Yes, Katie Duncan Is Cra Cra The Right Way!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Sep 19, 2017

When I met her she was a recovering/transitioning lifelong Republican ‘identifying’ as a new Democrat.

I know, and she’s Black-American too, can you even believe that?

<—-Harvey, Michele, & Katherine put together an impromptu meeting to vent a little and get some ideas flowing regarding the Moulin Rouge this past January only to have to had the Right Rev McCurdy (D-Satan’s Summer Place) pitch a HUGE public bitch about The Electeds not being invited to Harvey and Viviana’s lovely home—oh, the horrors of it all, huh?’—-and there would be Hell to pay for that bruising of his tender, fragile, delicate ego even though Sonny Boy is the dreadfully unqualified, ill-prepared NVDEMS Chair, and Uncle Greg retired from Metro a very well-known sinner of very specific types of sins too who I once called ‘the Bagman!’

Those McCurdy Family Fellas are very well-versed in the Sins Arena according to most who’ve complained about their ham-handed approach to everything McCurdy here!  Seriously folks, how does anyone not bust out in uproarious laughter when a ‘Rev McCurdy’ is fixin’ to start preachin’ and teachin’ how to become a good sinner?’


There are some very good men and women doing the Lord’s Good Works within the Protestant Black Bible Belt of the West Side of Las Vegas and there are also some that you’d be a damned fool not to have your hand firmly on your purse or wallet and your free hand comfortably cuddling your locked and loaded firearm just in case you have to pop a few caps into some sorry asses as you make a speedy exit!

One of the very biggest impediments to anything at all positive ever happening in West Las Vegas is the Preacher Creature Class on the West Side!

Now I’m told that former Republican Assemblyman Pat Hickey isn’t the only local politico I know who dabbled in the Rev Moon.  He wrote a pleasant enough book though I don’t know if Katie has done that yet, but she is a Moon acolyte having jumped the broom with several million other couples in New York, I think.  Hickey’s back to being a Catholic and championing ESAs in Nevada which were never intended to be successful and which is why we now have ‘scholarships’ instead and we’re just one single word removed from the Nevada State Constitution from getting Big Government completely out of the We’ll Educate No Child/NDOC Prison Preparatory PlayDates Program!

Note to Self:  Make sure Hickey gets the NVSC Memo about ESA’s being lawful in Nevada but only awful to Sen Aaron Fraud Ford, who couldn’t cut it in Texastan—he is that poor a lazy and horseshit lawyer—and neither could his shyster old lady Berna Bae and then some hurricane blew them over here when Pat Spearman got kicked out of Texastan just for being a Looney Tunes Bitch obsessed with Trannies working at publicly-financed stadiums to increase her dating pool!

Yes, I’ve finally had enough and have to publicly admit that there is no possible way to correct or improve our horrific Schools product here and though a decade ago I would half-jokingly say that ‘we would become the very first state to remove the Education requirement from our NRS in order to finally kill off the insatiable beast’ which is our lovely CCSD for instance—and after tens of millions during the 79th Session and all that Weed revenue, their Board and Chair still can’t balance a fuqn budget?  2.2 billion bucks and we still have no idea where half that money disappears to?  In more normal places around the country, this is very illegal and is generally called malfeasance and folks go to federal prison for such suck-ass misconducts!   More on Deconstructing Public Education in Nevada coming up at another time though.


Katie Duncan showed up here one day in 1977 and was just out of Arkansas—-I know, the poor thing!—-but she was never a victim of Bill Clinton and his pervy bullshit down there but I once had suspected Hillary Clinton would have sold her very soul for just one night with Katherine Duncan—I’d imagined Katie to have said, No way you whack-ass crazy bitch!’, and then Hillary sold her soul instead for a chance to pen ‘What Happened’ the latest Child Killer Thriller by Dr Seuss!

<—-This is Miss Sarann Knight-Preddy who deserves a statue right square in the middle of town; she’d done more for Las Vegas in one morning than human vermin like Heather Murren or Elaine Wynn did in their entire lives!

Then Katie started her Ward 5 Chamber and her Green Chamber and then another Green Chamber sued her Green Chamber—-and I know she’s still alive cuz we’ve chatted several times this year and she is one one tough broad and rather bad ass about it too!

She invited me onto her radio show to talk about Green Transportation Initiatives along with Maurice Showers about a dozen years back and we sucked all of the oxygen out of Las Vegas that day and we three never shut up the entire show!  I will happily show up anywhere to explain why our current Resort demands for a Light Rail Folly will be a costly disaster for we in SoNev!

I regret that I don’t think the three of us have been in the same room since then, but we’ve keep in close touch; I always want to know what Maurice and Katie are up to and interested in and reviving the Moulin Rouge is burning white hot again and again, I regret that I have to do my level best to talk them out of this particular quest because there are no avenues which result in a successful enterprise for the historic hotel & casino to be revived and restored on east Bonanza.

You’d have better chances of success getting Ricki Barlow to go back to that swinging Jheri Curl thing he once had Ward 5 swearing to never, ever emulate!

<—-I think that this actual gorgeous edition of Life Magazine from June of 1955 is even more iconic, historic, and important than the Moulin Rouge itself!  

I absolutely love the ‘Las Vegas—Is Boom Overextended?’ headline which for 10 cents back then, is the exact same story 62 years later!

Tens of millions of people saw this magazine all over the world and Life Magazine would reach its highest circulation numbers at a parallel time hitting 13.5 million copies in circulation.

Dorothy Dandridge became the first Black-American woman to grace the cover of Life just 7 months earlier in November of 1954 and had that Dandridge cover failed for Life Magazine, the Moulin Rouge cover would have never been given a chance to exist!

Yes, think about all of that because that’s the real story here!

I love this cover too and I would love a high-end Litho of it framed because I’m just that kind of guy and because I have no idea what the photographer captured here either ’cause it kind of looks to me like Dancer 1 and Dancer 2 hit the wall coming out of turn one at Indy and exploded in a fireball of Trop-i-Can-Can, which then forced them to throw up their shirts in the Compulsory Coochie Shots to recover heading into turn 2, while the bitch in the background seems to be doing her own little shit back there and having a good old time too!

I knew Katie’s adopted the Moulin Rouge as her cause celeb and then fellow National Treasure Harvey Munford announces his candidacy to replace Ricki Barlow (D-Milkdud Head) on the City Council only after lunkhead Cedric Crier had announced his candidacy 35 years earlier!

<—-I think we’re limiting our quest much too much too just focusing on the Moulin Rouge. For instance, the first set of Black-American buttercups to appear with the Riviera’s iconic Crazy Girls Revue was just as significant a milestone as the first Black Bootie to appear on the Las Vegas Strip….in 1990!

Cedric, you’re a dick!  To announce two years prior to your name being on any local ballot when you have tons of fellow Dems who have to raise funds and try to get elected in 2018 is just low-rent, ghetto political bullshit unworthy of you and your growing brand you’ve been building up at a measured and respectable pace headed to State Con office from your Regent perch, but no, you got a case of Political Happy Pants you big dumb-ass!

Something has always been off or wrong if not missing from all of the Moulin Rouge stories I had heard over the years. It just didn’t make sense to me that the Outfit fellas who ran things then and pretty much do the same thing today, would ever close this Camelot/Brigadoon 3 million dollar investment after only six months of life!

3 million bucks was no small piece of change then and now either.  The exquisite design and build details of such a small property in such a shitty location even way back then, leaves even more questions than are answered by what we know through mostly oral histories clouded and jaded by our own biases and bluster!

Our community’s collective memories of the Moulin Rouge is exactly what we want it to be for ourselves wherever our own lives intersected with it happened to be at the time.  We impart onto our faulty memories of things here what we wish to be true for them before they are swallowed up into that Subduction Zone right below the surface.

It’s a wonder there’s anything left at all of the Moulin Rouge really!  This is Vegas dammit, we don’t save shit here ‘cept old newspapers!

Mayor Carolyn Goodman is quoted in the Press as her Oscar having brought her there and she recalled it being ‘electrifying’ which is very interesting because though she is ‘ageless’ today, she’d have been a 16 year old girl then and I don’t care how ‘integrated’ the Moulin Rouge may have been, uppity little Jewish girls headed to Bryn Mawr in 1961 and who would leave Philly for Vegas with Oscar in 1964, would not be making a bee-line to West Las Vegas to hear Sammy do his 230AM after-the-Sands show at the Moulin Rouge ’cause Altovise would never let him stay up that late on a school night though she wouldn’t marry him until 15 years after the Moulin Rouge opened and closed in world record time!

The Pimp Fellas back then would have shagged Mayor Goodman’s then fine snooty teen ass out onto Bonanza to begin her Trick Roll Whorin’ Career!  That ‘electrifying’ feeling she once had must have been Oscar goosing her with the cattle prod again to get her to be more lifelike and animated in the budior, would be my guess!

I think that Mayor Goodman is misremembering her tenderloin teen years where when the Moulin Rouge was raging in many people’s faulty memories for those jam-packed six months, Carolyn was getting used to wearing those gigantic Hindenburg maxi-pads Kotex used to make for spirited and hefty young Jewish Debs from Philly—-along with their famous Cream Cheese of course!—-whose monthly Aunt Flo must have looked like a Stephen King novel Bloodzilla Fest back then!

Carolyn Goodman knew of Bonanza of course… and of Hoss and Little Joe and little Hop Sing, the Gay Chinese cook Ben Cartright used to love to get all Brokeback Mountain with, and who the boys loved like a mother since there were never any fuqn women on any episode of Bonanza!

That one time she was seen driving her big ass boat down Bonanza in 1966, she was doing 90 mph trying to get the fuq outta there as fast as she could, she not seeing any place to start a Country Day School for under-privileged rich kids—-and just like today, there was no vacant derelict land anywhere in Las Vegastan back then either!—-like she accidentally found one day in Summerlinstan to begin her ‘You MuthaFuqrs Will Pay Me Through the Ass–Audrey Meadows School for Under-Privileged Rich Kids’!

I’m far more interested with its closing rather than opening because all Mobbed-up Matrix’s then and now would simply have them horning in on everything in a successful enterprise, and gutting the assets stealing everything in sight for the less successful.  The five years laid bare from closing to the Strip Integration Meeting brokered there in 1960 is another great mystery of what the fuq was going on there those five years?

Katie Duncan mentioned to me earlier this year that she would like current Sheriff Joe Lombardo  to pay ‘reparations’ for the sins of previous Sheriffs here even though Metro wasn’t born until 1973 and Joe Lombardo is our very first Japanese-Italian sheriff since statehood! He’s paid out millions in reparations to anyone who was asking for them just from the change cup in his SUV hoping to get re-elected next year, but I think that that window has closed for Katie now!

Tons of nothing but questions like why did that first of the original investors pull out and off causing the bankruptcy in the first place? Boxer Joe Lewis was a partner?  He of the big huge Giant Black Fist Statue welcoming people to Detroit implying that he was ready to punch anyone in the head who needed it back then and still the Moulin Rouge failed?

I think had Katie Duncan taken on the IOC and Reparations due to Detroit for their not getting the 1964 Summer Olympics which that horribly corrupted body granted to Tokyo instead not even 20 years after WWII—-she’d have had more success than with the Moulin Rouge revival stall-out today!  Japan would go onto become the US’s main economic rival for the next 30 years, destroying the Rust Belt cities and their industries and taking bread right out of the mouths of Black-Americans each of those 30 years!.  9 separate times Detroit tried for Olympic Hosting glory between 1940 and 1972 and failed each and every time and no one champions for the Motor City still today?

Tell me again who it is Black Lives Matters to please?

Here in Las Vegastan, there’s nothing much to commemorate the Black-American experience here because it was always a dreadful proposition to even consider. Today, we are one of the least racially segregated Metro areas in America because the West Side was always such a pile of flaming, burning dog shit!  Too lazy and too disinterested from the get-go, we couldn’t even muster the ability to give full names to West Side streets which today are known by single consonants!—and no one sees that as a major problem today?

Katherine Duncan I love you dearly my dear, but let’s be more realistic and more proactive in your quest!  What’s ‘do-able’ here is always our jumping off point!  Let’s save everything we possibly can from the wrecking ball but let’s let that wrecking ball do its job because we can dream and aim this bad boy much better and much higher than a single failed venue which no two people here ever tells the same story about 62 years later!

I truly love how Very Vegas this whole saga is at its core!

Let’s get these 300 investor maggots identified publicly and then Moulin-Shame them into giving up their claims to the greater good of ‘The Black Vegas Experience’—a 300 to 500 acre World’s Fair Exposition we’d host about 12-18 years forward from now which will require lots of bulldozers to level what shouldn’t even be standing today in America—-the badly failed Dem Plantation and Safe Zone known to locals as the West Side of Las Vegas!

Let’s get Harvey and Viviana’s home as its first Visitor’s Center and get their home on the National Register of Historic Places too! Let’s recognize that once Texas Station opened in 1994 and Wal-Mart Supercenter opened afterward, the West Side was never going to come back to whatever we hoped and wished is once was….and could once again become.  You’re dreaming much too small my old friend when this very place which we call home requires the very grandest of BIG DREAMS into ideas, ideas into plans, then plans into action and creation, then onto successful enterprise!

A gigantic International Exposition here is very ‘do-able’ whereas an Olympiad is not because of our climate and a Summer Games would have to be held in Fall/Winter here.  A World’s Fair here could stretch over two years like the two greatest ever held did in Chicago too!  There is great value in the name Moulin Rouge Las Vegas and in all the photographs and other materials we know exist.  Let’s get that shit locked down ASAP because every Resort in this state should be selling Vegas Moulin Rouge-branded swag as an income generating source to keep the Historic Preservation alive and running well separate from any gi-normous plans we can possibly conceive here!

<—-Though I’m sure Carolyn Goodman wanted to be a Moulin Rouge Showgirl, she was not in this iconic picture from 1955 at 16 years old!

There is nothing salvageable from the enormous foot-print which is the West Side of Las Vegas and I know my simply saying that is going to anger many but hear me out first.   The Eisenhower Interstate System deposited a gigantic barrier closing off the area from the economic activity thriving on Fremont Street and Symphony Park today, we named a gigantic arterial street through the area after Dr King—-hundreds of communities across America did the exact same thing freezing out all private investment for closing in on 50 years now since his death—-we do not honor Dr King naming a now dead street after his legacy—-had we waited 25 years after is death to start naming Avenues after him, we’d have more likely named Towne Center Drive in Summerlinstan after him today as being a far better post-mordem salute for all of the Black and Brown faces calling Summerlinstan home today!

We do not honor Dr King having his statuary on the West Side carefully cleaned and cared for every weekend by guys like Rodney Smith and his aging Crew either!  Dr King belongs downtown by the RJC or new Supreme Court digs down there, doesn’t he if we are truly aiming to honor his legacy?

…and lastly Katie, Maurice, Harvey and Viviana, and everyone else interested here, hoping and trying to revive or maintain any pitiful legacy of the Democratic party’s excruciating Jim Crow Segregationist/KKK past here or anywhere else, replays and relives for all of us ‘The Mississippi of the West’ moniker we all owe Mississippi a public apology for since they are light-years ahead of we here in Nevada on many fronts!

Let’s bury beneath the bulldozers that which we did to a People—-our own people!—-and turn the spades and shovels of tomorrow toward a 500+ acre Super-Regional Park which would host museums and our Black-American Cultural Center after the World’s Fair closes!

Katie Duncan, you know where to find me and I am ready to roll and have nothing but energy and inspiration through you; so let’s get this party rockin’!   See this whole entire matter through my eyes and Dream those Dreams even much bigger than I can dream them!

You with me on this?


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!