genuine or honest about Elizabeth  Warren or her campaign, she exited to begin perhaps America’s Biggest Pity Party, loaded with self-loathing and tons of self-pity along with accusations of sexism and misogyny and her complete inability to say out loud and admit that she got something wrong or really fuqd something up badly!

Case in point:  Her Lie-awatha, Pocahontas creations to defraud employers, colleagues, universities and citizens who care about such nonsense.  A story last year in smaller publication took the time inform us that her drunken Grandma’s lover or neighbor or whatever her story was, who told her that she was an ‘Injun’ and resulting in her singing Cher’s ‘Half-breed’ into her hairbrush in the bathroom mirror decades before Cher even recorded it, was a common 19th century regional American embellishment to explain to others how someone at that time found themselves in such a challenging or precarious state of being!

The Territory of  Oklahoma wasn’t even making the Best of the Bad lists back East and was for all intent and purpose, our Native American Penal Colony Prison for those wacky Indians who celebrated their great love of the great gift of fire-water those Paleface fuqrs gave to them, by drinking it sun up ’til sundown, and then all night long too!  If it weren’t for Jed out ‘one day shootin’ at some food and up from the ground came a bubblin’ crude’, there’s no tellin’ what they’d have done to get that boy Jethro some vittles!

White Privilege, White Power, White Nationalism were all born from Uncle Jed being such a shitty shot that day in Hillbilly Oklahoma, and Miss Hathaway’s virtue was saved too!

As ridiculous as my vision version of Elizabeth Warren’s pre-Academic Liar Life  is, its a more believable story than the bullshit she was successfully selling to get herself some White Privilege of her own, but not enough to buy her the presidency.


Elizabeth Warren’s atrocious political vanity has been the very worst of all of the other candidates combined this cycle and she would have made a horrible president not because she’s allegedly a female, but because she can’t think clearly for longer than a microsecond tiny micro-burst of time about the national politics of everything politicians at this presidential level should be no less than familiar with.

<—-Bitchy Barack just went out and earned his ‘Worst President in American History’ title all by himself and he didn’t want to be upstaged by Elizabeth Warren!

None of us were in the mood with Warren’s prolific and consummate lying and her super-superiority complex, for Bitchy Barack II on that repulsive behavioral score.  Warren fired herself with voters of both genders within her own party who flat-out rejected her Professor Dina Titus-like lecturing to grown people not wishing to be lectured to by someone who never knew the sweat of her own brow or the value of hard work being its own reward.

Both Dina Titus and Elizabeth Warren are throwbacks to another era and both have no idea how to compete with men…and especially with other females.  Those poor Pinky Promises little girls had no idea they were engaging a liar and under-performing woman with acute penis envy!  We can only work to ensure none of them ever meet our biased and bigoted US Rep Dina Titus who like her twin Warren, has no business in a classroom, giving any kind of lecture to anyone, and no business at all in elective public office being such dinosaurs.

At least poor Bailey can run away from home and start a new life!

My favorite part of Warren’s 2020 implosion was in 2016 when she actually convinced herself that Hillary Clinton was really considering her as VP instead of visually measuring her for how big a body bag she’d need, and how big a hole in the back yard Bill would have to dig when it was her turn to commit suicide.


As the Pity Party continues across America for all of the failed Democratic Party females who were resoundingly rejected by male and female voters in their own party, this group of Toxic Progressive chubby females Chauvinists are determined to micro-manage everyone else’s lives, but very few of the below letter’s signatories are in successful long term relationships with opposite gendered men because they’re so self-absorbed and hateful ordering everybody around.  They are the most powerful and the most hateful cohort within the Democratic Party:  All are Toxic Progressives,  all college degrees, good paying careers, all with no personal lives nor any fella leaving his boots by her beside which makes her miserable to be around and she takes it out on our collective national politics.

Remember Vagina hats?  She invented those for everyone seeing her vagina has gotten no attention at all for years and years.

This repulsive and ultra-sexist demand letter below completely fails to inform that all of this cycle’s females had campaign choices, and those who listened to any of the biased and bigoted creators of this letter below, deservedly lost a chance to become the president and for that, we should all be grateful!


Good riddance Elizabeth Warren, you needn’t darken our doorways ever again, is that finally clear to you now?


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



…An Adorable Deplorable!