The Entire Sisolak Family WILL SOON DIE of Wuhan Virus Panic!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Apr 27, 2020

Cooper & Kimmel To Voluntarily Virus Die 

Together Naked And Aroused For Their Cause Too!


<—Nevada  Fascist Toxic Progressive Governor-Nazi Hitler Sisolak (left) and his entire family WILL SOON DIE of Wuhan Virus Panic and tens of millions will CHEER this very necessary result and outcome!

Whatever is left of Sisolak’s sorry-ass life before he deservedly expires in agony and occurring after he declared liquor and weed to be ESSENTIAL businesses, but did not lay off one pubic employees, will be spent looking over his shoulder until his bloody fate is finally sealed!

Thankfully, blessed by God Himself and lead by CNN’s ranking Gay Bigoted Shitstain, Gloria Anderson Cooper Vanderbilt and his imaginary lover, fellow Toxic Progressive Bigot Boy Jimmy Kimmel along with his four degenerate children especially youngest Billy he had with ‘Corona Cunt to the Non-Stars‘ Sarah Silverman, Nevada Governor-Dictator Nazi Steve Sisolak, his atrocious wife Kathy Ong, and his even uglier zaftig daughters, Ashley and  Carley, will all perish very soon as Martyrs for their Wuhan Virus Panic branded fascism!

That’s how this will finally play out when we Americans reclaim our rights and liberties since none of us gave them away to anyone simply because a number of soon to deservedly die of virus people got scared and gave up their own rights voluntarily, and they gave them up all on their own!


Thousands in Las Vegastan cheered, roared with approval, and toasted this very good news this past weekend that our local publicly orchestrated virus panic finally has its very first martyrs scheduled to be deservedly publicly exterminated, executed,  and extinguished to help slow the spread of this non-special, very ordinary virus!

While its unlawful to bring or threaten harm to any Elected or public employee, or even regular persons out there, it remains our First Amendment protected political free speech to publicly, openly, and loudly cheer them all on BY NAME to their contracting the virus and then their suffering as much as is possible for them so that they may feel their self-absorbed narcissism is duly appreciated and their angst and deep emotionally personal feelings are also duly respected by everyone.

<—-Governor Hitler Sisolak (left) and his entire family’s impending, gruesome deaths by Wuhan Virus Panic will bring great comfort and joy that Nevada’s Modern Hitler is finally DEAD to tens of millions of Americans and that can’t happen soon enough for any of us who love our liberty and freedom and yours too!

Hitler Sisolak has volunteered himself,  along with his fat fake-ass wife, and his big even fatter and even faker daughters, to all die in order to become Martyrs for Wuhan Virus Panic this past week!

Steve ‘Hitler’ Sisolak’ is pure and simple Human Garbage—and he and his entire family will be missed by no one when they’re all finally dead for their cause!

I’ve culled my 19,000 emails and have submitted 847 fully deserving of being loaded with their children onto their rail cars to their Concentration Camp Assignments they’ve all freely volunteered to go to!  We 2A  types are not inclined to rescue this degenerate class of parasitic Americans, nor do we have any moral or legal obligation to any of them either!

That the FBI processed 3.7 million firearms background checks in March of 2020, should be a pretty BIG clue to Toxic Progressives who might doubt that there are many, many millions of us who will defend ourselves and our homesteads while seeing all of you parasites as completely unworthy of protection and entirely disposable to all of us too!

The biggest clues that false virus motives played out right here in Las Vegastan came AFTER the huge winter shows completed their runs  then Governor Hitler keeping liquor and weed available as ESSENTIAL, has sealed the fate of all obnoxious, Nazi know-nothing political elitists.  It will get violent before this unlawful incarceration is over; to believe otherwise is to ignore that I may not be the best shot out there being a gun-owner for only 20 years this year, but I’m a way the fuq better shot than all 847 of you on my Cancel Culture Tour list!

…another major clue that this panic over-reaction was planned and contrived is that we are in the 90’s here in Las Vegastan this week and still today, 40 days and 40 nights since Hitler Sisolak’s unlawful suspension of our guaranteed rights, people are out all over town in open and secret meet-ups, and not one goddamned person has any covering at all on their exposed heads, feet or even their shoes!

This makes your personalized little corporate-control logo-ed and sponsored face-masks pretty ridiculous to observe since so very few or you are even wearing them correctly, and then others are never taking them off for any reason and they’re all slowly C02 poisoning themselves depending on the type of masks and how tightly and incorrectly they’re being  worn.


We’re a Nation of Pansies, Pussies, and Candy-Asses Today!

Some of us are actual descendants of America’s Greatest Generation which won the war and secured the peace for 50 years after WWII, then turned around and gave everything we won in war, back to everyone we defeated!

The pussies, pansies, and candy-asses of 2020 America today, all deserve to be publicly executed; beheaded in the public square, their children ripped away from them forever and barred from contact with others too until we can determine the extent of their parental pandemic paralysis poison upon their offspring, though almost all of these garbage degenerate children must be gruesomely and publicly executed in front of their parents and extendeds, schoolmates, and their siblings and little friends too!

Our true national emergency is that no one knows that my rights don’t end where your fears and irrational panic begins!  This fact alone outweighs all else and rightfully should result in the coming weeks of hundreds of thousands to millions of disposable, demanding, parasitic lives exterminated in the necessary, impending American Cleansing  and Eradication and Extermination of this Toxic Progressive Viral Pathogen and all of its human carriers of all ages:

<—-The Toxic Progressive Great Shame of America 2020, is our enormous, demanding, non-contributing, unproductive, dependent, parasitic Democratic Party voter constituency and their degenerate User/Taker friends, family members and their always poisonous points-of view!

Over a matter of about two weeks time this past February of 2020, the overwhelming majority of adult Americans just collapsed into useless dependency and instantly became flaming burning bags of dog shit.   The rest of us normally functioning Americans should all be collectively hanging our heads in great shame for these fuqn freeloader, bloodsucking anti-American citizen parasites and encouraging their immediate deaths as soon as this virus they fear, can possibly reach them and especially all their kids and families too!  

Every last one of them should be publicly executed now and lead by Jimmy Kimmel and his obnoxious youngest son Billy!


American Media these past few months is still playing its now third attempted coup d’etat against our president they all hate. If you’re listening to their nauseating toxic rhetoric on TV, they’re actually cheering our fellow citizens’ virus related suffering and dying, and they all believing after 5 solid years of their nonstop Toxic Progressive Hate-On that they’ve finally succeeded in defeating President Trump’s re-election six months before a single vote is cast by any of us.

40 million people are now out of work because publicity hound and congenital narcissist, Dr Anthony Fauci of the NIAID, American’s single highest paid bureaucrat of our more than 2 million federal bureaucrats, and Dr Fauci, whose job it is to prepare our nation and its healthcare providers for pandemics and other health related emergencies, was completely distracted and publicly covering again for the Chinese, rather than preparing and protecting we Americans.


This should be helpful to all of you going forward:

Journalism:  Who, What, When, Where, Why!  That’s it, nothing else or it becomes something other than journalism.  Anything else in print or visual Media can either be Opinion, and should always be clear to the Media consumer that its Opinion Editorial or OpEd.  OpEd’s can be personal and caustic and hurtful and harmful to the subject being written about, and that’s well within the rules because there are no rules in journalism and our sacred First Amendment guarantees us a ‘free press’, but never, ever a fair or even honest press!


We’ll Be Borrowing Pro-Abortion/Infanticide Rhetoric For Wuhan Virus Panic Martyrs By Saying:

‘We Must Exterminate All Toxic Progressives and their Families!  It’s Women’s Health!’

It’s a tough call whether our kids or their parents were the worse basket-cases of inconsolable angst, fear, frustration, whining and crying hand-wringing along with their no or low education to speak of, based on both their hyper-overreactions to a viral outbreak that reached our shores from the Wuhan region of China sometime in 2019.  This virus can also loosely be called SARS 2 because the genetic similarities of the two viruses and we’d been through this with China way back in 2003 when SARS 1 first introduced itself to the world!

In China’s first global ‘not a good sign’ moment after SARS, Beijing did absolutely nothing to end their horrific ‘Wet Meat Markets’ long suspected of being incubators of viruses passing from animals and birds to humans!  This current viral pandemic has been linked to dead bats for sale in these wretched markets which are always unhygienic, blood-soaked, loaded with animal entrails on the ground, and where small animals are kept in open pens, then are slaughtered for immediate sales to China’s urban customers.  We also have these putrid ‘Wet Meat Markets’ in Chinatowns all  over the United States including here in Las Vegastan!

To get an idea, Wuhan China has a population of 11 million people and growing from the exodus from rural China into the cities and is China’s 10th largest city.  New York  is Americas largest city at just over 8 million people with an equally disgusting and cramped ‘Chinatown’ on Manhattan.  We’ve learned that the US Patient Zero in Seattle couldn’t have been our Zero as most of the virus strains in the US came here via Europe, not Asia!

China was only three years into her being approved for membership into the World Trade Organization in 2000 which was a US foreign policy dream of the Corrupt Clinton Regime of the 1990’s with a strong assist from the man Clinton beat in 1992, George Herbert Walker Bush. who was a former high ranking diplomat to Beijing under Nixon/Ford, a former US Ambassador to the UN, and a former CIA Director before becoming Reagan’s VP and one-term president himself.


Smallpox, perhaps our species’ greatest terror contagion, had killed 500 million people just over the entire 20th century through today, though the World Health Organization declared and certified that the disease was eradicated in 1979 by intensive global vaccinations after having plagued our species and planet for about 10,000 prior years.  HIV has been known for 38 years and has killed 40 million people to date so far, but the number one line item expense for the WHO is for Polio Eradication which they told us occurred in 1979!

The US taxpayer is picking up 17% of WHO’s 2 year 6+ billion budget, China contributes all of .023, for this obscene outrage, yet another reason freeloader star Dr Fauci should have been deservedly fired 30 years ago and should be arrested, tried, convicted and publicly executed for his Crimes Against Humanity and Good Taste, post haste!

Bill and Melinda Gates don’t even deserve a trial for their  being our planet’s number one Modern Eugenics champions  who have BOTH killed more of the world’s children than any other couple in human history!  They should be fed live to the beasts, the jackals and the rabid dogs for our viewing entertainment!

<—Proud Fascist Poppa, Jimmy Hitler Kimmel is seen here posing with his youngest degenerate son Billy Kimmel, just before their very public and gruesome   impending executions in 2020!

We welcome Wuhan Virus Panic Martyr Deaths—the more the merrier—as soon as we can possibly infect and kill off all of them!

Let our Civil War 2.0 begin in earnest!


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!


<—An Adorable Deplorable!