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Welcome to The WatchDogWag Project!

It’s a revival of something we did in the earlier days of the Internet and we’ve brought it back to share with the entire planet. The WatchDog is to work to keep ‘em honest, and the Wag is because some of their bullshit is so over-the-top ridiculous, you just have to belly-laugh at their audacity and wish them well in prison!

No, this Project has nothing to do with the movie ‘Wag the Dog;,  I’m using Wag as a noun:



Definition of WAG

1: wit, joker

2 obsolete : a young man : chap

Beside regular musings and just poking and making fun of shit too, I’ll publish the money movements of who is getting money from whom, so that voters and partisans may have a better idea who has bought and paid for our elected officials, and why!

We want to be an independent voice missing in local cyberspace today. I’m not really a blog in the traditional sense because there will be no instant commentary from readers, but we continue the very popular Mailbag; we read it all. I’ve continued the larger font and bold the good stuff for easier reading because you’ve said you really like those features.

Too many once good local sites have cluttered themselves and we’ve lost some really good writers under way too much commentary and too many ads. The idea is not just to lambaste, but to guide and inform, and maybe have a laugh or two. Just because someone who is elected or is person in power is doing something really fuqn stupid, doesn’t always mean they’re not redeemable, unless of course, they’re doing something fuqn stupid all the time!

Frankly, the rich source material here is the primary reason for the revival of WatchDogWag.

I’ll zero-in on the phonies, the poseurs, the profit-takers, and the pimpsall in inexhaustible supply in both parties–and though I’ll take no prisoners, those who have corrected, reformed, redirected, redeemed, or otherwise had a Revelation that they’ve come onto my radar because of their bullshit and then suddenly thought it was best to skedaddle off in the other direction and knock their bullshit off, will all get a 2nd chance and if they F that up, it’s all get medieval on ’em from there on out!

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



Mike Zahara A National Treasure! 11 17 2015


*updated 12/21/2013