To Kill A Virus Snitch!

Posted by Michael Zahara on May 14, 2020

Beginning this coming Saturday May 16, 2020, whenever it is that I make it outside to begin my day, I just wanted to give fair warning to all who I may come in contact with for one week following, that I will be slapping people across the face as hard as I can possibly slap them, and who are wearing face masks of any kind in public, their believing that wearing them is a sort of group Toxic Progressive Virtue Signaling to others of their virus response purity as well as their awareness and uniform conformity in their just instinctively knowing that ‘we’re all in this together’ until the end because that’s what some asshole’s been telling them on CNN.

The following Saturday morning, a week’s worth of my face slapping people will end, and I’m hoping that enough people will have already seen me slapping the shit out of the ignorant asses out there, that any face mask wearers too slow to remove their face masks before I draw my firearm from that point forward, will be shot in the fuqn head!

They’ve all heard Dr Fauci-Mengele tell them that their face masks are unnecessary at the end of March 2020 and have contributed to the initial global shortages and possibly deprived those who do want and need them because they are front-line ER, ICU, CCU and Neo-Natal ICU healthcare  professionals etc…to wear what they could find for too long without getting a clean fresh mask replacement because with proper use, the product does what its supposed to do, becomes unbelievably stinky and gross very quickly because despite our all having pristine mouths always ready for impassioned deep French kissing, our own saliva is the very first digestive assistance juice our bodies produce to begin the lovely ‘Process to a Poo-Poo’!

Any saliva which makes it onto your mask is already beginning the digesting of your face mask by starting the breaking up those tiny spun fibers as if you’re going to consume it!

A face mask is only somewhat effective if you have the virus to protect others from YOUR spreading it to THEM, not the other way around dumb-asses!

...and of course, right in the middle of  Wuhan Virus Panic Quarantine, some asshole files a piece that Wuhan Virus is alive and living in our turdage too!

Almost no civilian person needs to regularly wear any type of facial mask, even those ratty, nasty, decrepit, gnarly-toed Chinese-American Grandmas who began this international fashion statement more than two decades ago.  They don them anywhere that they may be in the world because their nation always leads the world  in virus outbreaks because of cultural deference to foods preparations and livestock slaughter, little to no access to daily clean, hot water for bathing and hygiene even in cities, and a public rivers/lakes/reservoirs system so polluted and noxious, that they may never recover the environmental damage has been that great there.

These mostly elderly women know their fellow countrymen do way more than just stank the stinky-ass stank!

Everyone at WHO, the CDC, and all the universities gaming Virus Modeling for sport, have gotten everything incorrect so far and have lost the public’s trust worldwide which is a stunning reversal of fortune in two short months forcing Toxic Progressivism’s Global Propaganda Wing which is mighty and nimble, to pivot again with 6 months til November, and double-down back to one of their Trump era original lies which is the alleged expansion of Right Wing/Anti-Semitic/White Supremacist organizations in North America and Western Europe but our own super-corrupted FBI was caught flat-footed and completely disinterested in investigating three Charlottesville and Virginia Electeds who should have been indicted for deliberately allowing the first Nazi march related deaths in the United States in over 5 decades to occur, and not a recent word from the Toxic Progressive Propaganda Media in Politico about the much larger surge in Ultra-Leftist Marxist violence all over the world ignited by President Trump following US law and recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.  The FBI and fake organizations like the SPLC weren’t interested at all in Marxist Leftist Hate and still are not:

So why are we expanding nonstop flights to and from China to all corners of the world at breakneck speed today—including new service from Las Vegstan to Beijing began last year?  Why was the hyper-corrupted, bloated, larded and loaded US State Department fully informed and compliant with info about Wuhan Virology Lab in 2018 to issue an official advisory, but which still today, can’t or wont tell us if then VP Joe Biden’s illegal threat videotaped in Kyiv did result in their former prosecutor being fired as he order them to do on that tape in exchange for post-Crimea loss 2014 US Military Aid?

<—Soon-to-be-late Toxic Progressive biased and bigoted ultra-hypocrite, Alyssa Milano who is expected to be killed on a Tuesday by an Antifa groupie fan when he learns that she never loved him cuz she doesn’t know him and won’t give him any of her ‘Who’s the Boss’ money to buy weed!

Later bitch!

The former senate staffer’s pussy grab allegation is bad but Alyssa Milano’s Toxic Progressive horrific hypocrisy notwithstanding,  it was that videotaped threat which was actually illegal/unlawful and would have resulted in a certain impeachment of the then vice-president, but likely not his removal because he’d have said he was just acting like a bad ass to bad guys over there and the senate would have acquitted him even though the US House would have had no other option but to impeach Joe Biden.

During Wuhan Virus Panic, Trump gets an incredible gift from those insufferable, spoiled little brat bitches over at US Womens Soccer which was unexpected and which he cannot rub in their ignorant-ass noses in with so much other shit going on.  Then General Flynn and hopefully someone, anyone ever being charged, tried, convicted and yes, executed for their crimes against this president and the republic.

That someone allowed former CIA Agent Bryan Dean Wright to call for executions is very refreshing and very necessary for James Clapper, James Comey, John Brennan, and  William Mueller too as all four deserve to be put to death after convictions, but though we know more today, we don’t yet know if USA Durham has anyone ready to take to a grand jury which makes our US Intelligence Apparatus  suspect now too if Wuhan Virus was deliberately done by our own Intel Ops to cover their indictable misdeeds or by China to retaliate for the economic damage the president did to their Kleptocracy.


Toxic Progressives believe that they have finally won and defeated President Trump for re-election and secured the US Senate majority too.  Their Neo-Nazi state governors conspired to inflict as much possible economic pain upon their constituents so as to be able to demand from voters things which they could never achieve through normal political processes.  Each Toxic Progressive Blue State/Sanctuary City/County/State in America is an economic basket-case carrying breathtaking amounts of debt owed to the next targets of angry voters and republic protectors: Elitist Public Employees enjoying platinum plated taxpayer paid salaries and pensions unheard of in the private-sector!

<—She suffers breathtaking incompetence and possesses absolutely no abilities to speak of, which sank badly failed dipshit debutante Dr Tiffany Tyler Garner, an alleged graduate of UNLV and the current poster child for your not ever sending your kid to school there either!

When Antifa and BLM types figure this one out, public employee blood will flow freely through the streets of America that they were all played for $15 per hour by George Soros and all that the paid Toxic Progressive fascists got for it was this lousy t-shirt!

Here in Nevada, not a single public employee has been laid off or seen their wages and benefits cut while tens of thousands of lower economic scale workers statewide still haven’t gotten their first Unemployment checks!  The decisions over who was going to be designated ‘Essential’ and who was not, was completely arbitrary and patently ridiculous from the beginning in Nevada and decided by three state ‘experts’ at nothing and none of them with any credible medical credential, one a doctor in Africa he claims more than 2 decades ago, but also not licensed in the US today, another a Psychology PhD who loves kittens and long walks in the park, and another so over her head in incompetent performance, she doesn’t even realize she’s been set up by our pervy Governor to take the fall for him.

Our Unemployment claims in Nevada is a catastrophe! Its original Director so grossly unqualified and taking some 8 weeks to finally fire her sorry fat ass, only to be replaced by another bureaucratic flunky who may be even less qualified than the first one, she switch positions and hired on two weeks ago.    Nevada is a Blue State, those involved are all failed Democratic Party flunkies and fuq ups and nary a word about any of this in the Media still today!

The 2008 Great Clinton/Gore Recession caused solely by their repeal of the Glass-Steagal Act in the 1990s and done with 90 senators agreeing, was also a Nevada Unemployment catastrophe, and apparently Tranny Rights and other such nonsense legislation, were much more important than repairing UI’s ancient platforms.

It not a matter of the money.  Congress and the president sent along a whole bunch of big bux they’re withholding in Carson City in order to extract from voters the repeal our property tax cap, institute a state income tax, and further lard up a completely failed public schools and university system which have never been audited by qualified competent outside auditors!



…or you’ll die of Covid 19 Wuhan Virus too!  I promise, cross my heart!

I’m not inclined to ever be panicky in a crisis and I would grade myself as ‘A-‘ dependable in performance based on facts I know to be true on the ground.  You’d never see me melted-down and consumed by this ridiculous irrational fear of Wuhan Covid 19 Virus, but you’d also not hear me tell anyone not to take any virus seriously but to be as proactive as you could possibly be to mitigate and neutralize any potential run-in you might come about with said virus cuz them there viruses can be really slick, sneaky, opportunistic ‘lil sumbitches!

Myself and the three remaining members of my family here in Las Vegastan are all ‘high risk’ potential for any viral, microbial, or bacterial pathogen which may see us as  devastatingly handsome and sexy-ass because we are that, of course, but also as plump, juicy targets, so this whole Wuhan Virus Pandemic Panic is much more than just a passing interest for all 4 of us.

I’m literally stunned at the shear numbers of people that I know personally, professionally, and politically and who I thought were good fits for public civic life based on other factors, but who will NEVER AGAIN enjoy my support, my endorsement, or my vote for their insane over-reactions, panic, and fear of this ‘nothing special’ virus we’re currently enslaved to fear by our addiction to our Marxist Media Masters, rather than our insisting that we educate ourselves and our families on how to fight the current deadly poison of Toxic Progressive Political Propaganda currently consuming the free and democratic non-shithole nations of the world.

Never again!  There’ll be big surprises when I complete the ‘Endorsements’ piece for our June 9, 2020 all mail-in Primary fiasco here!

Low to no education Toxic Progressive Democratic Party voters, candidates, and office holders are the nation’s #1 Panic Peddlers by a 90:10 ratio is my best estimate, and who are joyfully attempting their First Strike against our sacred Bill of Rights at this very moment in our history!  I’ve already heard the ‘Shoot to Kill ALL Tattle Tale Virus Snitch Nazis’ oral arguments from 6 states just this morning and though I wouldn’t say it myself publicly, I absolutely agree that all government snitches should be immediately executed but that one should ensure that they execute the right Toxic Progressive Democratic Party Neo-Nazi Snitches first!


Since we learned about 75 years ago that human sneezes were aerosol transporting measles virus via the loogie mist associated with those human sneezes, that truly was a tectonic healthcare breakthrough in fighting off exposure and infection caused by viruses.   We finally had a response to someone who was coughing, hacking, and sneezing in our faces, ‘Hey asshole, cover your mouth stunade’ went national, then international overnight and is still the most solid advice today. 

Washing your hands often with very soapy, very warm water and never touching your face remains today our very best defense against viral invaders seeking easy access to our internal operating organs and systems.


Triggering our own auto-immune systems into response by developing our own antibodies to fight them off is always the most desired and effective way to combat them, but many of us have systems that are weakened by bad habits, our eating nothing but empty calorie crap loaded with fat and salt, and other diseases and maladies, the number one in America being our big fat asses as fully 110 million of we 330 million Americans—consistently one third or more of our entire population—is chronically overweight to morbidly obese.

That can be just 20 lbs to become overweight to 100 lbs and over to qualify as morbidly obeseagain,  that’s one third of us, 110 million people depending on our Body Mass Index.  All of us consider ourselves to be in relative good health, none of us are as healthy as we believe ourselves to be because for just about an entire century now, America and her gigantic-sized children across all demographic groups except Skinny Bitches, have been the largest, fattest, most unhealthy people, culture, and society in all of human history!

From 1900 through the end of 1999, Small Pox Virus infected one billion humans and killed 500 million people over that century, HIV/AIDS has killed 40 million people in 38 years so far, so to a guy like me, we’ve got quite a very long ways to go before I’m triggered into acting like a goddamned Neo-Nazi by suspending our civil liberties and flushing our Bill of Rights just because some Snowflake stupid assholes who flunked 6th grade Science Class are afraid of something our species has been dealing with since we got our sorry asses kicked out of the Garden of Eden for smoking ciggies there and for having big fat asses while enjoying running around naked there too!


We actually had green-lighted this bullshit through both Houses of the US Congress which Reagan signed in 1986 through whats called the NCVIA—The National Childhood Vaccination Injury Act—Big Pharma in the United States literally changed overnight becoming exempt from liability for the poisons they had mandated state legislators pass so that they could profit from them without fear of economic reprisal should little kids and other people die because of such government imposed, Big Pharma blessed mandates.  There are still political fossils in Washington who think this Act was the best thing Congress ever passed and are still in complete denial that we can directly link its passage to some of the most horrific outcomes imaginable today such as our inability to know the count of dead teen school shooters who were force-fed Ritalin by their parents, teachers, school districts, and the US Dept of Ed which pays districts across America $400 per each ‘script, proscribed to each now Speed-Freak Addicted minor child.

Think of Ritalin as a synthetic-like addictive Super Speeder unlike anything you may have taken during college exams.  Any parent should lose permanent custody of any child they feed these pills to because their always huge handful young son is too much for them to handle!

Just so you all know this if you don’t already know  it, HIPAA—Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996–has never been about Health or Insurance or any of the bullshit its name implies, HIPAA was the ultimate Big Pharma industry protection poison pill which forbids even in death, our ever knowing what what was in someone’s system when they shot up their high school, or when some solider shot up his military base!

Congress and both major political parties and their presidential candidates for more than 34 and 24 years respectively, are still refusing to repeal NCVIA and HIPAA!


<—Morbidly obese, Toxic Progressive Neo-Nazi Illinois Governor, Fuehrer JB Pritzger, has never worked a day in his entire life he being a Hyatt Hotel chain heir with a silver spoon in his mouth and jammed up his ass too!

Imagine the Antifa and BLM Urban Terrorist-types processing THAT when they finally come to brutally execute him in the public square!

This is another way of knowing that yes the Wuhan Covid Virus is real but its hype and badly failed Toxic Progressive Marketing Plan and the failed NIH/WHO Globalist Propaganda Effort IS NOT REAL and has gotten every fuqn thing so very wrong, if it were not for the  Government’s Propaganda propping them up, Dr Fauci-Mengele  and fascist Toxic Progressive Neo-Nazi Governors especially Sisolak-NV, Cuomo-NY, Brown-OR, Whitmer-MI, Newsom-CA, and morbidly obese billionaire Pritzger-IL and a few others, all would be much, much closer today to their well-earned and greatly deserved, highly expected and anxiously anticipated impending assassinations if they and their entire families aren’t immediately exposed to and killed by the virus they have all prayed to die by so they can rationalize their hatreds of Republicans and Trump by needlessly blowing up a 23 trillion dollar American economy.

US Civil War 2.0:  Kill the cancer of Toxic Progressivism. Cut it out. Cauterize the wound.


The Toxic Progressives soon-to-be-jailed-and-executed Governors, their families, and their Media Enablers have managed to terrify hundreds of millions of people around the world with their hatreds.  There is no credible opposing viewpoints in the global Media which are out there, but are falsely labeled white supremacist or anti-Semitic when they are not either!

American Terrorist Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google employ thousands of Corporate Snitches who should all also be executed with the fascist Governors in the coming weeks and months as the depth and breadth of this Toxic Progressive Democratic Party brute-force murder of our families and their businesses and professions becomes clearer.

Shoot to kill any snitch who is reporting any ‘not snitch approved’ human activities to any authorities in any state.  If you are law enforcement coast-to-coast, stand down and do not attempt to criminally cite or incite persons who are lawfully engaging in First Amendment protected Civil Disobedience against unlawful anti-Fourth Amendment Toxic Progressive incursions and attacks against our sacred Bill of Rights which has been their publicly stated goal since the turn of the new century.

<—Soon to be publicly and deservedly executed, Michigan Neo-Nazi governor Gretchen Whitmer!

Later bitch!

Thankfully, Governor Whitmer of Michigan will be deservedly executed becoming a Martyr for her Hatreds since she currently ranks as America’s #1 political deviant, obsessed with destroying our republic.  Her public pronouncements have been dog whistling to her Toxic Progressive worshipers to come out and brutally assassinate her and she will never be vice-president or see another elective office because of one word:


I’m kidding of course, Ted Nugent is a Wango-Tango law abiding, very well-known rock and roll Michigander who would never waste ammo on such cheap, worthless, putrid human garbage like Neo Nazi Governor Gretchen Whitmer!  What he and everyone else except the FBI—who continues to look for love in all the wrong places in the Mountain West region for Right Wing political assassins in hiding—is that the way the Toxic Progressive Democratic Party’s hyper-violent wing operates today is that they will fire the shots which will martyr her and finally kill horror queen Gretchen Whitmer and rid the world of her stank, after their tiring of impatiently waiting for 2-A-type right wingers who are never coming to do the killing of all of America’s Fascist Toxic Progressive politicians they must kill off themselves.

<—Theodore Nugent, Hero of Michiganstan!

Leftist Marxist Terrorist behavior is predictable and bankable and they’re lurking live right now on Twitter and Facebook in the responses within the threads of all of your Toxic Progressive friends.  They’re agitated, always very angry, evil, motivated toward news-cycle stardom, and drug and alcohol-addled and have been vocal and candid during this cycle’s campaign about their intense, unbridled  hatreds and I’ve read their bullshit each day these past two months in quarantine!

They won’t be from Idaho or from the Right though, they’ll be from within a band of dense Northeast America from DC to Connecticut and my bet based on my lurking them, is that Whitmer’s assassins will hail from the latter!  CT is a hot mess cauldron of elitist Leftist hatreds and the Social Media Toxic Progressive Terrorists fit right in there!

Americans on the Right like their firearms and know how to use them properly and correctly and in defense of their liberty and the constitution, but they will not be the cohort which fires the first and following shots in our New Civil War which if you are reading along too, know that this is between Establishment Democrats and the Toxic Progressives who aim to steal their entire party and all the money and do it this year too!

The Toxics are closer today than they have ever been to commandeering a major political party and stealing it as their own.  Naturally, political assassinations are a must do requirement for success and we may have to wait a  bit in Nevada for our corrupted economy/family killing governor and his daughters to be killed, but we’re good with that as long as he and all his governor buddies who deliberately did this to us, enjoy the same outcome Governor Whitmer will be enjoying very soon!

Continue to ignore the quarantine and go on with your business which is no one else’s business but your own!  Don’t wear a face mask unless someone who is compromised asks you to do so,  or if you’re planning on robbing a bank today, and whatever you do, don’t be a rat, a goddamned little snitch bitch, because we will find you and you will pay a very heavy price if you do!

Got it?

Mike Zahara Siganture
Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!


…A locked and loaded adorable deplorable!