Dog Shit Candidates You Should NEVER Elect—>

Posted by Michael Zahara on May 27, 2020

‘Divorce Attorney’ John Hunt is very well-known putrid Human Garbage in Nevada possessing no redeeming qualities and zero talents who should have been killed by an angry client years and years ago, and whose Legal  World cred is openly laughed at and mocked  by fellow lawyer lizards here, not the least of which is former Governor Brian Sandoval’s posse and election crew who told me upon meeting them to openly call douche bag dogshit lawyer and person John Hunt, ‘a divorce attorney’ and to drip my voice with as much possible disdain when calling him that!

I did that at a public event about 10 days later and I thought his jugular was going to explode!  It didn’t but he did!  Ha! Jerk is too nice for this Asshole of Assholes!

Gosh, I still love those  guys for telling me to do that because Sandoval had whupped Hunt’s sorry super-corrupted ass beating him by a whopping 25 points in 2002 to become our Attorney General, right before I came here full-time.  I had been telling everyone publicly that Hunt’s mother was busy blowing stinky, stanky, smelly old geezer Longshoremen on Boston Harbor for her shear enjoyment & pleasure, her cigarette & drinkin’ money, and to pay for her ethically challenged, politically cancerous son’s matchbook-cover caliber Law School-Lite education.

<—This guy is not super-corrupted local ‘divorce lawyer’ John Hunt who is seeking to buy a bench on the 8th District Court this cycle, but one can understand you’re all thinking that it is him given the uncanny resemblance!

I wouldn’t piss on John Hunt or Bill Stanley if they were on fire begging for my urine, but I would wipe my ass with both their ugly faces.  We have a very happy, healthy hatred of each other and he is the very worst person in Nevadabar none!

Attorney John Hunt is 2020’s very worst possible candidate for any office in Nevada.  We’ve hated each other since he slithered back in 2007 to win the Chair of ClarkDems where he and gal pal Bill Stanley proceeded to empty our coffers by paying themselves enormous salary stipends as well as to Erin Bilbray-Kohn and she and I feuded over that for a year and then she stopped doing that, and the two of us got past it and are on speaking and friendly terms ever since then.

Its never personal for me and never has been and never will be for me either.  I just detest Dog Shit in Politics no matter from who and from which party it shats!

I was furious at their theft of ClarkDems’ funds because the previous year in 2006, we hosted the first successful Jefferson/Jackson Dinner at the Rio where we actually made money under then Chair Liz Foley for the first time is decades and we’d never paid anyone any kind of salary for what should have been a labor of love for the party.

Hunt’s latest victim appears to be Katie Duncan, 2020 Assembly candidate for AD06 who is still trying to revive the Moulin Rouge on its original Bonanza footprint site which will never happen for many reasons, but Hunt apparently isn’t telling them why that wont ever happen but is cashing their checks if he’s not doing it pro bono.


Nevada Attorney General election, 2002[10]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican Brian Sandoval 290,471 58.32%
Democratic John Hunt 167,513 33.63%


Adam Breeden running against Judge Joe Hardy for the Dept 15 seat has run the ugliest nuked-earth campaign of all judicial candidates in Clark this cycle and has been hurtful to Hardy who’s a good guy and better judge, but he’s not a very snappy dresser or a good disco dancer.

<—Adam Breeden, the Great Shame of Ohio and now of Las Vegastan and Arizona too!

Its been nothing but attacks from Breeden and no time at all telling us about himself or what kind of judge he’d be or if he plans on being as unethical and corrupted as he’s been in his private practice should Hell freeze over and Joe Hardy not bury this guy for good so we never have to hear from his biased and bigoted fat ass ever again.  I detected a distinct anti-LDS tone dripping in Breeden’s hatred of Hardy but a few others have disagreed with me.


The scant disagreement that Adam Breeden truly is a vile religious-hater bigot came because his office associate who is also running for District Court this cycle and who came highly recommended to me by an old friend, but soon disqualified herself for playing 2020 Judicial Candidate Ballot Hop-Scotch finally settling on opposing Judge Michael Villani ,of all judges this cycle! 

Villani is already endorsed with my very highest regard, respect, and affection for far more than the big pile of Dog Shit the US Attorney, the FBI, the District Attorney, and the Clark County Sheriff dumped onto his lap with Ocean Flemming and where $140 million earned just pimping females, Las Vegastan-Mega-Pimp, hip-hopper has-been Mally Mall remains today, not-yet-sentenced 7 months after his hyper-corrupted plea bargain was illogically and inexplicably accepted by our US District Court’s super-corrupted Judge Richard Boulware II!

It was a super-shitty thing to do to Villani and Metro continues to harass Ocean Flemming further exposing taxpayers to a big cash payout due to him for their horrific corruptions which continue unabated.

I may be currently Virus Panic Corruption delayed on that case, but I’m nowhere near to done with all of that and each of those corrupted assholes who did this to us unscathed, and will pick it back up this summer!

<— That’s Anna Albertson (left) and Adam Breeden’s para-legal and Barbie’s former BFF before she turned Ken gay, Malibu Stacy!

She is Anna Albertson on your ballot and who on her work website is ‘Yianna Reizakis’, sooooo, she’s nothing short of exceptionally sloppy and inattentive to details which is something I’m trying to banish at the RJC for years now!  They also have a para-legal colleague called ‘Kristy Johnson’ who loves softball, movies, football, Santa Barbara, and has a BS in Psychology!

Oh my, I’m trembling!

Kristy Johnson is proof positive that Barbie’s former friend Malibu Stacy did in fact grow up, she also enjoys sex cuz she has out-of-wedlock kids but promises a husband is on the way, and she sought employment at this Frat House Firm of Fuq Ups!  My para-legal Ms Jacobs, could kick the living crap outta Malibu Stacy, just so you all know that is fact!

What Adam and Anna/Yianna seem to be doing is attempting to become Judicial Giant Killers, he taking on Hardy, and she very foolishly taking on Villani, both men two of our best jurists!

Their arrogance is astonishing bordering on breathtaking in its reach and hubris and both would be catastrophes on our benchs and embarrassments to the 8th District Court.


I’m not wrong, Breeden is a religious bigot as well as a colossal asshole who’s undeserving of the bench anywhere.

Adam Breeden is Human Garbage and a Dog Shit Candidate and had John Hunt’s late mother not fallen off of her bar stool and told him to file this cycle, Adam Breeden would have won ‘Worst Candidate in Nevada’ dishonors in a landslide instead of Hunt this cycle.

Ms Albertson, you’re known in your field by whom you choose to hang your shingle with, and you can do much, much better than this dog shit joint if your goal is to ascend to the bench one day much, much further into the future!

There is a hyper, immature, obnoxious and completely unready female candidate named Tegan Machnich in this race too and should Breeden’s attempt to buy himself respectability and a bench work, Clark voters and their automatic reflexive votes for female judicial candidates here, could be giving Joe Hardy a little bit of agita and making him a little bit queasy and uneasy about his re-election prospects.

<—Relax good Judge, you’ve got this sir!


I’ll admit to being very distressed at all the money which poured into these judicial races and all the TV bought by candidates and the corrupted consulting firms which are ripping them all off so badly this cycle too!   I should hope that the FBI’s Public Integrity Unit may have breathed a breath of revival and shown any interest at all in taking a look how and from whom and to which candidates this avalanche of monies interested parties are trying to buy themselves a Clark County judge with this cycle.  But our Las Vegastan FBI is just too corrupted to care about anything here anymore—our SAIC Aaron Rouse is John Podesta’s  super-corrupted  son-in-law for God’s sake!—and the LVMPD has proven itself to be so institutionally corrupted beyond repair, we can only count on them to bust lightweight himbos like Kelvin Atkinson on Speaker Jason Frierson’s express orders and based on Sheriff Lombardo’s fears that Atkinson was able to pass all of the Criminal Justice Reform bills proposed for the last 80th Session.

I hope you finally realize what your good pal Jason arranged to have happen to you Kelvin cuz you could have and should have been indicted 15 years ago and Metro’s always criminal Criminal Intelligence Section just waited to pass you off to the FBI until they could finish you off for good!  Buy me a drink when your house arrest is over and I’ll tell you how to Return the Burn in spades for all of your Judases.

Our expansion of benches especially in our disastrous Family Court Wing should be cause to rejoice, but Nevada and especially Clark County’s Family Court Ops remains one of the nation’s very hottest goddamned messes of parents, grandparents, guardians and others weaponizing our minor kids and done by overwhelmingly females perjuring themselves in court—outright lying under oath with never any sanction, fine, or very necessary jailing for doing so here!

The Anti-Father’s Rights, Pro-Mother’s Goals is particularly nauseating and revoltingly bigoted and biased to witness every single fuqn day down there, and none of this cycle’s candidates took any interest or credible position to develop legislation if called for–-and it is called for!—or affect court rules changes which would work to end this lying under oath in Family Court bullshit here forever.  Only mandatory very high fines, no community service, along with mandatory, no good-time CCDC jail sentences for all offenders will work to end this bullshit, it really is that bad here and in all the rest of the states too!

Family Law is the very toughest law to practice and then becomes 10xs tougher to become a great judge doing it and too few impressed me out of this cycles crop of candidates.  Other lawyer lizards look down on Family Law as ghetto gutter garbage Legal work and how America treats persons caught up within its sewage cesspools, certainly proves it is truly the Justice Reform most necessary in all 50 states above all others, first!


<—-Two-faced phony fuqr without a mask on and seen here just the other day, shoplifting at Walgreens a few snacks for himself,  is part of the Western Pact Neo-Nazi Dem Governors conspiracy corp which shutdown their states for a political goal which all desire, are all fearing for their own lives for more than a month now for what they’ve done!

That’s the only reason quarantine has been lifted aside from the fact that it shouldn’t have ever been imposed in the first place!

One of the delightful and unintended consequences coming for our Fascist and Neo-Nazi Governor Sisolak who is so deservedly fearful for his hyper-corrupted life and his two daughter’s lives too, because of his completely unnecessary Virus Panic Shutdown which he unlawfully conspired with other Blue State governors to affect a political goal all desire, is that none of us have any idea how our Primary next month and our General in November is going to play out.

Never before in more than 100 years of global virus response has any political hack group of Nazis needlessly shut down the world’s economy in response to any pandemic…NEVER BEFORE!

So, we’ll be saying good-bye to some Electeds who will lose and say hello to newbies who will win because people here in Nevada, and especially here in Las Vegastan, are so ill-informed about everything, so disinterested in their local and state government, so completely unaware of the world around them, that they just rolled over and let the Democratic Nazi Party pass bullshit pro-Tranny and anti-conversion therapy laws but refused to pass anti-Puberty Blocking drugs to minors too, they let the most corrupted governor in Nevada state history just dictate without Science and Data and Historical reference to just fuq it all up for political goals they wish to achieve.

At least formerly somewhat normal people here have become so terrified of even touching the ballots mailed to them and they’re terrified of mailing them back too, if we don’t return to our normal Election ways within the several states immediately, we could see higher than a 20% drop off and the first Prez year election scoring the first major decline in voter participation in November!

That’s a VERY BIG price 6/9/2020’s losers will all be paying because our Neo-Nazi Governor Steve Sisolak is a hyper-corrupted super liar and now he’s also a proven complete total fuq–just ask any of our waiting for weeks and months now Unemployment Insurance recipients fellow Nevadans.  Fire them all next month!

We must Remember in November and VOTE!


<—-This man is correctly wearing a mask because he has a Special Needs lovely daughter named Camille back there behind him, and he’s wearing it properly too which is terrific because besides being in the very top-tier of Nevada Dads, when the Clark County Libraries & Liberries reopen, he is also that entire bureaucracy’s very best employee too, so he’ll be face-masking for the remainder of the year I’m sure and that’s fine and OK because he’s a person Distancing and Protective Wear is intended for during a virus outbreak

He’s my thousands of miles to my Left old friend John Stephens III who is running this year for Assembly 07 on the West Side and no Democratic on the entire state Primary ballot has earned or deserves to win his Primary and General election in 2020 more than the man I call JS3 who I’m endorsing in the next piece and who he alone by himself, is the only reason I changed my mind and included Dems in this year’s Primary endorsements! 

I’ll tell you about  him, why I respect and admire him, why I’m OK with his being so far to my Left, and why I call him my old friend and hope to always do that with him.  That’s up next!


Next up: I flush for good some old friends and formerly beloved and endorsed candidates here and who’ve lost their political way and their common sense during their completely Irrational Wuhan Virus Panic and Trump Derangement Syndrome Insanity and Hatreds, and will wish some good candidates very well June 9th, a few who managed to surprise me with their efforts during this Virus Panic Primary too, and I will completely ignore some Primary races and those that I do ignore, you’re all on notice that you have until November shape up, or ship out and stop your Neo-Nazi Democratic Party bullshit forever because none of you can lead—or even follow really—with your own heads jammed so far up your own asses this year!


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!


<—-An Adorable Deplorable and a Goddamned Delight too!