Stavros Anthony for County Commission Disrtict C

Posted by Michael Zahara on May 19, 2020

<—This remains my very favorite picture of Stavros and his grandson ‘Gus’, I think they named him!

I really did see Stavros Anthony as our governor in Nevada for 2018, but Adam Domenici Laxalt’s people thought otherwise as they robbed him blind two years ago. We’d not be suffering Toxic Progressive Blue State Virus Pandemic Panic anywhere near as severely today if Stavros Anthony were our Governor instead of the most inept, incompetent, and hyper-corrupted governor in years here, owned and operated, pervy Steve Sisolak (D-Smelly Belly Falls, NV)!

Anthony and Sisolak served together as University Regents and that’s about all that they have in common.  Stavros Anthony is Nevada’s number one Best Elected public servant currently in his final term on the Las Vegas City Council, representing Ward 4 after his years long tenure as a Regent, and all done during his 29 year all-star time topping out as Captain of the LVMPD’s Traffic Bureau and supervising 250 Hefty officers on Harleys!

During those 29 years at Metro, Stavros Anthony never killed anybody and nobody killed him back either and one feels compelled to note that about him these days.  Universally well-liked at Metro and by other local departments here, he played the career game of the LVMPD exceptionally well and probably better than anyone else that I know there.

Like all Metro-types who make it out of that joint alive and with all their marbles in tact, I’m ecstatic for Stavros and his beautiful, smart, and savvy partner in life, his beloved wife Bernadette!  Councilman & Mrs Anthony make this place that we all call home, that much more livable, more civil, more thoughtful and more governable too!

They make this place that much better simply by being here, but there’s much, much more about the Anthonys that we don’t have time for here tonight!  Can you tell I’m a very big, if not gargantuan fan of both of them, their two daughters Betty & Wilma if memory serves, and Pappous’s grandson Gus, I think they named him?

He’s exceptionally well-qualified to become our next Clark County Sheriff as well as our state’s next Governor too    No one else can make that claim in Nevada that I’m making on his behalf here today, cuz I know that its the truth!   But alas those offices are not what he’s seeking this cycle; he wishes to be elected to the Clark County Board of Bored Commissioners  District C up in the Northwest part of the valley later this year, and I enthusiastically support him, will vote for him, and will do anything that he asks of me towards those ends—he’s that damned good and is a public service ‘keeper’ we are all truly blessed to have among us in SoNev!


I’ve changed his name without his consent to ‘Gus’ since no one knows what a Stavros is, I’ve poked respectful and reverential fun at everything I could think of about him from more hair in his ears and nostrils than one his head, to his head resembling a baked potato when you’re forced to sit across from him over a meal because with Stavros Anthony, there is no corruption, there is no pocket-stuffing, there is no self-serving interests and those things are very important to me and tens of thousands of others too.

Last July 19, 2019, I popped Stavros a short note when he became the very first public official in Nevada to speak out forcefully against NDOT’s disastrous HOV Lanes super-corruptions within Project Neon in So Nev and where state NDOT employees were caught publicly lying about why they OK’d a lanes design then kept it secret which seemingly one could never exit over its over 20+ mile length and that corruption was topped with NHP breaking all sorts of moving violations ticketing on US 95 records

Not only did NDOT staff continue to publicly lie multiple times and no one was fired for it, our own Virus Panic Hysteria Promoter Governor Sisolak jumped right in and he continued to publicly lie telling whopper after whopper to cover NDOT’s Toxic Progressive Bureaucratic multiple lies told to taxpayers and Media alike in 2019!

Stavros Anthony, our favorite former LVMPD Traffic Bureau Commander, was on it like flies on shit and never let up or let it go, yet in a preview of his Neo-Nazi Virus Panic Dictator demands to follow, Governor Sisolak and NDOT Elitist bureaucrats lied, and lied and lied and lied, all of them conspiring to blame the Federal Highway Administration for their horrific local corruptions costing millions to correct out, but meant to force unwitting Las Vegastan drivers into car pooling which the FHA has never done in project allocation of our own paid federal gas taxes on local projects!

This was non-elected NDOT corrupted  bureaucrats illegally conspiring to change a billion dollar local highway project on their own with no authority whatsoever to do so, to force our citizens to comply with their Toxic Progressive demands to car pool or face the expensive and potentially liberty stealing Nevada Highway Patrol and their ticket books!

Our own in-state Deep State Toxic Progressive NDOT bureaucrats and their super-corrupted leader Governor Sisolak were busted, and busted very badly by Stavros Anthony’s dogged determined efforts for SoNev drivers, but still no word today if the FBI is looking into who may have profited for and from this outrage and the Traffic Ticket lawyer lizards who handled thousands and thousands of expensive citations which NHP should have never issued, and then should have non-suited all of them when the truth was finally revealed, but did not!

This is the epitome of good civic leadership and why I love Stavros and proudly call him my friend.  This corruption and too many to mention others, Stavros has been on the side of right and the right thing to do for his entire public and professional life and he has earned your vote for the District C seat, and fair-minded Democrats and Indies who appreciate a taxpayer champion for them, should also enthusiastically cast their votes for my friend, Stavros Anthony!


I’ll admit I’m concerned for Stavros, he faces his toughest race yet his having drawn politically and professionally lazy bon vivant and former NVSOS Ross Miller who suffered the state’s most embarrassing loss in history to Teen-aged Mutant Ninja Know-Nothing Adam Laxalt in 2014 and has been skulking and lurking around water coolers everywhere in Nevada ever since as the failed fuq up son of three-term and most corrupted former Governor Bob Miller whose ridiculous rolling over for public employee unions back then, and along with degenerate former three-term Toxic Progressive Queen, Nevada Attorney General Frankie Sue del Papa, set the policies and courses back then which will bankrupt the state in a few days triggered by Fuehrer Steve Sisolak’s deliberately shutting down the state and him blaming Virus Panic now as if he had nothing to do with it!

He and the Blue State Toxic Progressive Governors conspired to extract as much economic damage as they could possibly bring down to bear on their citizens in order that they may extract new laws they could never achieve under normal political processes.  Here in Nevada, that means shit-canning our enormously popular Tax Caps, instituting a progressive State Income Tax system identical to California’s, and billions and billions more taxpayer dollars just handed over to our failed public schools and public college and university system which have never been professionally and independently audited.

Here in Clark County, home of the Infamous Las Vegas Strip shuttered by MGMRI’s demands to their shill thrill Governor Steve Sisolak to ensure that the legislature never dares consider raising their already lowest Gaming Tax rates in the entire universe which remains 6.75% and hasn’t been touched in eons!  On top of all of this and adding gross insult to intense injury to citizens, taxpayers are now on the hook for every penny of the new Raiders stadium’s very worst stadium deal in human history and brought to us by Toxic Progressives and not even mentioned in the Media here!

MGMRI announced today that they will no longer charge for parking which is a seething issue locally here!  They are also the company whose guest killed 58 people during the Mandalay Bay Massacre and injured 900 others, so they turned around and sued their victims to show ’em whose boss!

You can’t Socially Distance at a football game, or hockey game, or NASCAR, or at our gigantic New Years Eve  celebration here!

Given these Sisolak-inflicted treacherous local civic political waters, we need Stavros Anthony on the Clark County Board of Commissioners to be the calm, level headed leader he’s always been for us and who we can depend on to give it to us straight and not lie to us or pretty up the economic disaster pig the Toxic Progressive Democratic Party inflicted upon the nation as a whole, and on Las Vegastan specifically!


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!


…an adorable deplorable!